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@@ -135,14 +135,14 @@ Optional properties:
are swapped. The netcp driver will swap the two DWORDs
back to the proper order when this property is set to 2
when it obtains the mac address from efuse.
-- local-mac-address: the driver is designed to use the of_get_mac_address api
- only if efuse-mac is 0. When efuse-mac is 0, the MAC
- address is obtained from local-mac-address. If this
- attribute is not present, then the driver will use a
- random MAC address.
- "netcp-device label": phandle to the device specification for each of NetCP
sub-module attached to this interface.
+The MAC address will be determined using the optional properties defined in
+ethernet.txt and only if efuse-mac is set to 0. If all of the optional MAC
+address properties are not present, then the driver will use a random MAC
Example binding:
netcp: netcp@2000000 {