tag nameptxdist-2010.04.0 (1cb7847452ea13e44ffbf041ed6c1f6e2794c86a)
tag date2010-04-01 10:06:43 +0200
tagged byMarc Kleine-Budde <>
tagged objectcommit 98b74f9c08...
Erwin Rol (3): [host-flex] New host packet [gstreamer] Use host-flex [squashfs] Add target version Jon Ringle (20): [toolchain] Add support for detecting uClibc toolchain [mtd-utils] ubiformat select GCCLIBS_GCC_S [ptxd_make_xpkg_pkg] ptxd_install_setup: remove double slash [ptxd_make_xpkg_pkg] when a src file can't be found, show list of locations searched [ptxd_make_xpkg_pkg] Show actual src file used for install [ptxdist bash] Integrate prefixing "[ptx] " to PS1 in "ptxdist bash" [watchdog] new package [watchdog] Add patches for uclibc build [install_alternative] clean up install_alternative handling [udev] Use utimensat instead of utimes and lutimes [install_alternative] optional DST for install_alternative [ptxd_install_spec] Function to install using a spec file [initramfs-tools] initramfs_spec installed via $(call install_spec,...) Remove unneeded initramfs/klibc projects [initramfs] Remove special initramfs target build directories [install_alternative] Add additional searched locations [dash] Add option to link dash -> /bin/sh [] Fix strip [ptxdist] Allow -- to stop parse_first option parsing [util-linux-ng] patch to replace bzero with memset Luotao Fu (2): [ptxdist] fix speed setting in test script library [ptxdist] fix exclude pattern while building environment Marc Kleine-Budde (92): [images] rename image_initrd.make -> image_cpio.make [image_cpio] generate "images/root.cpio" and "images/root.cpio.gz" [image_iso] adopt to cpio image changes [kernel] prepare for "late" installation of kernel image [kernel/image_kernel] add "whole rootfs in initrd in kernel image" feature Merge remote branch 'people/ringlej/dev/uclibc' [] remove trailing whitespace [kernel] simplify kernel image name handling [canutils] let default be latest release which is 4.0.5 [ptxd_make_xpkg_pkg] make code mode readable by adding some blank lines [ptxd_make_xpkg_pkg] add quotes around all variables [ptxd_make_xpkg_pkg] rename nfs_mod -> mod_nfs [ptxd_make_xpkg_pkg] fix installation of read only files [ptxd_make_xpkg_pkg] fix 'ptxd_install_file' if src is a link [ptxd_make_xpkg_pkg] ptxd_install_file: show if doing install copy or alternative [ptxd_make_xpkg_pkd] move $src transformation to ptxd_install_setup_src [ptxd_make_] provide and use variable for the fakeroot environment [ptxd_make_ipkg_finish] convert fakeroot invocation [ptxd_install_copy] remove ptxd_install_copy [ptxdist] clean root: also remove *.cmds [argtable2] version bump to 12 [htop] version bump to 0.8.3 [gdb] bump default to 7.0.1 [setup/Kconfig] add help text to white space option [kernel] strip kernel modules, too [ptxd_make_*_common] move CROSS_STRIP to ptxd_make_xpkg_common [host-elfkickers] new package [sstrip] add option to strip rootfs with sstrip Merge remote branches 'public/next/xpkg-finish', 'public/next/strip-kernel-modules', 'public/next/sstrip' and 'public/next/version-bumps' [] remove, obsolete [libptxdist] remove ptxd_generic_option_parser [image_kernel] show output during kernel compilation [host-lzop] new package [kernel] add option to build lzop utility [ptxdist] streamline message printing [eggdbus] use := for EGGDBUS_AUTOCONF [host-eggdbus] don't build docu [consolekit] add dependencies [consolekit] add help text [consolekit] install libs 644 Merge remote branch 'people/ero/for-ptx-host-flex' [bzip2] install libs 644 Merge branch 'next/simpleimage' [libcroco] install libs 644 [libdrm] install libs 644 [libezv24] install libs 644 [librsvg] install libs 644 [lite] install libs 644 [consolekit] install libs 644 [binutils] just cleanups [directfb] just cleanups [libjpeg] just cleanups [libjpeg] version bump to 8a Merge remote branch 'public/dev/initramfs-cleanup' [patches] add missing series files [atop] version bump to 1.24 [hdparm] version bump to 9.28 [ptxd_make_world_install] don't create fakeroot environment [ptxd_make_xpkg_finish] don't delete <pkg>.tmp if ipkg creation fails [ptxd_make] clean up error handling [host-ipkg-utils] just cleanups [readline] just cleanups [libcroco] just cleanups [libezv24] just cleanups [lite] just cleanups [atop] fixed homepage in help text [hdparm] just cleanups [u-boot] we don't need a special series file by default [ptxd_make_xpkg_pkg] document *dirs variables [ptxd_make_xpkg_pkg] move stripping into seperate function [ptxd_make_xpkg_pkg] fix 32 bit strip on 64 bit host issue Merge remote branches 'remotes/public/next/consolekit', 'remotes/public/next/fix-libs', 'remotes/public/next/kernel', 'remotes/public/next/version-bumps' and 'remotes/public/next/cleanups' [libptxdist] use PTXDIST_LOG_PROMPT instead of PROMPT [procps] import recent debian patches [] don't pass strip parameters Revert "[] don't pass strip parameters" Merge branch 'for-ptx-squashfs' of git:// [image_jffs2] fix help text [image_kernel] add cmd line parameters to help text [kernel] we don't need a special series file by default [template-src-*-make] add dependency to autotools ... [template-src-stellaris-make] don't use := in @PACKAGE@_CONF_OPT Merge branch 'patches/util-linux-ng' of git:// [util-linux-ng] version bump to 2.17.2 [prelink] convert to menuconfig [rawrec] convert to config [sdl_mixer] fix indention [sdl_mixer] remove trailing \ [image_jffs2] add more help text [image_jffs2] point out that that blocksize is in bytes [qt] fix host-missing-zlib release ptxdist-2010.04.0 Michael Olbrich (15): [udev] update patch [install] use predefined variables [lib] define and use pkg_xpkg_map [ptxd_make_extract_archive] add function to extract archives [ptxd_make_world_install] save fakeroot data [install] handle all install_{copy,link,node,alternative} delayed in a script [install] add install_tree, install_archive, install_package, install_lib [ptxdist] add -p|--pedantic option [install_finish] use ptxd_pedantic to warn about an empty package [ptxdist] ad -l|--load-average= option (used with make) [xdm] install /usr/bin/xdm in targetinstall [xorg-font-intl] install fonts to a sensible subdir so they won't clutter sysroot-target/ [grub] cleanup menu.lst handling [ptxdist] rename template "simple" -> "file" and add help [templates] add empty prepare stage to src-linux-driver template Tim Sander (1): [kernel] simpleImage Linux plattform support Wolfram Sang (2): avahi: fix copypaste-errors in makefile haserl: version bump -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v1.4.9 (GNU/Linux) iEYEABECAAYFAku0VK0ACgkQjTAFq1RaXHO8fwCaAr1E/gDyzEvjT7UhNWDcvwiW FYsAnjQu6noIYp1zp972doLewpwx6xQt =QEr2 -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----