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@@ -13,8 +13,10 @@ Required properties:
- "renesas,usbhs-r8a7795" for r8a7795 (R-Car H3) compatible device
- "renesas,usbhs-r8a7796" for r8a7796 (R-Car M3-W) compatible device
- "renesas,usbhs-r8a77995" for r8a77995 (R-Car D3) compatible device
+ - "renesas,usbhs-r7s72100" for r7s72100 (RZ/A1) compatible device
- "renesas,rcar-gen2-usbhs" for R-Car Gen2 or RZ/G1 compatible devices
- "renesas,rcar-gen3-usbhs" for R-Car Gen3 compatible device
+ - "renesas,rza1-usbhs" for RZ/A1 compatible device
When compatible with the generic version, nodes must list the
SoC-specific version corresponding to the platform first followed