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* ddr_spd: Enable in PBLSascha Hauer2019-03-041-1/+1
* Merge branch 'for-next/usb'Sascha Hauer2018-11-091-0/+1
| * usbgadget: autostart: add DFU supportLadislav Michl2018-10-291-0/+1
* | tlsf_malloc: dummy_malloc: Share code for calloc()Andrey Smirnov2018-10-161-2/+2
* filetype: Add arch/ to include pathAndrey Smirnov2018-08-311-0/+1
* add basic ELF parserOleksij Rempel2018-06-181-0/+1
* console: Add simplified 'serdev' framework from Linux kernelAndrey Smirnov2018-04-171-0/+1
* of: Pass barebox version to kernelSascha Hauer2018-03-221-1/+1
* ratp: allow building without full console supportAleksander Morgado2018-03-011-1/+0
* ratp: moved logic to its own subdirectoryAleksander Morgado2018-03-011-2/+2
* build: fix that passwd.h is always builtSam Ravnborg2018-01-051-13/+15
* poweroff: Allow to register poweroff handlersSascha Hauer2017-03-301-0/+1
* efi: move startup and payload to common/efiJean-Christophe PLAGNIOL-VILLARD2017-02-241-0/+1
* barebox-imd: add dependency on generated/compile.h also for PBL versionLucas Stach2017-01-171-0/+1
* boot: add framework for redundant boot scenariosMarc Kleine-Budde2016-09-221-0/+1
* boot: Move code to common/Sascha Hauer2016-07-261-0/+1
* state: Refactor state frameworkMarkus Pargmann2016-07-081-1/+1
* commands: ubiformat: move code to common/Sascha Hauer2016-04-261-0/+1
* Merge branch 'for-next/ratp'Sascha Hauer2016-02-081-0/+2
| * barebox remote controlSascha Hauer2016-01-181-0/+2
* | bootm: add initial FIT supportJan Luebbe2016-01-261-0/+1
* common/Makefile: Add missing dependencySascha Hauer2015-10-161-0/+1
* restart: replace reset_cpu with registered restart handlersSascha Hauer2015-08-271-0/+1
* memsize: Compile for PBL aswellSascha Hauer2015-07-161-1/+1
* ARM: i.MX6: bbu nand: Move to common placeSascha Hauer2015-06-121-0/+1
* timeout: factor out wait-for-key-press loop into separate fileMarc Kleine-Budde2015-04-231-0/+1
* Merge branch 'for-next/state'Sascha Hauer2015-04-131-0/+1
| * state: add framework for persistent state handlingSascha Hauer2015-03-121-0/+1
* | digest: move digest.c to cryptoJean-Christophe PLAGNIOL-VILLARD2015-03-121-1/+0
* pbl: Add support for memory_displaySascha Hauer2015-01-281-0/+1
* Add a Firmware programming frameworkJuergen Beisert2014-09-091-0/+1
* Merge branch 'for-next/usb-gadget'Sascha Hauer2014-08-071-0/+1
| * Add function to parse a string in dfu formatSascha Hauer2014-07-221-0/+1
* | Merge branch 'for-next/metadata'Sascha Hauer2014-08-071-0/+2
|\ \
| * | Add support for metadata in barebox imagesSascha Hauer2014-08-071-1/+3
| |/
* | Add initial EFI architecture supportSascha Hauer2014-07-161-1/+3
* add menutree commandSascha Hauer2014-03-281-0/+1
* defaultenv: Allow multiple defaultenvironment overlaysSascha Hauer2014-02-281-39/+0
* move defaultenv-2 to defaultenv/defaultenv-2-*Sascha Hauer2014-02-211-2/+2
* move defaultenv-1 to defaultenv/defaultenv-1Sascha Hauer2014-02-211-1/+1
* defaultenv: Align defaultenv arraySascha Hauer2014-02-201-1/+1
* Kconfig: Select default compression typeSascha Hauer2014-02-191-12/+1
* defaultenv: use wildcard compression rulesSascha Hauer2014-02-181-11/+0
* defaultenv: simplify env dependenciesSascha Hauer2014-02-181-11/+4
* common/Makefile: reorder targetsSascha Hauer2014-02-181-45/+42
* Make generated variables staticAlexander Shiyan2014-02-031-3/+3
* common: fix possible build problem without password supportJan Luebbe2013-10-151-0/+2
* Implement bootloader spec support for bareboxSascha Hauer2013-10-141-0/+1
* login/passwd: add default password supportJean-Christophe PLAGNIOL-VILLARD2013-09-191-0/+20
* Merge branch 'for-next/ppc'Sascha Hauer2013-07-011-0/+1