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* Fix and clean top .gitignoreEduard - Gabriel Munteanu2008-06-291-3/+9
* Unignore from Git.Eduard - Gabriel Munteanu2008-06-171-0/+1
* .gitignore: match ncscope.outJike Song2008-05-251-0/+1
* Remove *.rej pattern from .gitignoreS.Çağlar Onur2008-05-111-1/+0
* Update .gitignore to include include/linux/bounds.hTheodore Ts'o2008-04-301-0/+1
* Update .gitignore filesMatthew Wilcox2008-04-251-0/+1
* .gitignore: ignore emacs backup and temporary files.Chris Dearman2008-03-041-0/+2
* kbuild: ignore *.order filesSam Ravnborg2008-01-281-0/+1
* x86: update .gitignore entriesThomas Gleixner2007-10-191-0/+1
* .gitignore update for x86 archDenis V. Lunev2007-10-171-0/+1
* .gitignore updateAlexey Dobriyan2007-07-311-0/+1
* Un-ignore "" in .gitignoreLinus Torvalds2007-07-201-0/+1
* .gitignore updateAlexey Dobriyan2007-07-161-0/+3
* [PATCH] Add cscope generated files to .gitignoreTobias Klauser2006-12-221-0/+3
* [PATCH] .gitignore: add miscellaneous filesFranck Bui-Huu2006-11-131-0/+1
* [PATCH] Add symbol type files (*.symtypes) to .gitignoreJosh Triplett2006-09-161-0/+1
* [PATCH] Add mixed source and assembly listings (*.lst) to .gitignoreJosh Triplett2006-09-161-0/+1
* [PATCH] Add preprocessed files (*.i) to .gitignoreJosh Triplett2006-09-161-0/+1
* gitignore: gitignore quilt's filesQi Yong2006-08-011-0/+4
* kbuild: .gitignore utsrelease.hSam Ravnborg2006-08-011-0/+1
* add "tags" to .gitignoreUwe Zeisberger2006-03-221-0/+1
* V4L/DVB (3300b): .gitignore should also ignore StGit generated dirsMauro Carvalho Chehab2006-02-271-0/+2
* gitignore: ignore shared objectsBrian Gerst2006-01-061-0/+1
* gitignore: asm-offsets.hBrian Gerst2006-01-011-0/+1
* Add some basic .gitignore filesLinus Torvalds2005-10-181-0/+30