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@@ -759,6 +759,60 @@ All parameters have fixed meanings:
Base path component in the root filesystem the archive should be extracted
to. Can be just ``/`` for root.
+.. code-block:: make
+ $(call install_glob, <package>, <UID>, <GID>, <source dir>, <destination dir>, <yglob>, <nglob>[, <strip>])
+Installs parts of a directory tree with all files from the given directory
+* the project's ``<platform-dir>/root/``
+* the project's ``<platform-dir>/root-debug/``
+* an ipkg packet in the project's ``<platform-dir>/packages/``
+Some of the parameters have fixed meanings:
+ Name of the IPKG/OPKG the macro should work on
+ User ID the directories and files should use in the target's root filesystem
+ or ``-`` to keep the UID from the source tree
+ Group ID the directories and files should use in the target's root filesystem
+ or ``-`` to keep the GID from the source tree
+**<source dir>**
+ This is the path to the tree of directories and files to be installed. It can
+ be ``-`` to use the package directory of the current package instead
+**<destination dir>**
+ The basename of the to-be-installed tree in the root filesystem
+ A list of pathname patterns. All files or directories that match _any_
+ pattern in the list are installed. Note: the patterns must match the
+ whole absolute path, e.g. ``*/foo``. An empty list is equivalent to a
+ pattern that matches all files.
+ Like ``<yglob>`` but any matching files or directories will not be
+ installed. For directories, this includes the whole contents of the
+ directory.
+Except for the pathname patterns, this command works like ``install_tree``.
+The ``<yglob>`` and ``<nglob>`` patterns are combined: Only files that
+match ``<yglob>`` and do not match ``<nglob>`` are installed.
+Install all shared libraries found in ``$(PKGDIR)/usr/lib/foo`` except
+.. code-block:: make
+ $(call install_glob, foo, 0, 0, -, /usr/lib/foo, *.so, */