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* USB2 ChipIdea USB controller for ci13xxx
Required properties:
-- compatible: should be "chipidea,usb2"
+- compatible: should be one of:
+ "fsl,imx27-usb"
+ "lsi,zevio-usb"
+ "qcom,ci-hdrc"
+ "chipidea,usb2"
- reg: base address and length of the registers
- interrupts: interrupt for the USB controller
+Recommended properies:
+- phy_type: the type of the phy connected to the core. Should be one
+ of "utmi", "utmi_wide", "ulpi", "serial" or "hsic". Without this
+ property the PORTSC register won't be touched.
+- dr_mode: One of "host", "peripheral" or "otg". Defaults to "otg"
+Deprecated properties:
+- usb-phy: phandle for the PHY device. Use "phys" instead.
+- fsl,usbphy: phandle of usb phy that connects to the port. Use "phys" instead.
Optional properties:
- clocks: reference to the USB clock
- phys: reference to the USB PHY
- phy-names: should be "usb-phy"
- vbus-supply: reference to the VBUS regulator
+- maximum-speed: limit the maximum connection speed to "full-speed".
+- tpl-support: TPL (Targeted Peripheral List) feature for targeted hosts
+- fsl,usbmisc: (FSL only) phandler of non-core register device, with one
+ argument that indicate usb controller index
+- disable-over-current: (FSL only) disable over current detect
+- external-vbus-divider: (FSL only) enables off-chip resistor divider for Vbus