tag nameptxdist-2015.07.0 (d58ab06eed7ddb584847345a615c1049a830030f)
tag date2015-07-06 10:53:27 +0200
tagged byMichael Olbrich <>
tagged objectcommit 7d05e624b3...
Alexander Aring (53): change regex for sed version libnl3: new package libnl3: version bump 3.2.19 -> 3.2.21 lowpan-tools: new package lowpan_tools: add patch to avoid crashing gettext: remove useless GETTEXT_LIBINTL config lowpan-tools: update lowpan-patches libnl3: version bump 3.2.21 -> 3.2.22 inetutils: add support for ping6 pyserial: fix typo Instal -> Install inetutils: add missing depends on !BUSYBOX_TFTPD gnutls: add support for openssl compatibility wireshark: fix juergen beiserts mail address libbsd: add new package libpcap: version bump to 1.4.0 wireshark: rework and update to wireshark 1.8.7 iputils: add new package iputils netcat: remove current version netcat: add new package iputils: add missing dependencies for busybox on menuentries libzmq: add new package host-cython: add new package pyzmq: add new package libkmod: fix dependency on BUSYBOX_MODPROBE_SMALL libgmp: always build shared library python-routing: add new package python-rplicmp: add new package simplerpl: add new package libcoap: add new package libusb: drop libusb and use libusbx libgmp: version bump 4.2.4 -> 6.0.0a pciutils: version bump 3.1.2 -> 3.2.1 powertop: version bump 1.11 -> 2.5 powertop: disable native language support libusb: rename libusbx to libusb add check for python 2.x version check for python2 binary as well use Python instead python everywhere libusb: fix libusbx to libusb prompt protobuf: version bump 2.4.1 -> 2.5.0 svgalib: fix library permissions to 0644 xorg-fonts: fix possible error handling kbd: rework and version bump 1.15.2 -> 2.0.1 cmatrix: add new package ptxd_make_dts_dtc: handle error if dtc failed lowpan-tools: replace with wpan-tools liblzo: rework and version bump wpan-tools: version bump 0.3 -> 0.4 openssl: allow to install openssl.cnf easy-rsa: initial commit openvpn: rework and version bump barebox: careful handling of wildcard trace-cmd: add missing host-swig dependency Alexander Dahl (64): add utility 'file' for determining file types also install dbclient to target, scp doesn't work otherwise bump version and update download URL add patch fixing at91bootstrap build with gcc 4.6.x, and recreate patch series dropbear: security update to version 2012.55 file: security update to version 5.11 add /etc/timezone and replace content according to /etc/localtime initmethod-bbinit: add more empty folders for ifupdown util-linux-ng: make target install of 'column' possible ssmtp: install optional symlinks from sendmail to ssmtp ssmtp: update setting build options to current ptxdist mechanisms timezone: rename GLIBC_LOCALTIME and targetinstall only if not empty rootfs: change permissions of initial device nodes add en_US locale with utf8 encoding and add missing creation of en_GB@euro readd _SERIES option for u-boot and add it for at91bootstrap (partially reverts dac31c4) remove long gone options fix renamed macros bump upstream version and recreate patch series add options for recently added SHA256 and SHA512 hashes lm_sensors: bump to v3.3.3 net-snmp: fix installed MIB files (one typo, one missing) json-c: update to v0.10 net-snmp: version bump to 5.7.x LTS branch net-snmp: improve menu help texts net-snmp: check mib config by default net-snmp: enable rewritten mib modules by default net-snmp: added extra menu entries for mib modules net-snmp: remove no longer used/needed stuff net-snmp: let user choose MIB files to install net-snmp: reorder menu entries (menus on top) net-snmp: fix vim mode lines log4cplus: update to v1.1.1 lldpd: add package log4cplus: update to v1.1.2 host-perl: add modules JSON and Locale::PO dropbear: upgrade to 2013.60 monit: add new package libmodbus3: upgrade to v3.0.5 and adapt download URL logrotate: upgrade to 3.8.7 lighttpd: upgrade to 1.4.34 libtar: add as new package lighttpd: upgrade to 1.4.35 file: upgrade to 5.17 file: add security patches