path: root/block/bfq-iosched.c
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* block, bfq: update wr_busy_queues if needed on a queue splitPaolo Valente2017-06-271-3/+18
* blk-mq-sched: unify request prepare methodsChristoph Hellwig2017-06-181-7/+12
* bfq-iosched: fix NULL ioc check in bfq_get_rq_privateChristoph Hellwig2017-06-181-10/+5
* blk-mq-sched: unify request finished methodsChristoph Hellwig2017-06-181-3/+3
* block, bfq: access and cache blkg data only when safePaolo Valente2017-06-081-1/+1
* block, bfq: stress that low_latency must be off to get max throughputPaolo Valente2017-05-101-0/+5
* block, bfq: don't dereference bic before null checking itColin Ian King2017-04-201-2/+2
* block, bfq: split bfq-iosched.c into multiple source filesPaolo Valente2017-04-191-3624/+39
* block, bfq: remove all get and put of I/O contextsPaolo Valente2017-04-191-120/+23
* block, bfq: handle bursts of queue activationsArianna Avanzini2017-04-191-15/+389
* block, bfq: boost the throughput with random I/O on NCQ-capable HDDsPaolo Valente2017-04-191-10/+6
* block, bfq: boost the throughput on NCQ-capable flash-based devicesPaolo Valente2017-04-191-48/+106
* block, bfq: reduce idling only in symmetric scenariosArianna Avanzini2017-04-191-7/+280
* block, bfq: add Early Queue Merge (EQM)Arianna Avanzini2017-04-191-41/+840
* block, bfq: reduce latency during request-pool saturationPaolo Valente2017-04-191-3/+63
* block, bfq: preserve a low latency also with NCQ-capable drivesPaolo Valente2017-04-191-1/+2
* block, bfq: reduce I/O latency for soft real-time applicationsPaolo Valente2017-04-191-19/+323
* block, bfq: improve responsivenessPaolo Valente2017-04-191-74/+666
* block, bfq: add more fairness with writes and slow processesPaolo Valente2017-04-191-35/+85
* block, bfq: modify the peak-rate estimatorPaolo Valente2017-04-191-125/+372
* block, bfq: improve throughput boostingPaolo Valente2017-04-191-46/+41
* block, bfq: add full hierarchical scheduling and cgroups supportArianna Avanzini2017-04-191-305/+2119
* block, bfq: introduce the BFQ-v0 I/O scheduler as an extra schedulerPaolo Valente2017-04-191-0/+4166