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@@ -256,6 +256,20 @@ Options
``--verbose``, ``-v``
be more verbose, print command before execute them
+``--output-sync``, ``--no-output-sync``
+ enable or disable output synchronization. By default output
+ synchronization is only enabled for quiet builds. Output synchronization
+ is implemented by the ``make`` ``--output-sync`` option. For building
+ packages in parallel, ``--output-sync=recurse`` is used. For individual
+ ``make`` commands in the build stages ``--output-sync=target`` is used.
+ This means, that the output for each individual make target and each
+ build stage is grouped together.
+ Note: If output synchronization enabled then the output for each build
+ stage is collected by make and won't be visible until the build stage is
+ completed. As a result, there will be long periods of time with no
+ visible progress.
``--j-intern=<n>``, ``-ji<n>``
set number of parallel jobs within packages. PTXdist will use this
number for example when calling ``make`` during the compile stage.