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Merge tag 'fbdev-v4.11' of git://
Pull fbdev updates from Bartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz: - fix for font color when console is switched to another fb driver - deferred probing fixes for simplefb driver - preparations to add support of an optional GPIO to enable panel for ARM CLCD driver - some improvements for ssd1307fb driver - cleanups for OMAP fbdev LCD drivers - misc fixes/cleanups for various fb drivers * tag 'fbdev-v4.11' of git:// (30 commits) video: fbdev: fsl-diu-fb: fix spelling mistake "palette" fbdev: ssd1307fb: include linux/gpio/consumer.h video: fbdev: fsl-diu-fb: remove impossible condition video: fbdev: amifb: remove impossible condition fbdev/ssd1307fb: clear screen in probe fbdev/ssd1307fb: add support to enable VBAT fbdev: ssd1307fb: Make reset gpio devicetree property optional fbdev: ssd1307fb: Remove reset-active-low from the DT binding document fbdev: ssd1307fb: Start to use gpiod API for reset gpio video: fbdev: sh_mobile_lcdcfb: fix error return code in sh_mobile_lcdc_probe() video: fbdev: offb: switch to using for_each_node_by_type video/console: use setup_timer and mod_timer instead of init_timer fbdev: omap/lcd: Make callbacks optional fbdev: omap/lcd: Staticize non-exported lcd_panel structs fbdev: omap/lcd: Remove no-op driver callbacks video/mbx: use simple_open() video: fbdev: stifb: handle NULL return value from ioremap_nocache video: fbdev: pmagb-b-fb: Remove bad `__init' annotation video: fbdev: pmag-ba-fb: Remove bad `__init' annotation video: ARM CLCD: use panel device node for getting backlight and mode ...
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