tag nameptxdist-2012.05.0 (29892c03ad2897ecbd9f8270f9664ccdcad029b5)
tag date2012-05-08 14:52:06 +0200
tagged byMarc Kleine-Budde <>
tagged objectcommit 0fe8c4cb02...
Alexander Dahl (1): add /etc/timezone and replace content according to /etc/localtime Andreas Bießmann (1): rules/kernel: switch to xz compression Bernhard Walle (11): qt4: version bump 4.8.0 -> 4.8.1 mtd-utils: Fix build of UBI tools when mkfs.ubifs is not enabled Check for GNU find host-localedef: Fix build with LLVM GCC rules: Add fbterm host-xz: Update to 5.0.3 Add sp-oops-extract package libcap: Fix build on non-Linux host Update host-cmake to 2.8.8 fontconfig: Fix Darwin build rules/rootfs.make: Fix date call Daniel Kriesten (1): Replace seq by the appropriate sequence Jan Luebbe (1): NTP: conflict against BusyBox's ntpd Jochen Frieling (2): rules/os-release.make: fix bug with minutes in place of month splashutils: new download url Juergen Beisert (1): legacy udev does not know the --disable-manpages switch Marc Kleine-Budde (1): gdb: version bump for default to 7.2 Michael Olbrich (41): add migrate pattern for GLIBC_LOCALTIME systemd: let systemd create /etc/machine-id and make it permanent in rc-once libkmod: version bump 6 -> 7 udev: version bump 181 -> 182 systemd: version bump 37 -> 44 ptxd_init_sysroot_toolchain: fix setting PTXDIST_SYSROOT_TOOLCHAIN ptxd_install_shared: only look for links in the same directory ptxd_get_lib_dir: also match gstreamer: version bump 0.10.35 -> 0.10.36 gst-plugins-base: version bump 0.10.35 -> 0.10.36 gst-plugins-good: version bump 0.10.30 -> 0.10.31 gst-plugins-bad: version bump 0.10.22 -> 0.10.23 gst-plugins-ugly: version bump 0.10.18 -> 0.10.19 gst-plugins-base: don't indent suboptions gst-plugins-good: don't indent suboptions libgdbus: remove package qt4: fix building with glib >= 2.31 glib: version bump 2.30.2 -> 2.32.1 fakeroot: change libdir, wo LD_LIBRARY_PATH only adds libfakeroot streamer11: new package gst-plugins-base11: new package gst-plugins-good11: new package gst-plugins-bad11: new package gst-plugins-ugly11: new package orc: version bump 0.4.14 -> 0.4.16 libkmod: version bump 7 -> 8 udev: fix typo busybox: add telnetd systemd service urshd: add systemd service host-generatorrunner: version bump 0.6.10 -> 0.6.16 host-apiextractor: version bump 0.10.3 -> 0.10.10 shiboken: version bump 1.0.3 -> 1.1.1 pyside: version bump 4.7+1.0.3 -> 4.8+1.1.1 utelnetd: add systemd service pyside: QT_SRC_DIR is no longer needed host-autotools-autoconf: add patch to fix AC_CHECK_ALIGNOF glib: make sure configure fails instead of reporting '0' alignments zlib: add alternative URL for older versions glib: version bump 2.32.1 -> 2.32.2 Revert "host-autotools-autoconf: add patch to fix AC_CHECK_ALIGNOF" os-release: include build date Remy Bohmer (6): libgcc need to be install in /lib64 instead of /lib Remove hardcoded paths from glibc.make Make packages install their libraries at the right place Install Zlib libraries at the right place Install Ncurses libraries at the right place Install Procps libraries at the right place Stephan Linz (2): microblaze: support Linux 3.x in Xilinx BSP scripts microblaze: add u-boot tools dependency for kernel build target Thomas Weber (1): splashutils: Fix typo Uwe Kleine-König (1): kernel: allow using xip Images -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v1.4.10 (GNU/Linux) iEYEABECAAYFAk+pFvYACgkQjTAFq1RaXHOChACghYpXsl8E0MHU26ejGkFWTYqQ T8sAoI94IsJXqiOW/vgzFKOOkxKNCXpk =nuBt -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----