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+Exynos4x12/Exynos5 SoC series camera host interface (FIMC-LITE)
+Required properties:
+- compatible : should be one of:
+ "samsung,exynos4212-fimc-lite" for Exynos4212/4412 SoCs,
+ "samsung,exynos5250-fimc-lite" for Exynos5250 compatible
+ devices;
+- reg : physical base address and size of the device memory mapped
+ registers;
+- interrupts : should contain FIMC-LITE interrupt;
+- clocks : FIMC LITE gate clock should be specified in this property.
+- clock-names : should contain "flite" entry.
+Each FIMC device should have an alias in the aliases node, in the form of
+fimc-lite<n>, where <n> is an integer specifying the IP block instance.