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unicore32 core architecture: build infrastructure
This patch implements build infrastructure. Signed-off-by: Guan Xuetao <> Reviewed-by: Arnd Bergmann <>
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+menu "Kernel hacking"
+source "lib/Kconfig.debug"
+ bool "Filter access to /dev/mem"
+ depends on MMU
+ ---help---
+ If this option is disabled, you allow userspace (root) access to all
+ of memory, including kernel and userspace memory. Accidental
+ access to this is obviously disastrous, but specific access can
+ be used by people debugging the kernel.
+ If this option is switched on, the /dev/mem file only allows
+ userspace access to memory mapped peripherals.
+ If in doubt, say Y.
+ def_bool DEBUG_OCD
+ help
+ Write kernel log output directly into the ocd or to a serial port.
+ This is useful for kernel debugging when your machine crashes very
+ early before the console code is initialized. For normal operation
+ it is not recommended because it looks ugly and doesn't cooperate
+ with klogd/syslogd or the X server. You should normally N here,
+ unless you want to debug such a crash.
+ bool "Enable stack utilization instrumentation"
+ depends on DEBUG_KERNEL
+ help
+ Enables the display of the minimum amount of free stack which each
+ task has ever had available in the sysrq-T output.
+# These options are only for real kernel hackers who want to get their hands dirty.
+config DEBUG_LL
+ bool "Kernel low-level debugging functions"
+ depends on DEBUG_KERNEL
+ help
+ Say Y here to include definitions of printascii, printch, printhex
+ in the kernel. This is helpful if you are debugging code that
+ executes before the console is initialized.
+config DEBUG_OCD
+ bool "Kernel low-level debugging via On-Chip-Debugger"
+ depends on DEBUG_LL
+ default y
+ help
+ Say Y here if you want the debug print routines to direct their
+ output to the UniCore On-Chip-Debugger channel using CP #1.
+ bool "Breakpoint support via On-Chip-Debugger"
+ depends on DEBUG_OCD
+config DEBUG_UART
+ int "Kernel low-level debugging messages via serial port"
+ depends on DEBUG_LL
+ range 0 1
+ default "0"
+ help
+ Choice for UART for kernel low-level using PKUnity UARTS,
+ should be between zero and one. The port must have been
+ initialised by the boot-loader before use.