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file. In this case it does not help to enable the required parts in our
project configuration, because this has no effect on the build order!
-Managing Non Autotool Packages
+Managing Plain Makefile Packages
Many packages are still coming with a plain ``Makefile``. The user has
to adapt it to make it work in a cross compile environment as well.
PTXdist can also handle this kind of packages. We only have to specifiy
a special *prepare* and *compile* stage.
-Such packages often have no special need for any kind of preparation. We
-can omit this stage by defining this empty rule:
+Such packages often have no special need for any kind of preparation. In
+this we must instruct PTXdist to do nothing in the *prepare* stage:
- $(STATEDIR)/foo.prepare:
- @$(call targetinfo)
- @$(call touch)
To compile the package, we can use ``make``\ ’s feature to overwrite
variables used in the ``Makefile``. With this feature we can still use
the original ``Makefile`` but with our own (cross compile) settings.
Most of the time the generic compile rule can be used, only a few
-settings are required. To use only ``make`` instead of the autotools, we
-must instruct PTXdist to not use them by defining:
+settings are required. For a well defined ``Makefile`` it is sufficient to
+set up the correct cross compile environment for the *compile* stage:
``make`` will be called in this case with:
-``cd $(FOO_DIR) && $(FOO_MAKE_ENV) $(MAKE) $(FOO_MAKE_OPT)``
So, in the rule file only the two variables ``FOO_MAKE_ENV`` and
``FOO_MAKE_OPT`` must be set, to forward the required settings to the
package’s buildsystem. If the package cannot be built in parallel, we
can also add the ``FOO_MAKE_PAR := NO``. ``YES`` is the default.
+Managing CMake / QMake Packages
+Building packages that use ``cmake`` or ``qmake`` is much like building
+packages with an autotools based buildsystem. We need to specify the
+configuration tool:
+ FOO_CONF_TOOL := cmake
+ FOO_CONF_TOOL := qmake
+And provide the correct configuration options. The syntax is different so
+PTXdist provides additional macros to simplify configurable features.
+For ``cmake`` the configuration options typically look like this:
+ -DENABLE_BAR:BOOL=$(call ptx/onoff, PTXCONF_FOO_BAR)
+For ``qmake`` the configuration options typically look like this:
+ PREFIX=/usr
+Please note that currently only host and target ``cmake`` packages and only
+target ``qmake`` packages are supported.
+Managing Python Packages
+As with any other package, the correct configuration tool must be selected
+for Python packages:
+ FOO_CONF_TOOL := python
+.. note:: For Python3 packages the value must be ``python3``.
+No Makefiles are used when building Python packages so the usual ``make``
+and ``make install`` for the *compile* and *install* stages cannot be used.
+PTXdist will call ``python build`` and ``python install``
.. note:: *FOO* is still the name of our example package. It must be
replaced by the real package name.