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Pull perf updates from Ingo Molnar: "Most of the changes are for tooling, the main changes in this cycle were: - Improve Intel-PT hardware tracing support, both on the kernel and on the tooling side: PTWRITE instruction support, power events for C-state tracing, etc. (Adrian Hunter) - Add support to measure SMI cost to the x86 architecture, with tooling support in 'perf stat' (Kan Liang) - Support function filtering in 'perf ftrace', plus related improvements (Namhyung Kim) - Allow adding and removing fields to the default 'perf script' columns, using + or - as field prefixes to do so (Andi Kleen) - Allow resolving the DSO name with 'perf script -F brstack{sym,off},dso' (Mark Santaniello) - Add perf tooling unwind support for PowerPC (Paolo Bonzini) - ... and various other improvements as well" * 'perf-core-for-linus' of git:// (84 commits) perf auxtrace: Add CPU filter support perf intel-pt: Do not use TSC packets for calculating CPU cycles to TSC perf intel-pt: Update documentation to include new ptwrite and power events perf intel-pt: Add example script for power events and PTWRITE perf intel-pt: Synthesize new power and "ptwrite" events perf intel-pt: Move code in intel_pt_synth_events() to simplify attr setting perf intel-pt: Factor out intel_pt_set_event_name() perf intel-pt: Tidy messages into called function intel_pt_synth_event() perf intel-pt: Tidy Intel PT evsel lookup into separate function perf intel-pt: Join needlessly wrapped lines perf intel-pt: Remove unused instructions_sample_period perf intel-pt: Factor out common code synthesizing event samples perf script: Add synthesized Intel PT power and ptwrite events perf/x86/intel: Constify the 'lbr_desc[]' array and make a function static perf script: Add 'synth' field for synthesized event payloads perf auxtrace: Add itrace option to output power events perf auxtrace: Add itrace option to output ptwrite events tools include: Add byte-swapping macros to kernel.h perf script: Add 'synth' event type for synthesized events x86/insn: perf tools: Add new ptwrite instruction ...
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