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* Revert "memtest: move error handling to end of function"Sascha Hauer2015-12-041-17/+20
* memtest: By default only test biggest regionSascha Hauer2015-11-041-0/+16
* memtest: move error handling to end of functionSascha Hauer2015-11-041-20/+17
* memtest: move ctrlc check / progress showing into separate functionSascha Hauer2015-11-041-16/+24
* memtest: Make comments single line when appropriateSascha Hauer2015-11-031-16/+5
* memtest: Make output more compactSascha Hauer2015-11-031-13/+7
* memtest: split tests in separate functionsSascha Hauer2015-11-031-35/+1
* rework remap_rangeSascha Hauer2015-11-031-3/+2
* memtest: move request/release regions to common/Sascha Hauer2015-10-271-0/+112
* common/memtest.c: Distil common error reporting codeAndrey Smirnov2015-05-151-25/+28
* common/memtest.c: Refactor mem_test() into three surbroutinesAndrey Smirnov2015-05-151-37/+68
* common/memtest.c: Do not omit offset of 0 from testsAndrey Smirnov2015-05-151-1/+16
* common/memtest.c: Fix incorrect array boundary checkAndrey Smirnov2015-05-151-2/+1
* sizes.h: move include/sizes.h to include/linux/sizes.hMasahiro Yamada2015-01-081-1/+1
* memtest: copyright to UPPER case and fix typoAlexander Aring2014-04-231-2/+2
* treewide: Add missing includesSascha Hauer2013-11-081-0/+1
* common: add memtest.c with mem_test routineAlexander Aring2013-06-051-0/+313