path: root/drivers/net/e1000/eeprom.c
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* mtd: Drop asynchronous erase supportSascha Hauer2020-11-061-4/+0
* Merge branch 'for-next/lseek'Sascha Hauer2019-02-131-2/+0
| * devfs: Drop dev_lseek_default()Andrey Smirnov2019-01-291-2/+0
* | net/e1000: Fix debug print warningAndrey Smirnov2019-02-111-1/+2
* Merge branch 'for-next/missing-prototypes'Sascha Hauer2018-12-071-2/+2
| * net/e1000: Mark e1000_register_invm() staticAndrey Smirnov2018-11-191-1/+1
| * net/e1000: Mark e1000_igb_get_flash_size() staticAndrey Smirnov2018-11-191-1/+1
* | e1000/flash: Increased erase timeoutMichael Schuhmacher2018-11-121-1/+1
* drivers: Introduce dev_set_name()Andrey Smirnov2018-10-181-1/+1
* net/e1000: allow to overwrite flash size from device treeUwe Kleine-König2018-07-131-14/+42
* rename file_operations -> cdev_operationsSascha Hauer2018-04-061-2/+2
* net/e1000: don't register EERPOM device if the content is invalidLucas Stach2018-01-301-17/+24
* net/e1000: don't check EEPROM signature if populated from iNVMLucas Stach2018-01-301-6/+4
* net/e1000: EEPROM isn't valid if only iNVM is availableLucas Stach2018-01-301-8/+6
* net/e1000: remove one level of indentationLucas Stach2018-01-301-60/+61
* net/e1000: fix driver probing in the presence of two e1000 devicesUwe Kleine-König2018-01-171-0/+1
* net/e1000: indicate at boot time if flash is in secure modeUwe Kleine-König2017-12-061-3/+7
* net/e1000: add missing \n in error messageUwe Kleine-König2017-12-011-1/+1
* net/e1000: implement protect and unprotect for attached flashUwe Kleine-König2017-11-281-0/+70
* net/e1000: expand timeout for flash erasureUwe Kleine-König2017-11-241-1/+1
* net/e1000: indicate in error messages where the failure occuredUwe Kleine-König2017-11-241-4/+4
* net/e1000: don't access the (simulated) eeprom when it is invalidUwe Kleine-König2017-11-241-5/+31
* net/e1000: log flash/invm status at probe timeUwe Kleine-König2017-11-241-0/+18
* net/e1000: provide device for accessing emulated eepromUwe Kleine-König2017-11-241-1/+42
* net/e1000: fix size of invm deviceUwe Kleine-König2017-11-241-1/+1
* net/e1000: provide access to iNVM even if a flash is presentUwe Kleine-König2017-11-241-62/+71
* net/e1000: reorder functionsUwe Kleine-König2017-11-241-70/+67
* net/e1000: fix coding style at a few locationsUwe Kleine-König2017-11-241-3/+12
* e1000: Don't poll for FLSWCTL.GLDONE before starting a flash transactionUwe Kleine-König2017-10-161-11/+2
* e1000: implement support for smaller flash chipsUwe Kleine-König2017-10-161-11/+3
* e1000: Expose i210's external flash as MTDAndrey Smirnov2016-06-031-2/+386
* e1000: Expose i210's iNVM as a cdevAndrey Smirnov2016-06-031-0/+312
* e1000: Add EEPROM access locking for i210Andrey Smirnov2016-06-031-1/+18
* e1000: Refactor Flash/EEPROM reading codeAndrey Smirnov2016-06-031-125/+187
* e1000: Remove unnecessary intializationAndrey Smirnov2016-06-031-4/+0
* e1000: Fix a bug in e1000_probe()Andrey Smirnov2016-06-031-2/+16
* e1000: Consolidate Microwire EEPROM init codeAndrey Smirnov2016-06-031-31/+21
* e1000: Consolidate SPI EEPROM init codeAndrey Smirnov2016-06-031-25/+21
* e1000: Simplify EEPROM init for e1000_igbAndrey Smirnov2016-06-031-3/+0
* e1000: Simplify EEPROM init for e1000_80003es2lanAndrey Smirnov2016-06-031-7/+0
* e1000: Remove 'page_size'Andrey Smirnov2016-06-031-21/+11
* e1000: Remove 'use_eewr' parameterAndrey Smirnov2016-06-031-7/+0
* e1000: Consolidate register offset fixupsAndrey Smirnov2016-06-031-7/+3
* e1000: Remove unneeded i210 specific register codeAndrey Smirnov2016-06-031-20/+5
* e1000: Convert E1000_*_REG macros to functionsAndrey Smirnov2016-06-031-51/+51
* e1000: Include <net.h> in e1000.hAndrey Smirnov2016-06-031-1/+0
* e1000: Split driver into multiple filesAndrey Smirnov2016-06-031-0/+747