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* usb: move scanned status into coreSascha Hauer2013-06-211-7/+3
* Treewide: remove address of the Free Software FoundationSascha Hauer2012-09-171-3/+0
* trivial: fix spelling in usb codeSteffen Trumtrar2012-08-311-1/+1
* complete: add empty complete supportJean-Christophe PLAGNIOL-VILLARD2012-04-301-0/+2
* usb command: by default scan only once for USB devicesSascha Hauer2012-03-181-4/+22
* commands: remove struct command pointer from commandsSascha Hauer2012-02-271-1/+1
* commands: seperate usb command from usb coreSascha Hauer2011-04-111-0/+41