path: root/commands/of_node.c
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* OF: base: rename of_free to of_delete_nodeSebastian Hesselbarth2013-07-051-1/+1
* OF: base: sync of_find_node_by_path with linux OF APISebastian Hesselbarth2013-06-201-1/+1
* of: remove unused libfdtSascha Hauer2013-03-061-1/+0
* of_* commands: print usage when insufficient arguments are givenSascha Hauer2013-03-061-0/+3
* of: Add root node argument to of_find_node_by_pathSascha Hauer2013-03-061-1/+1
* of_node command: use of_create_nodeSascha Hauer2013-03-061-17/+10
* commands: Add of_node commandSascha Hauer2013-01-191-0/+111