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+Andestech ATCPIT100 timer
+ATCPIT100 is a generic IP block from Andes Technology, embedded in
+Andestech AE3XX platforms and other designs.
+This timer is a set of compact multi-function timers, which can be
+used as pulse width modulators (PWM) as well as simple timers.
+It supports up to 4 PIT channels. Each PIT channel is a
+multi-function timer and provide the following usage scenarios:
+One 32-bit timer
+Two 16-bit timers
+Four 8-bit timers
+One 16-bit PWM
+One 16-bit timer and one 8-bit PWM
+Two 8-bit timer and one 8-bit PWM
+Required properties:
+- compatible : Should be "andestech,atcpit100"
+- reg : Address and length of the register set
+- interrupts : Reference to the timer interrupt
+- clocks : a clock to provide the tick rate for "andestech,atcpit100"
+- clock-names : should be "PCLK" for the peripheral clock source.
+timer0: timer@f0400000 {
+ compatible = "andestech,atcpit100";
+ reg = <0xf0400000 0x1000>;
+ interrupts = <2>;
+ clocks = <&apb>;
+ clock-names = "PCLK";