path: root/block/blk-throttle.c
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* blkcg: implement interface for the unified hierarchyTejun Heo2015-08-181-0/+112
* blkcg: separate out tg_conf_updated() from tg_set_conf()Tejun Heo2015-08-181-28/+32
* blkcg: move body parsing from blkg_conf_prep() to its callersTejun Heo2015-08-181-6/+12
* blkcg: mark existing cftypes as legacyTejun Heo2015-08-181-2/+2
* blkcg: move io_service_bytes and io_serviced stats into blkcg_gqTejun Heo2015-08-181-67/+6
* blkcg: make blkcg_[rw]stat per-cpuTejun Heo2015-08-181-61/+28
* blkcg: consolidate blkg creation in blkcg_bio_issue_check()Tejun Heo2015-08-181-66/+6
* blk-throttle: improve queue bypass handlingTejun Heo2015-08-181-3/+4
* blkcg: move root blkg lookup optimization from throtl_lookup_tg() to __blkg_l...Tejun Heo2015-08-181-7/+0
* blkcg: make blkcg_policy methods take a pointer to blkcg_policy_dataTejun Heo2015-08-181-6/+7
* blk-throttle: clean up blkg_policy_data alloc/init/exit/free methodsTejun Heo2015-08-181-37/+20
* blk-throttle: remove asynchrnous percpu stats allocation mechanismTejun Heo2015-08-181-87/+25
* blkcg: replace blkcg_policy->pd_size with ->pd_alloc/free_fn() methodsTejun Heo2015-08-181-1/+12
* blkcg: move block/blk-cgroup.h to include/linux/blk-cgroup.hTejun Heo2015-06-021-1/+1
* blk-throttle: check stats_cpu before reading it from sysfsThadeu Lima de Souza Cascardo2015-02-201-0/+3
* cgroup: remove sane_behavior support on non-default hierarchiesTejun Heo2014-07-091-3/+3
* Merge branch 'for-3.16' of git:// Torvalds2014-06-091-16/+16
| * cgroup: replace cftype->write_string() with cftype->write()Tejun Heo2014-05-131-16/+16
* | block/blk-throttle.c: fix return of 0/1 with return type boolFabian Frederick2014-05-021-4/+4
* | block/blk-throttle.c: add static to blk_throtl_dispatch_work_fnFabian Frederick2014-04-211-1/+1
* cgroup: drop const from @buffer of cftype->write_string()Tejun Heo2014-03-191-2/+2
* cgroup: update the meaning of cftype->max_write_lenTejun Heo2014-02-111-4/+0
* Merge branch 'for-3.14/core' of git:// Torvalds2014-01-301-7/+7
| * block: Abstract out bvec iteratorKent Overstreet2013-11-231-7/+7
* | cgroup: replace cftype->read_seq_string() with cftype->seq_show()Tejun Heo2013-12-051-20/+15
* block: Use u64_stats_init() to initialize seqcountsPeter Zijlstra2013-11-131-0/+10
* cgroup: make css_for_each_descendant() and friends include the origin css in ...Tejun Heo2013-08-081-3/+0
* cgroup: make hierarchy iterators deal with cgroup_subsys_state instead of cgroupTejun Heo2013-08-081-4/+4
* cgroup: pass around cgroup_subsys_state instead of cgroup in file methodsTejun Heo2013-08-081-16/+16
* blk-throttle: implement proper hierarchy supportTejun Heo2013-05-141-1/+21
* blk-throttle: implement throtl_grp->has_rules[]Tejun Heo2013-05-141-7/+42
* blk-throttle: Account for child group's start time in parent while bio climbs upVivek Goyal2013-05-141-0/+33
* blk-throttle: add throtl_qnode for dispatch fairnessTejun Heo2013-05-141-25/+176
* blk-throttle: make throtl_pending_timer_fn() ready for hierarchyTejun Heo2013-05-141-7/+33
* blk-throttle: make tg_dispatch_one_bio() ready for hierarchyTejun Heo2013-05-141-7/+21
* blk-throttle: make blk_throtl_bio() ready for hierarchyTejun Heo2013-05-141-7/+20
* blk-throttle: make blk_throtl_drain() ready for hierarchyTejun Heo2013-05-141-11/+40
* blk-throttle: dispatch from throtl_pending_timer_fn()Tejun Heo2013-05-141-25/+44
* blk-throttle: implement dispatch loopingTejun Heo2013-05-141-26/+56
* blk-throttle: separate out throtl_service_queue->pending_timer from throtl_da...Tejun Heo2013-05-141-23/+45
* blk-throttle: set REQ_THROTTLED from throtl_charge_bio() and gate stats updat...Tejun Heo2013-05-141-5/+25
* blk-throttle: implement sq_to_tg(), sq_to_td() and throtl_log()Tejun Heo2013-05-141-29/+81
* blk-throttle: add throtl_service_queue->parent_sqTejun Heo2013-05-141-42/+39
* blk-throttle: generalize update_disptime optimization in blk_throtl_bio()Tejun Heo2013-05-141-10/+18
* blk-throttle: dispatch to throtl_data->service_queue.bio_lists[]Tejun Heo2013-05-141-17/+23
* blk-throttle: move bio_lists[] and friends to throtl_service_queueTejun Heo2013-05-141-24/+39
* blk-throttle: add throtl_grp->service_queueTejun Heo2013-05-141-4/+11
* blk-throttle: reorganize throtl_service_queue passed around as argumentTejun Heo2013-05-141-49/+51
* blk-throttle: pass around throtl_service_queue instead of throtl_dataTejun Heo2013-05-141-25/+28
* blk-throttle: add backlink pointer from throtl_grp to throtl_dataTejun Heo2013-05-141-53/+53