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@@ -1265,7 +1265,10 @@ integrated into your BSP or into PTXdist.
PTXdist handles patching automatically.
After extracting the archive of a package, PTXdist checks for the existence of
-a patch directory named like its ``<PKG>`` variable.
+a patch directory named like its ``<PKG>_PATCHES`` variable, or, if this variable
+is not set, like its ``<PKG>`` variable.
+The patch directory is then searched in all locations listed by the
+``PTXDIST_PATH_PATCHES`` variable, and the first one found is used.
Take an exemplary package ``foo`` with version ``1.1.0``:
The variable ``FOO`` will have the value ``foo-1.1.0``, so PTXdist will look for
a patch directory named ``foo-1.1.0`` in the following locations:
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@@ -205,6 +205,16 @@ Package Definition
For local URLs (``file://`` or ``lndir://``) ``<PKG>_SOURCE`` must not be
+ The name of the patch directory, relative to any of the paths listed in
+ ``PTXDIST_PATH_PATCHES`` (i.e., according to the search order described in
+ :ref:`patching_packages`).
+ If not specified, the default patch directory name is set to the value of the
+ ``<PKG>`` variable.
+ This variable can be set for multiple packages that should share the same
+ patch stack (e.g. kernel packages).
This is the directory where the source archive is extracted. In most
cases this is set to ``$(BUILDDIR)/$(<PKG>)``. However, if two packages