path: root/drivers/mtd/core.c
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* nand command: Print OOB informationSascha Hauer2020-11-101-0/+81
* mtd: nand: Update to Linux-5.9Sascha Hauer2020-11-101-29/+538
* mtd: rename master to parentSascha Hauer2020-11-091-6/+6
* mtd: rename class_dev to devSascha Hauer2020-11-091-19/+19
* mtd: Use classdev->parentSascha Hauer2020-11-091-6/+4
* mtd: Add underscore prefix to mtd hooksSascha Hauer2020-11-061-18/+18
* mtd: Drop asynchronous erase supportSascha Hauer2020-11-061-4/+2
* treewide: remove references to CREDITSUwe Kleine-K├Ânig2020-04-271-3/+0
* devfs: Drop dev_lseek_default()Andrey Smirnov2019-01-291-1/+0
* mtd: core: Fix erase area alignment for non power of 2 erasesizeLadislav Michl2019-01-151-6/+19
* mtd: return EOPNOTSUPP when attempting to erase an MTD_NO_ERASE deviceMatthias Schiffer2018-11-261-0/+3
* drivers: Introduce dev_set_name()Andrey Smirnov2018-10-181-1/+1
* mtd: do not attach already attached UBISascha Hauer2018-10-081-4/+1
* mtd: core: Fix printing partitions in hexTeresa Remmet2018-06-071-1/+1
* rename file_operations -> cdev_operationsSascha Hauer2018-04-061-1/+1
* param: make parameter functions more consistentSascha Hauer2017-04-111-4/+4
* mtd: use dev_add_param_stringSascha Hauer2017-04-111-11/+11
* of: partition: Move of_mtd_fixup to drivers/of/Sascha Hauer2017-03-301-62/+3
* mtd: fix reading data from page that needs cleanupSascha Hauer2017-03-231-4/+3
* mtd: Make UBI detection more robustSascha Hauer2016-11-111-11/+24
* string: Fix (v)asprintf prototypesSascha Hauer2016-04-151-5/+7
* mtd: Introduce mtd_check_patternSascha Hauer2016-03-151-0/+19
* mtd: rename mtd_all_ff -> mtd_buf_all_ffSascha Hauer2016-03-151-1/+9
* mtd: Introduce function to get mtd type stringSascha Hauer2016-03-151-0/+22
* mtd: Add support for marking blocks as goodSascha Hauer2016-03-151-0/+16
* mtd: mtd_[read|write|erase]: check for valid input dataSascha Hauer2016-03-041-0/+22
* mtd: core: check offset in mtd_block_markbadStefan Christ2016-02-231-0/+3
* mtd: Fix erasing of devices >4GiBSascha Hauer2016-02-091-3/+3
* mtd: Fix mtd_op_erase for devices >4GiBSascha Hauer2016-02-091-2/+2
* mtd: Fix mtd_op_read for devices >4GiBSascha Hauer2016-02-091-3/+2
* mtd: Make erase_info structs 64bit where necessarySascha Hauer2016-02-091-1/+1
* mtd: core: initialize *retlen in mtd_write()Sascha Hauer2015-11-231-0/+2
* mtd: of: put master offset into partition nameSascha Hauer2015-07-231-2/+2
* mtd: core: Check partitions for empty stringTeresa Remmet2015-07-201-0/+3
* Merge branch 'for-next/mtd'Sascha Hauer2015-07-031-0/+40
| * mtd: detect ubi devices automaticallySascha Hauer2015-06-261-0/+40
* | mtd: Make devname argument to add_mtd_device constSascha Hauer2015-06-291-1/+1
* mtd: Fix function prototypeSascha Hauer2015-05-151-1/+1
* Merge branch 'for-next/misc'Sascha Hauer2015-05-061-1/+1
| * mtd: of_mtd_fixup(): fix given DT not the default oneMarc Kleine-Budde2015-05-011-1/+1
* | mtd: partition: Fix OF partition fixupSascha Hauer2015-04-281-2/+2
* mtd: fixup device tree partitionsSascha Hauer2015-02-121-0/+64
* mtd: Add a partitions parameter to mtd devicesSascha Hauer2015-02-121-1/+96
* mtd: forbid conflicting mtd partitionsSascha Hauer2015-02-121-3/+30
* mtd: nand: remove automatically created bb devicesSascha Hauer2015-02-121-0/+2
* mtd: Add partitions to listSascha Hauer2015-02-121-0/+8
* mtd: core: add error checksSascha Hauer2015-02-121-2/+13
* mtd: Fix allowing to erase bad blocks on partitionsSascha Hauer2015-02-101-3/+3
* mtd: use long long dev param for sizeHerve Codina2014-06-131-1/+1
* mtd: Fix writesize parameter valueHerve Codina2014-06-101-1/+1