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* MIPS: relocation: do not use configurable memory layoutOleksij Rempel2019-04-231-1/+0
* MIPS: relocation: add relocation supportOleksij Rempel2019-04-231-0/+18
* treewide: surround Kconfig file paths with double quotesMasahiro Yamada2019-03-211-6/+6
* Merge branch 'for-next/mips'Sascha Hauer2019-01-151-3/+7
| * MIPS: remove HAS_NO_BOARD_HL_CODE supportOleksij Rempel2018-12-171-3/+0
| * MIPS: port all mach* to multiimageOleksij Rempel2018-12-171-0/+7
* | treewide: remove blank textsMasahiro Yamada2019-01-031-1/+0
* kconfig: include common Kconfig files from top-level KconfigAntony Pavlov2018-12-031-8/+0
* Merge branch 'for-next/riscv'Sascha Hauer2018-07-091-0/+3
| * MIPS: Use generic GCC library routines from lib/Antony Pavlov2018-06-291-0/+3
* | Merge branch 'for-next/bootm'Sascha Hauer2018-07-091-0/+1
|\ \ | |/ |/|
| * MIPS: bootm: add ELF handlerOleksij Rempel2018-06-181-0/+1
* | MIPS: don't use optimized string functions for MIPS64Peter Mamonov2018-05-241-0/+1
* | MIPS: 64BIT selects PHYS_ADDR_T_64BITPeter Mamonov2018-05-241-0/+1
* | MIPS: add PHYS_ADDR_T_64BIT optionPeter Mamonov2018-05-241-0/+3
* MIPS: provide HAS_NO_BOARD_HL_CODEOleksij Rempel2018-01-051-0/+3
* MIPS: implement dma_sync_* functionsPeter Mamonov2016-03-091-0/+1
* MIPS: import optimized string functions from LinuxAleksey Kuleshov2015-11-261-0/+8
* MIPS: ath79: use gpiolibAntony Pavlov2015-09-231-0/+1
* dma: Use generic place for dma_addr_t typedefSascha Hauer2015-05-221-0/+1
* mips: qemu-malta: add little-endian mode supportAntony Pavlov2014-10-101-0/+1
* MIPS: xburst: add JZ4780 SoC supportAntony Pavlov2014-09-111-1/+0
* MIPS: add PCI support for GT64120-based Malta boardAntony Pavlov2014-07-041-0/+1
* MIPS: XBurst: use gpiolibAntony Pavlov2014-06-271-0/+1
* MIPS: mach-ath79: drop extra 'select HAVE_CLK'Antony Pavlov2014-06-251-1/+0
* MIPS: malta: enable gpiolibAntony Pavlov2014-06-241-0/+1
* MIPS: ath79: add DEBUG_LL support for Atheros AR933xAntony Pavlov2014-03-281-0/+1
* MIPS: add Atheros ar933x family supportDu Huanpeng2014-03-281-0/+13
* MIPS: add Loongson-1B CPU Kbuild stuffAntony Pavlov2014-01-211-0/+17
* MIPS: add initial Loongson-based boards supportAntony Pavlov2014-01-211-0/+4
* MIPS: rzx50: add nmon supportAntony Pavlov2013-07-091-0/+1
* MIPS: pbl: add nmon MIPS nano-monitorAntony Pavlov2013-06-251-0/+46
* MIPS: mach-ar231x: enable DEBUG_LLAntony Pavlov2013-06-211-0/+1
* MIPS: add Atheros ar531x family supportOleksij Rempel2013-05-311-0/+9
* MIPS: XBurst: enable pbl supportAntony Pavlov2013-05-281-0/+2
* MIPS: add initial device tree supportAntony Pavlov2013-05-131-0/+8
* Cleanup Kconfig filesAlexander Shiyan2012-12-081-13/+13
* MIPS: add XBurst processor family supportAntony Pavlov2012-05-171-0/+8
* move digest to crypto/Jean-Christophe PLAGNIOL-VILLARD2011-10-121-0/+1
* MIPS: add draft cpuinfo commandAntony Pavlov2011-08-051-0/+11
* MIPS: add initial BCM47xx-based boards supportAntony Pavlov2011-08-051-0/+10
* MIPS: add Malta machine support to bareboxAntony Pavlov2011-08-051-0/+22
* MIPS: add common MIPS stuffAntony Pavlov2011-08-051-0/+184