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Doc: remove an outdated toolchain requirement
Nowadays 'fakeroot' will be built as a host-tool when the toolchain is going to be built. There is no need for this tool to be present on the host anymore. Signed-off-by: Juergen Borleis <>
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@@ -511,11 +511,6 @@ The required compiler to build the board support package is
-.. important:: In order to build any of the OSELAS.Toolchains, the host must provide
- the tool *fakeroot*. Otherwise the
- message\ ``bash: fakeroot: command not found`` will occur and the build
- stops.
.. important:: Please ensure the ’current directory’ (the ``.`` entry) is not part of
your PATH environment variable. PTXdist tries to sort out this entry,
but might not be successful in doing so. Check by running