cherry-picked from upstream libcgi: add some patches with fixes, partly queued upstream file: upgrade to 5.18 net-snmp: add security patch from upstream json-c: remove no longer needed patch series file: upgrade to 5.19 file: add patch with upstream commit 0641e56 to fix CVE-2014-3587 sysstat: change suffix to tar.bz2 libmikmod: change URL to SF mirror nickel: change URL to SF mirror sjinn: change URL to SF mirror splashutils: change URL to SF mirror opencv: update download url setserial: avoid conflict with busybox's setserial oprofile: fix kernel header path oprofile: targetinstall missing and additional binaries gdbserver: add --disable-werror libxslt: update to 1.1.28 libmodbus3: update to 3.0.6 libxslt: add --without-python to host package libxml2: update to 2.9.2 Alexander Stein (29): [dropbear] rc.once: only generate keys if they aren't present yet dialog: fix cross-compilation squashfs-tools: version bump to 4.1 [host-squashfs-tools] fix host-squashfs-tools mplayer: Version bump to 1.0rc4 oprofile: Add missing dependencies oprofile: Install vmlinux optionally templates: make executeable by default mplayer: add upstream patch to support RGB framebuffers mplayer: remove old patch set memtest86+: added new package lm_sensors: Do not install sensors-conf-convert Bump to version 4.96 Do no set /bin/sh symlink to bash if busybox links it to a shell host-squashfs-tools: Add LZO support image_squashfs: Add possibility for LZO compression Fix klibc package template Fix install_initramfs_link klibc: bump 1.5.25 dfu-util: Bump to 0.5 minicom: version bump to 2.6.1 u-boot: Remove unused symbols klibc: Bump to version 2.0.3 host-u-boot-tools: Add patch to use project includes prior to system ones calibrator: Update homepage dtc: Do not inhibit linemarker generation if supported u-boot-tools: Update to version 2014.07 u-boot-tools: Fix build dir bonnie++: Bump to version 1.97 Andreas Bießmann (24): add avr32 support add environment make target add check for GNU coreutils add awk to environment add python to environment setlocalversion: replace echo -n with printf README: PTXdist is in git now configure: add GNU coreutils version of cp configure: add GNU install check configure: add GNU rmdir check configure: add GNU stat check configure: add GNU chown check add link to working tar rearrange environment in alphabetical order opkg-utils: use toolchain provided ar configure: add GNU mkdir check replace umkimage by u-boot sources rules/kernel: switch to xz compression util-linux: fix hexsyntax.c for some systems overwrite global diff.renames git option configure: search for GNU mktemp configure: search for GNU ln ptxdist: check vendor for ct-ng toolchain configure: consolidate compiler checks Andreas Helmcke (1): libftdi1: new package Andreas Hofmann (1): rules/kexec-tools.make: Update to version 2.0.7 Andreas Pretzsch (24): minicom: version bump 2.6.1 -> 2.6.2 ; fix URL libcurl: make tftp support selectable urshd: add license information sudo: add license information opkg: add license information myodbc: add license information mii-diag: add license information lighttpd: add license information libiodbc: fix license information tag libevent: add license information libdaemon: add license information iptables: add license information avahi: add license information alsa-lib: add license information ldd: add license information libltdl: add license information archivemount: new package for archivemount 0.8.3 tomcat: add license information rng-tools: new package for rng-tools (rngd) version 5 dnsmasq: /etc/init.d/dnsmasq: fix erroneous "already running" message fcgi: targetinstall: also install libfcgi++ openocd: new package for openocd-0.8.0 gnupg: fix build breakage if ICONV is not enabled gnupg: targetinstall: make gpg/gpg2 and gpgv2 selectable Andrej Gantvorg (1): libpcap-1.1.1: fixed typo in patch. André Hentschel (1): nano: Fix a typo Arnaud Lacombe (1): [kconfig] update to kconfig from linux 2.6.37-rc7 Bart vdr. Meulen (8): Events not correctly installed due