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| * hush: safe an indention level by continueing a loopSascha Hauer2012-04-301-66/+69
| * hush: safe indention level by continueing a loopSascha Hauer2012-04-301-79/+81
| * Introduce binfmt supportJean-Christophe PLAGNIOL-VILLARD2012-04-181-12/+19
* | hush: bail out of scripts on syntax errorSascha Hauer2012-05-021-1/+3
* hush source: expand $PATHSascha Hauer2012-03-181-1/+16
* commands: remove struct command pointer from commandsSascha Hauer2012-02-271-4/+4
* getopt: save and restore contextSascha Hauer2012-02-271-5/+10
* hush: Add magicvarsSascha Hauer2011-11-291-0/+8
* move simple_itoa to libbb so that others can use itSascha Hauer2011-04-121-14/+1
* hush: sparse fixesSascha Hauer2010-10-211-5/+5
* hush: implement getopt builtinSascha Hauer2010-10-081-2/+108
* hush: fix nasty memory leak in hushSascha Hauer2010-10-081-0/+1
* hush: pass context around in shellSascha Hauer2010-10-081-9/+9
* hush: allow fancy promptsSascha Hauer2010-03-301-4/+8
* hush: only remove backslashes introduced from globSascha Hauer2010-03-301-2/+3
* hush: Fix return code when calling 'exit' inside loopsSascha Hauer2010-03-301-11/+3
* remove typedef cmd_tbl_t and replace it with struct commandSascha Hauer2010-02-011-3/+3
* rename U-Boot-v2 project to bareboxSascha Hauer2009-12-151-6/+6
* hush: remove include/hush.hSascha Hauer2009-10-221-1/+4
* commands: remove maxargsSascha Hauer2009-10-191-2/+0
* commands: return COMMAND_ERROR_USAGESascha Hauer2009-10-191-8/+4
* consolidate command calling in execute_commandSascha Hauer2009-10-191-17/+1
* hush: pass return code from exit commandSascha Hauer2009-09-251-0/+1
* hush: Only run list if it's not emptySascha Hauer2009-09-251-1/+6
* hush: Fix quotingSascha Hauer2008-11-101-1/+1
* hush: fix compiler warningSascha Hauer2008-08-261-2/+6
* Subject: [PATCH] [general] Fixed constant strings in data section issueSascha Hauer2008-04-041-4/+7
* replace debug_printf with debug in hush.cSascha Hauer2008-03-091-42/+35
* add globbing supportSascha Hauer2008-03-091-27/+103
* adding various dokuJuergen Beisert2007-11-081-7/+7
* shell info addedJuergen Beisert2007-10-191-20/+24
* hush doc addedJuergen Beisert2007-10-191-36/+73
* hush.c: split high-density "if(x) something"; into two linesSascha Hauer2007-10-011-27/+57
* hush.c: get_local_var() is used only once, put it into the functionSascha Hauer2007-10-011-18/+3
* fix indention in hush.cSascha Hauer2007-10-011-3/+3
* remove comment about glob in hush.c. We do not use globSascha Hauer2007-10-011-8/+0
* fix indention in hush.cSascha Hauer2007-10-011-64/+66
* fix indention in hush.cSascha Hauer2007-10-011-1/+3
* fix indention in hush.cSascha Hauer2007-10-011-25/+25
* set last_return_code to rcode and not 1 or 0Sascha Hauer2007-09-271-1/+1
* pass file size from read_fileSascha Hauer2007-09-271-1/+1
* hush.c: use xrealloc instead of realloc to save some bytesSascha Hauer2007-09-261-2/+1
* hush.c: use xzalloc instead of xmalloc to save some bytesSascha Hauer2007-09-261-8/+1
* hush.c: Remove wrong free() of ctx->pipe->progs. After breaking outSascha Hauer2007-09-261-3/+0
* remove extern declaration of console_bufferSascha Hauer2007-09-261-1/+0
* fix indentionSascha Hauer2007-09-251-2/+3
* remove hack from hush which did the wrong thingSascha Hauer2007-09-251-5/+0
* add $# handling for hushSascha Hauer2007-09-251-0/+28
* remove debug printfSascha Hauer2007-09-241-1/+0
* remove u-boot command paramter flagSascha Hauer2007-09-241-19/+6