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+* ASPEED AST2400 and AST2500 coprocessor interrupt controller
+This file describes the bindings for the interrupt controller present
+in the AST2400 and AST2500 BMC SoCs which provides interrupt to the
+ColdFire coprocessor.
+It is not a normal interrupt controller and it would be rather
+inconvenient to create an interrupt tree for it as it somewhat shares
+some of the same sources as the main ARM interrupt controller but with
+different numbers.
+The AST2500 supports a SW generated interrupt
+Required properties:
+- reg: address and length of the register for the device.
+- compatible: "aspeed,cvic" and one of:
+ "aspeed,ast2400-cvic"
+ or
+ "aspeed,ast2500-cvic"
+- valid-sources: One cell, bitmap of supported sources for the implementation
+Optional properties;
+- copro-sw-interrupts: List of interrupt numbers that can be used as
+ SW interrupts from the ARM to the coprocessor.
+ (AST2500 only)
+ cvic: copro-interrupt-controller@1e6c2000 {
+ compatible = "aspeed,ast2500-cvic";
+ valid-sources = <0xffffffff>;
+ copro-sw-interrupts = <1>;
+ reg = <0x1e6c2000 0x80>;
+ };