path: root/common/state/backend_storage.c
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* state: fix compile warnings for dev_err expansionSteffen Trumtrar2017-07-101-1/+1
* state: backend: always pass backend type to Linux dtbSascha Hauer2017-06-231-1/+2
* state: backend_storage: Set needs_refresh back to 0 after refreshingSascha Hauer2017-04-191-2/+4
* state: Allow to load without authentificationSascha Hauer2017-03-311-2/+4
* state: backend_storage: rename more variablesSascha Hauer2017-03-311-6/+6
* state: backend_storage: make locally used variable staticSascha Hauer2017-03-311-1/+1
* state: backend_storage: rewrite function docSascha Hauer2017-03-311-2/+2
* state: backend_storage: Rename variable desired_copies to desired_bucketsSascha Hauer2017-03-311-9/+9
* state: backend_storage: Rename variable nr_copies to n_bucketsSascha Hauer2017-03-311-12/+12
* state: backend_circular: rewrite function docSascha Hauer2017-03-311-5/+3
* state: backend_circular: default to circular storageSascha Hauer2017-03-311-6/+8
* state: backend: Add some documentationSascha Hauer2017-03-311-0/+22
* state: backend_circular: remove unnecessary warningSascha Hauer2017-03-311-4/+1
* state: backend: Add more fields to struct state_backend_storageSascha Hauer2017-03-311-28/+20
* state: bucket: Make output more informativeSascha Hauer2017-03-311-10/+15
* state: Drop cache bucketSascha Hauer2017-03-311-45/+67
* state: Convert all bufs to void *Sascha Hauer2017-03-311-3/+3
* state: replace len_hint logicSascha Hauer2017-03-311-3/+6
* state: simplify direct backendSascha Hauer2017-03-311-131/+14
* state: drop lazy_initSascha Hauer2017-03-311-33/+1
* state: storage: initialize variable once outside loopSascha Hauer2017-03-311-4/+6
* state: pass struct state * to storage functionsSascha Hauer2017-03-311-4/+3
* state: backend: remove len_hint argument from state_storage_readSascha Hauer2017-03-311-3/+2
* state: Use positive logicSascha Hauer2017-03-311-7/+7
* state: only build circular backend if MTD is enabledLucas Stach2016-07-251-2/+4
* state: also append backend storage stridesizeMichael Grzeschik2016-07-081-0/+1
* state: Refactor state frameworkMarkus Pargmann2016-07-081-0/+524