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blk-mq: cleanup after blk_mq_init_rq_map failures
In blk-mq.c blk_mq_alloc_tag_set, if: set->tags = kmalloc_node() succeeds, but one of the blk_mq_init_rq_map() calls fails, goto out_unwind; needs to free set->tags so the caller is not obligated to do so. None of the current callers (null_blk, virtio_blk, virtio_blk, or the forthcoming scsi-mq) do so. set->tags needs to be set to NULL after doing so, so other tag cleanup logic doesn't try to free a stale pointer later. Also set it to NULL in blk_mq_free_tag_set. Tested with error injection on the forthcoming scsi-mq + hpsa combination. Signed-off-by: Robert Elliott <> Signed-off-by: Jens Axboe <>
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