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Qualcomm SPMI Controller (PMIC Arbiter)
-The SPMI PMIC Arbiter is found on the Snapdragon 800 Series. It is an SPMI
+The SPMI PMIC Arbiter is found on Snapdragon chipsets. It is an SPMI
controller with wrapping arbitration logic to allow for multiple on-chip
devices to control a single SPMI master.
@@ -19,6 +19,10 @@ Required properties:
"core" - core registers
"intr" - interrupt controller registers
"cnfg" - configuration registers
+ Registers used only for V2 PMIC Arbiter:
+ "chnls" - tx-channel per virtual slave registers.
+ "obsrvr" - rx-channel (called observer) per virtual slave registers.
- reg : address + size pairs describing the PMIC arb register sets; order must
correspond with the order of entries in reg-names
- #address-cells : must be set to 2