BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterlibmbim: fix typoChristian Hermann5 days
stable/ptxdist-2019.07.xptxdist: fix ptxdistrc handling if no old config existsMichael Olbrich9 days
stable/ptxdist-2019.03.xsystemd: add one more md5Michael Olbrich5 months
stable/ptxdist-2010.08.xipkg-utils: fix ipkg-index for ipkg with outer tarMarc Kleine-Budde21 months
stable/ fix installing if sphinx-build is not foundMichael Olbrich3 years
stable/ptxdist-2016.05.xptxd_make_xpkg_pkg: fix strip detection.Michael Olbrich3 years
stable/ptxdist-1.99.19.xrelease Kleine-Budde6 years
stable/ptxdist-2013.06.xdtc: use GENERIC_KERNEL_ARCH for cpp, tooMarc Kleine-Budde6 years
stable/ptxdist-2013.07.xdtc: use GENERIC_KERNEL_ARCH for cpp, tooMarc Kleine-Budde6 years
stable/ change regex for sed versionAlexander Aring6 years
ptxdist-2019.08.0commit c0e805257b...Michael Olbrich6 days
ptxdist-2019.07.1commit 48ba597fe9...Michael Olbrich9 days
ptxdist-2019.07.0commit f2a65e9597...Michael Olbrich6 weeks
ptxdist-2019.06.0commit 4af19a8bdf...Michael Olbrich2 months
ptxdist-2019.05.0commit e229cbcc5c...Michael Olbrich4 months
ptxdist-2019.04.0commit 9ad8e698c7...Michael Olbrich4 months
ptxdist-2019.03.1commit af9be9e2de...Michael Olbrich5 months
ptxdist-2019.03.0commit 9d4c518eaf...Michael Olbrich5 months
ptxdist-2019.02.0commit 6939a51e49...Michael Olbrich6 months
ptxdist-2019.01.0commit eebcc6a505...Michael Olbrich7 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
5 dayslibmbim: fix typoHEADmasterChristian Hermann1-1/+1
5 daysmosquitto: Add systemd service unitAlexander Dahl2-1/+18
5 daysmosquitto: version bump 1.4.14 -> 1.6.4Alexander Dahl2-9/+10
5 daysmosquitto: Install default config fileAlexander Dahl1-0/+12
5 daysrootfs: Add 'mosquitto' user and groupAlexander Dahl2-0/+2
9 dayswpa_supplicant: version bump 2.8 -> 2.9Michael Olbrich2-2/+15
9 dayshostapd: version bump 2.8 -> 2.9Michael Olbrich2-5/+15
9 daysAdd option to install /etc/fb.modesGuillermo Rodríguez3-3/+27
10 dayslibsoup: version bump 2.62.2 -> 2.66.2Michael Olbrich4-21/+43
10 dayslibpsl: new packagesMichael Olbrich2-0/+77