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@@ -2,14 +2,15 @@ Renesas Capture Engine Unit (CEU)
The Capture Engine Unit is the image capture interface found in the Renesas
-SH Mobile and RZ SoCs.
+SH Mobile, R-Mobile and RZ SoCs.
The interface supports a single parallel input with data bus width of 8 or 16
Required properties:
-- compatible: Shall be "renesas,r7s72100-ceu" for CEU units found in RZ/A1H
- and RZ/A1M SoCs.
+- compatible: Shall be one of the following values:
+ "renesas,r7s72100-ceu" for CEU units found in RZ/A1H and RZ/A1M SoCs
+ "renesas,r8a7740-ceu" for CEU units found in R-Mobile A1 R8A7740 SoCs
- reg: Registers address base and size.
- interrupts: The interrupt specifier.