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@@ -28,7 +28,6 @@ Required properties:
* "x-powers,axp809"
* "x-powers,axp813"
- reg: The I2C slave address or RSB hardware address for the AXP chip
-- interrupt-parent: The parent interrupt controller
- interrupts: SoC NMI / GPIO interrupt connected to the PMIC's IRQ pin
- interrupt-controller: The PMIC has its own internal IRQs
- #interrupt-cells: Should be set to 1
@@ -45,8 +44,11 @@ Optional properties:
board is driving OTG VBus or not.
(axp221 / axp223 / axp803/ axp813 only)
-- x-powers,master-mode: Boolean (axp806 only). Set this when the PMIC is
- wired for master mode. The default is slave mode.
+- x-powers,self-working-mode and
+ x-powers,master-mode: Boolean (axp806 only). Set either of these when the
+ PMIC is wired for self-working mode or master mode.
+ If neither is set then slave mode is assumed.
+ This corresponds to how the MODESET pin is wired.
- <input>-supply: a phandle to the regulator supply node. May be omitted if
inputs are unregulated, such as using the IPSOUT output