path: root/drivers/net/dm9k.c
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* drivers: net: convert drivers to spdxOleksij Rempel2018-12-061-10/+1
* of: use of_property_read_bool where appropriateSascha Hauer2017-04-121-1/+1
* net: dm9k: Fix buswidth setting for platform data probeSascha Hauer2016-06-281-24/+18
* include: Move dm9000 eth platform_data to include/platform_dataSascha Hauer2016-04-151-1/+1
* driver: replace dev_request_mem_region with dev_request_mem_resourceSascha Hauer2016-03-071-6/+9
* driver: Fix return check of dev_request_mem_regionSascha Hauer2016-02-231-4/+4
* net: Make set_ethaddr argument constSascha Hauer2015-06-261-1/+1
* net: dm9k: fix reset routineAntony Pavlov2015-05-121-2/+23
* net: dm9k: add device tree supportAntony Pavlov2015-05-121-16/+87
* net: dm9k: show only one phy on miibusAntony Pavlov2015-05-121-0/+10
* net: dm9k: fix copy-paste typoAntony Pavlov2014-09-111-1/+1
* Merge branch 'for-next/net'Sascha Hauer2014-06-041-1/+1
| * net: Pass eth_device to net_receiveSascha Hauer2014-05-151-1/+1
* | net: dm9k: only read on packet for each call to dm9k_eth_rx()Michael Olbrich2014-05-191-2/+4
* net: dm9k: bail out when resources can't be claimedSascha Hauer2013-12-181-0/+4
* Use new device_platform_driver() macro for driversAlexander Shiyan2013-02-131-8/+1
* switch all platform_bus device/driver registering to platform_driver/device_r...Jean-Christophe PLAGNIOL-VILLARD2012-10-041-1/+1
* net: introduce phylibJean-Christophe PLAGNIOL-VILLARD2012-09-251-29/+21
* net drivers: remove unused type_dataSascha Hauer2012-02-251-1/+0
* net dm9k: Fix compiler warningSascha Hauer2012-01-021-0/+2
* Add support for more recent Davicom DM9k devicesJuergen Beisert2011-12-141-0/+797