BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterptxdist: ignore /dev/null symlinks when looking for config filesMichael Olbrich19 hours
stable/ptxdist-2010.08.xipkg-utils: fix ipkg-index for ipkg with outer tarMarc Kleine-Budde12 months
stable/ fix installing if sphinx-build is not foundMichael Olbrich2 years
stable/ptxdist-2016.05.xptxd_make_xpkg_pkg: fix strip detection.Michael Olbrich2 years
stable/ptxdist-1.99.19.xrelease Kleine-Budde5 years
stable/ptxdist-2013.06.xdtc: use GENERIC_KERNEL_ARCH for cpp, tooMarc Kleine-Budde5 years
stable/ptxdist-2013.07.xdtc: use GENERIC_KERNEL_ARCH for cpp, tooMarc Kleine-Budde5 years
stable/ change regex for sed versionAlexander Aring6 years
stable/ptxdist-2012.09.xrsyslog: fix for new systemdMichael Olbrich6 years
stable/ptxdist-2011.11.xptxd_make_world_patchin: sort patches when creating missing series fileMichael Olbrich7 years
ptxdist-2018.11.0commit 13aa26e9a4...Michael Olbrich7 days
ptxdist-2018.10.0commit 78f6036bef...Michael Olbrich6 weeks
ptxdist-2018.09.0commit e654bb5ac6...Michael Olbrich8 weeks
ptxdist-2018.08.0commit db43b63c18...Michael Olbrich4 months
ptxdist-2018.07.0commit 877db34806...Michael Olbrich4 months
ptxdist-2018.06.0commit c25a789d49...Michael Olbrich5 months
ptxdist-2018.05.0commit 2280bd4374...Michael Olbrich6 months
ptxdist-2018.04.0commit 56226245aa...Michael Olbrich7 months
ptxdist-2018.03.0commit c8e0d88d21...Michael Olbrich8 months
ptxdist-2018.02.0commit 6721bf9dcd...Michael Olbrich9 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
19 hoursptxdist: ignore /dev/null symlinks when looking for config filesHEADmasterMichael Olbrich1-4/+4
19 hoursptxd_get_path_filtered: define new helper functionMichael Olbrich1-0/+27
19 hoursptxd_kconfig: don't overwrite confdirMichael Olbrich1-1/+4
19 hoursptxd_kconfig_find_config: fail for mode=run if no config is foundMichael Olbrich1-1/+1
19 hoursptxd_kconfig: make sure the stamp file is always generatedMichael Olbrich1-2/+2
42 hoursptxdist: run the trap handler before executing the correct ptxdist for --auto...Michael Olbrich1-0/+2
4 dayslighttpd: Install mod_openssl if SSL is selectedAlexander Dahl1-0/+1
4 dayslighttpd: After version bump cleanupAlexander Dahl1-0/+4
4 dayslighttpd: Add license file hashAlexander Dahl1-0/+1
4 daysptxd_kconfig_update_config: don't use -nt or -otMichael Olbrich1-3/+5