path: root/arch/avr32/mm/fault.c
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* avr32: migrate exception table users off module.h and onto extable.hPaul Gortmaker2016-10-031-1/+1
* mm: do not pass mm_struct into handle_mm_faultKirill A. Shutemov2016-07-261-1/+1
* mm/fault, arch: Use pagefault_disable() to check for disabled pagefaults in t...David Hildenbrand2015-05-191-2/+2
* vm: add VM_FAULT_SIGSEGV handling supportLinus Torvalds2015-01-291-0/+2
* arch: mm: pass userspace fault flag to generic fault handlerJohannes Weiner2013-09-121-0/+2
* arch: mm: do not invoke OOM killer on kernel fault OOMJohannes Weiner2013-09-121-1/+1
* readahead: fault retry breaks mmap file read random detectionShaohua Li2012-10-091-0/+1
* avr32/mm/fault.c: port OOM changes to do_page_faultKautuk Consul2012-07-301-8/+25
* avr32: invoke oom-killer from page faultNick Piggin2010-08-091-10/+4
* Move FAULT_FLAG_xyz into handle_mm_fault() callersLinus Torvalds2009-06-211-1/+1
* generic debug pageallocAkinobu Mita2009-04-011-18/+0
* avr32: Fix broken pte dump code in do_page_fault()Haavard Skinnemoen2008-02-131-0/+2
* pid namespaces: define is_global_init() and is_container_init()Serge E. Hallyn2007-10-191-3/+3
* During VM oom condition, kill all threads in process groupWill Schmidt2007-10-161-1/+1
* mm: fault feedback #2Nick Piggin2007-07-191-12/+11
* [AVR32] ratelimit segfault reporting rateAndrea Righi2007-06-141-1/+1
* [AVR32] optimize pagefault pathChristoph Hellwig2007-05-131-24/+12
* move die notifier handling to common codeChristoph Hellwig2007-05-081-1/+1
* [AVR32] Clean up exception handling codeHaavard Skinnemoen2007-04-271-75/+41
* [PATCH] avr32 architectureHaavard Skinnemoen2006-09-261-0/+315