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@@ -257,14 +257,6 @@ archive directory for all projects it handles: navigate to menu entry
*Source Directory* and enter the path to the directory where PTXdist
should store archives to share between its projects.
-If there is no toolchain available yet, the next step is to build one at
-least for the desired target architecture. Refer to the application note
-“Building Toolchains” for further details.
-In order to build the toolchain in the next step, the specific PTXdist-
-is required. We must repeat the previous steps with the PTXdist- to
-install it on our host as well. All PTXdist revisions can co-exist.
@@ -462,6 +454,9 @@ and for 64 bit host machines on ``*_amd64.deb``.
Building a Toolchain
+If there is no different toolchain available yet, the next step is to build one
+at least for the desired target architecture.
PTXdist handles toolchain building as a simple project, like all other
projects, too. So we can download the OSELAS.Toolchain bundle and build
the required toolchain for the OSELAS.BoardSupport() Package.