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+Creating a Root Filesystem Image
+After we have built the root filesystem content, we can make an image,
+which can be flashed to the target system or copied on some kind of disk
+media. To do so, we just run
+ $ ptxdist images
+PTXdist now extracts the content of priorly created *\*.ipk* packages to
+a temporary directory and generates an image out of it. PTXdist supports
+following image types:
+- **hd.img:** contains bootloader, kernel and root files in an ext2
+- partition. Mostly used for X86 target systems.
+- **root.jffs2:** root files inside a jffs2 filesystem.
+- **uRamdisk:** a u-boot loadable Ramdisk
+- **initrd.gz:** a traditional initrd RAM disk to be used as initrdramfs
+- by the kernel
+- **root.ext2:** root files inside an ext2 filesystem.
+- **root.squashfs:** root files inside a squashfs filesystem.
+- **root.tgz:** root files inside a plain gzip compressed tar ball.
+All these files can be found in ``images`` if enabled.