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@@ -199,7 +199,7 @@ now install PTXdist into it’s final location. In order to write to
If we don’t have root access to the machine it is also possible to
-install PTXdist into some other directory with the ``--prefix`` option.
+install PTXdist into some different directory with the ``--prefix`` option.
We need to take care that the ``bin/`` directory below the new
installation dir is added to our ``$PATH`` environment variable (for
example by exporting it in ``~/.bashrc``).
@@ -461,7 +461,7 @@ PTXdist handles toolchain building as a simple project, like all other
projects, too. So we can download the OSELAS.Toolchain bundle and build
the required toolchain for the OSELAS.BoardSupport() Package.
-Building any toolchain of the OSELAS.Toolchain-|oselasTCNVendorVersion| is
+Building any toolchain of the OSELAS.Toolchain-|oselasTCNVendorVersion| is
tested with PTXdist-|oselasTCNVendorptxdistversion|.
Pengutronix recommends to use this specific PTXdist to build the
toolchain. So, it might be essential to install more than one PTXdist