tag nameptxdist-2010.07.0 (cf78b899a3bf7f327a525efa75aaa03174da2085)
tag date2010-07-01 00:02:49 +0200
tagged byMarc Kleine-Budde <>
tagged objectcommit 67a8d14e08...
Carsten Schlote (1): [zsync] Added version 0.6.1 as package to ptxdist Enrik Berkhan (1): fix wrong TABs in rules/pre/kernel.make Luotao Fu (4): [ptxdist] split out ubi image stuffs in a separate rule [ptxdist] enhance ubi image creation [ptxdist] add data partition to UBI Image [kbd] added keyboard utilities to ptxdist Marc Kleine-Budde (31): [make dist] build a single tarball containing ptxdist and patches [ptxdist] fix version check, bail out if using two incompatible releases [platforms/] remove all but FLASH_BLOCKSIZE Merge branch 'ubi-stuff' of ssh:// [strace] just cleanups [strace] version bump to 4.5.20 [lvm2] fix menu indention [xfsprogs] select LIBUUID rather than E2FSPROGS_LIBUUID [e2fsprogs] remove E2FSPROGS_LIB* completly [host-pkg-config] version bump to 0.25 [lvm2] just cleanups [lvm2] install lib 0644 [lvm2] version bump to 2.02.66 [kbd] fix menu indention [smartmontools] make menuconfig, fix indention [smartmontools] version bump to 5.39.1 [lshw] improve cross compilation fixes [lshw] clean up makefile [lshw] remove "default n", n is default by default [gitignore] don't ignore ".orig" directories in patches/ [setmixer] update patches: don't overwrite LDFLAGS [canutils] bump default version to 4.0.6 [host-glib] select HOST_ZLIB [host-glib] zlib is only needed for experimental glib [lmbench] cleanups: remove unneeded prepare stage {PROJECT,PLATFORM}_VERSION: add note about "-" usage [libcurl] version bump to 7.21.0 [libcurl] remove typo in "tfp" option [ptxdist] bash-feature: set PATH in init-file [kernel] add "@" to make output quiet [libpng] version bump to 1.2.44 Michael Grzeschik (1): [gst-plugins-base] patches for avidemux and gstv4l2sink Michael Olbrich (10): [lshw] fix parallel building [qt4] version bump 4.5.3 -> 4.6.3 [qt4-examples] regenerated for 4.6.3 [qt4] add X11 support [qt4] OpenGL support [xorg-fonts] add option to create links in Qt4 fontdir [qt4] disable broken examples [setmixer] fix series file [udev] cleanup targetinstall [host-mkelfImage] add get stage and alternative URL Remy Bohmer (3): [umkimage] Build mkimage tool for target [host-umkimage] Bump u-boot mkimage version 1.1.6->2010.03-1 [collection] the '-q' option breaks 'ptxdist -q allyesconfig collection' Robert Schwebel (8): [quota-tools] fix menu entry [xfsprogs] fix menu indentation [lshw] fix menu indentation [module-init-tools] version bump 3.11 -> 3.12 [glib] version bump 2.25.7 -> 2.25.10 [util-linux-ng] version bump 2.17.2 -> 2.18 [dconf] version bump 0.3 -> 0.4.1 [dconf] add missing dependencies -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v1.4.9 (GNU/Linux) iEYEABECAAYFAkwrvxgACgkQjTAFq1RaXHOUlgCfa001PsyC5LttdXHGOA1OLOiN yc8AnRX6/ddx95p2zhdDt9bQ9vd/FABb =FSw6 -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----