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@@ -36,6 +36,24 @@ listed. In other words, a subnode that lists only a mux function implies no
information about any pull configuration. Similarly, a subnode that lists only
a pul parameter implies no information about the mux function.
+The BCM2835 pin configuration and multiplexing supports the generic bindings.
+For details on each properties, you can refer to ./pinctrl-bindings.txt.
+Required sub-node properties:
+ - pins
+ - function
+Optional sub-node properties:
+ - bias-disable
+ - bias-pull-up
+ - bias-pull-down
+ - output-high
+ - output-low
+Legacy pin configuration and multiplexing binding:
+*** (Its use is deprecated, use generic multiplexing and configuration
+bindings instead)
Required subnode-properties:
- brcm,pins: An array of cells. Each cell contains the ID of a pin. Valid IDs
are the integer GPIO IDs; 0==GPIO0, 1==GPIO1, ... 53==GPIO53.