path: root/block/sed-opal.c
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* Merge tag 'for-4.17/block-20180402' of git:// Torvalds2018-04-051-10/+27
| * block: sed-opal: fix u64 short atom lengthJonas Rabenstein2018-03-161-7/+4
| * block: sed-opal: fix response string extractionJonas Rabenstein2018-03-061-3/+23
* | treewide/trivial: Remove ';;$' typo noiseIngo Molnar2018-02-221-1/+1
* block: sed-opal: Set MBRDone on S3 resume path if TPER is MBREnabledScott Bauer2017-09-111-0/+32
* block: sed-opal: Tone down all the pr_* to debugsScott Bauer2017-04-071-79/+74
* block/sed-opal: fix spelling mistake: "Lifcycle" -> "Lifecycle"Colin Ian King2017-03-301-1/+1
* block/sed: Fix opal user range check and unused variablesJon Derrick2017-03-081-8/+2
* block/sed-opal: Propagate original error message to userland.Scott Bauer2017-02-231-2/+5
* block/sed-opal: Introduce free_opal_dev to free the structure and clean up stateScott Bauer2017-02-231-0/+30
* block/sed: Embed function data into the function sequenceJon Derrick2017-02-221-255/+163
* block/sed: Check received header lengthsJon Derrick2017-02-221-14/+21
* block/sed: Add helper to qualify response tokensJon Derrick2017-02-221-36/+25
* block/sed: Use ssize_t on atom parsers to return errorsJon Derrick2017-02-221-14/+14
* block/sed-opal: allocate struct opal_dev dynamicallyChristoph Hellwig2017-02-171-10/+91
* block/sed-opal: tone down not supported warningsChristoph Hellwig2017-02-171-4/+4
* Move stack parameters for sed_ioctl to prevent oversized stack with CONFIG_KASANScott Bauer2017-02-141-87/+46
* block: Add Sed-opal libraryScott Bauer2017-02-061-0/+2448