tag nameptxdist-2010.10.0 (a1ee0e0ae00e7b7db067d4b4a5673476bcdd495e)
tag date2010-10-11 14:06:31 +0200
tagged byMarc Kleine-Budde <>
tagged objectcommit 17062e46c5...
Alexander Stein (1): [dropbear] rc.once: only generate keys if they aren't present yet Bart vdr. Meulen (1): Events not correctly installed due to typo Juergen Beisert (1): [openssh] force 'ssh client' installation if the 'scp' should be used on the target Ladislav Michl (3): [busybox] update to 1.17.1 [mtd-utils] make mkubifs optional [configure] Do not check for expect Marc Kleine-Budde (64): [ptxd_make_log] clean filedescriptor usage and add comments [ptxd_make_log] unify quiet and non quiet mode [ptxd_make_log] provide stdout on PTXDIST_FD_STDOUT [ptxd_make_log] provide stderr on PTXDIST_FD_STDERR [function-*] print coloured info directly to stdout [ptxd_make_world_clean] just cleanups [ptxd_make_world_get] just cleanups [ptxd_make_world_get] move "get" from Rules here [ptxd_make_world_extract] move "extract" from Rules here [ptxd_make_world_extract] rename -> [ptxd_make_world_extract] remove not used ${STATEDIR}/packetlist [ptxd_make_world_extract] get rid of cmd line options -s and -u [ptxd_make_world_extract] get rid of cmd line option -p [ptxd_make_world_common] add extract dir definitions [ptxd_make_world_extract] get rid of cmd line option -d [ptxd_make_world_extract] remove obsolete extract static pattern rules [ptxd_make_world_extract] rename function to ptxd_make_world_extract [ptxd_make_world_extract] cleanup shell implementation [libffi] remove obsolete stages [libffi] version bump to 3.0.9 [ptxd_lib_dgen] add "-" to packages detection regex [python] define PYTHON_SITEPACKAGES Merge branches 'next/bluez', 'next/busybox' and 'next/extract_cleanup' of git:// [ptxd_make_world_extract] fix mkdir Merge branch 'next/extract_cleanup' of git:// [host-xorg-lib-Xfont] turn off documentation [sdl] fix typo: properly disable audio [expat] use bz2 tarball [ptxd_make_world_patchin] alias: call git-ptx-patches directly [mesalib] fix typo in URL [mtd-utils] regenerate patches [ptxdist] add help text for --git option [host-makedepend] new package [mesalib] select makedepend [xterm] fix leakage from host-X [kbd] use http url [sdl] disable rpath [ptxdist] setup_platform: remove bad chars from project_version [option-disabled] add ptx/disen zlib: use install_lib [ptxd_make_xpkg_pkg] install_lib: print helpfull error message [zlib] fix use of install_lib [x-load] use _MAKE_ENV instead of _MAKE_OPT [x-load] use menu entry "x-load" as the package name [host-yasm] new package [generic] don't use "find -executable" [template-src-make-prog-make] comment _ENV, because it's obsolete [lua] remove obsolete _PATH and _ENV [nickel] use gcc as LD, fix SONAME problem [nickel] fix cross compilation and create link [nickel] remove obsolete get stage and PATH [nickel] use install_lib [squashfs3.4] fix patch: add missing space [libxml2] version bump to 2.7.7 [usbutils] version bump to 0.90 liboop: fix disabling of parallel building ptxd_install_setup_src: only use {pkg_,}pkg_dir if set ptxd_install_setup_src: look in PTXDIST_PLATFORMCONFIGDIR, too kernel: add support for lzo compressed kernel images lzop: add patch to make block size configureable barebox: bump default version to 2010.10 barebox: add dependencies for btcs Makefile: add "make_release" target to create a release in git Makefile: activate "make release" Michael Olbrich (18): [udev] version bump 158 -> 160 [xorg-app-xinput] fix dependencies [busybox] add patch to fix compile error on PPC [busybox] busybox rfkill need linux/rfkill.h from the kernel headers Merge remote branch 'rsc/for-mainline' [kexec-tools] fix URL [install_copy_toolchain] try harder to find toolchain libs [python3] fix parallel building issue ptxd_make_world_install: replace binconfig stuff before copying to sysroot [php5] cleanup configure options [kwrapper] use ckermit from $PATH [libptxdisttest.kermit] make sure the default barebox prompt is used [make_barebox_env] create the config file here [make_uboot_env] like make_barebox_env but for U-Boot V1 [setenv] use make_*_env to create the full bootloader environment [libpv] install pv_eventd if events are enabled [kernel] move "make modules_install" to kernel.install [ptxd_make_xpkg_pkg] change search prio for install_alternative Robert Schwebel (7): glib: use gnome server instead of gtk server glib: version bump 2.25.10 -> 2.25.12 dconf: version bump 0.4.1 -> 0.5 host-makedepend: fix missing type gcclibs: make OSELAS.Toolchain happy [php5] version bump 5.2.9 -> 5.3.3 [mesalib] needs libstdc++ Ryan M. Raasch (2): [lua] Removed phased out get phase [libmxml] Added Mini-XML library support. Stephan Linz (4): [inetd] handle ftpd service [u-boot] install srec and/or elf images [inetd] disable FTP upload commands [ptxdist] add new packet x-load Uwe Kleine-K├Ânig (10): [glib] version bump 2.22.2 -> 2.24.1 [glib] add license specification [pygobject] new package [bluez] version bump 3.36 -> 4.69 [generic] add --localstatedir=/var to CROSS_AUTOCONF_SYSROOT_USR trivial: fix typos concerning "access" trivial: fix typos concerning "address" trivial: fix typos concerning "incompatible" trivial: fix typos concerning "management" trivial: fix typos concerning "permissible" Wolfram Sang (2): [dbus] annotate patches image_ubi: fix dependency for data-partition -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v1.4.10 (GNU/Linux) iEYEABECAAYFAkyy/ccACgkQjTAFq1RaXHPIigCfTIbR548n6eauRwu00mvOyjCd pQUAoJQ+zNg6Y262lqMTmLADvWYlI4PF =DaLp -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----