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-MediaTek AUXADC
-The Auxiliary Analog/Digital Converter (AUXADC) is an ADC found
-in some Mediatek SoCs which among other things measures the temperatures
-in the SoC. It can be used directly with register accesses, but it is also
-used by thermal controller which reads the temperatures from the AUXADC
-directly via its own bus interface. See
-for the Thermal Controller which holds a phandle to the AUXADC.
-Required properties:
-- compatible: Must be "mediatek,mt8173-auxadc"
-- reg: Address range of the AUXADC unit
-auxadc: auxadc@11001000 {
- compatible = "mediatek,mt8173-auxadc";
- reg = <0 0x11001000 0 0x1000>;