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Add info about the last and final check for a new package
After this check, the new package is ready for mainline. Signed-off-by: Juergen Borleis <>
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+.. important:: Discover somehow hidden dependencies with one more last check!
+Up to this point all the development of the new package was done in an already
+built BSP. Doing so sometimes somehow hidden dependcies cannot be seen:
+everything seems fine, the new package builds always successfully and the
+results are working on the target.
+So to check for this kind of dependencies there is still one more final check
+todo (even if its boring and takes time):
+ $ ptxdist clean
+ [...]
+ $ ptxdist targetinstall foo
+ [...]
+This will re-start with a **clean** BSP and builds exactly the new package and
+its (known) dependecies. If this builds successfully as well we are really done
+with the new package.
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