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This PTXdist feature will fade out. Remove it from the docs
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@@ -257,25 +257,6 @@ archive directory for all projects it handles: navigate to menu entry
*Source Directory* and enter the path to the directory where PTXdist
should store archives to share between its projects.
-Generic Project Location
-If we already installed the generic projects we should also configure
-PTXdist to know this location. If we already did so, we can use the
-command ``ptxdist projects`` to get a list of available projects and
-``ptxdist clone`` to get a local working copy of a shared generic
-Navigate to menu entry *Project Searchpath* and enter the path to
-projects that can be used in such a way. Here we can configure more than
-one path, each part can be delemited by a colon. For example for
-PTXdist’s generic projects and our own previous projects like this:
-Leave the menu and store the configuration. PTXdist is now ready for
If there is no toolchain available yet, the next step is to build one at
least for the desired target architecture. Refer to the application note
“Building Toolchains” for further details.
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@@ -52,17 +52,6 @@ Setup and Project Actions
setup the environment specific settings like the network IP address and
so on.
- if the generic projects coming in a separate archive
- are installed, this actions lists the projects a user can clone for its
- own work.
-``clone <from> <to>``
- this action clones an existing project from
- the ``projects`` list into a new directory. The <from>argument must be a
- name gotten from ``ptxdist projects`` command, the <to>argument is the
- new project (and directory) name, created in the current directory.
start the menu to configure the project’s root
filesystem. This is in respect to user land only. Its the main menu to