to typo iptables: Update makefile for the new xtables-multi binary dhex: Add new package libnfnetlink: Add new package libnetfilter_log: Add new package e2fsprogs: add link to efsck tool libnetfilter_queue: add new package libnetfilter_conntrack: add new package Benoît Burnichon (6): ptxd_ipkg_rev_smaller: fix compare xmlrpc-c: fix location url php5: add some functionalities (curl, xmlrpc, zlib) lua: Correct implementation for version 5.1.4 lua: update to the latest bugfix patch bash_completion: Allow links to be completed Bernhard Sessler (13): qt4: change md5sum to correct values rules/sqlite.make: Updated SQLite to version 3.7.8 fuse: bump to version 2.9.0 log4cplus: Add new package Bump SQLite3 to cxxtools: Add new package tntnet: Add new package cppunit: version bump 1.12.1 -> 1.13.2 cxxtools: Add host package tntnet: Add host package cxxtools: Add missing libs to install target tntnet: Add component lib and config to install target tntnet: Fix installation of tntnet component lib Bernhard Walle (138): Correct host-cmake checksum Define CMAKE_SYSTEM_PROCESSOR busybox: Fix build with make 3.82 qt: Fix build with gcc 4.6 Fix PTXCONF_DROPBEAR_KEY_DIR in /etc/init.d/dropbear Add sitecopy Update CMake to 2.8.4 Add serdisplib package Add lpc21isp package Update gnuplot to 4.4.3 Update cmake to 2.8.5 Make it possible to create ext3 file system images Fix CMAKE_SYSTEM_PROCESSOR entry in cmake toolchain file valgrind: Fix build when kernel headers are not built Update kexec-tools to 2.0.2 Move kernel-headers to BASE udev: Use ptxdist kernel headers fbset: Use host-flex Update host-cmake to 2.8.6 sqlite: Update to 3.7.9 host-tz-database: Update tzdata to 2011n alsa-lib: Allow installation of /etc/asound.conf strace: Version bump to 4.6 Update host-cmake to 2.8.7 i2c-tools: version bump (3.0.3 -> 3.1.0) host-tz-database: Fix build on Darwin rootfs: Allow installation of /etc/modprobe.conf sqlite: Update to 3.7.10 Fix usage of fakeroot on Darwin host-e2fsprogs: Fix build on Darwin gnuplot: Fix build on Darwin sitecopy: Fix build on non-Linux hosts Setup vim folding in the logfile automatically Support reading number of CPUs on Darwin and BSDs Add host-elf-h-compat package kernel: Use host-elf-h-compat make 3.82: Don't rely on sorted wildcard expansion zlib: Fix build on non-Linux hosts platforms: Make it possible to create a uRamdisk with an initramfs Update kexec-tools to 2.0.3 u-boot: Allow copying of u-boot SPL to images lpc21isp: Update to 1.83 host-e2fsprogs: don't install libraries {os-release, rootfs}.make: Don't rely on GNU date Check for GNU mknod Check for GNU tar generic/os-release: Quote ANSI_COLOR Unify wording of busybox comments lsof: Use cross ar and ranlib Create symlink for xargs ptxdist: Check for GNU readlink Update mtd-utils to 1.4.9 Add busybox dependencies Add flashbench tool dropbear: Delete old patches dropbear: Fix build on Darwin flashbench: Fix error when flashbench is not selected mtd-utils: Fix build without lzo support qt4: version bump 4.8.0 -> 4.8.1 mtd-utils: Fix build of UBI tools when mkfs.ubifs is not enabled Check for GNU find host-localedef: Fix build with LLVM GCC rules: Add fbterm host-xz: Update to 5.0.3 Add sp-oops-extract package libcap: Fix build on non-Linux host Update host-cmake to 2.8.8 fontconfig: Fix Darwin build rules/rootfs.make: Fix date call utils-linux-ng: Add ipcrm zlib: Bump version to 1.2.7 gnutls: Fix detection of libgcrypt gnutls: Update to 2.12.19 iptables: Add option to build and install libipq host-gettext: Add host-iconv dependency rules/pre/Rules.make: Add DYLD_FALLBACK_LIBRARY_PATH for Darwin Add host-gettext-dummy package host-glib: Add host-gettext dependency busybox: Fix build on Darwin after update tmux: new package sqlite: Update to 3.7.13 wpa_supplicant: Allow disabling of wpa_cli installation wpa_supplicant: Add /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf Remove DYLD_FALLBACK_LIBRARY_PATH (Darwin) ptxd_make_world_install_post: Darwin: Edit install name of binaries libcurl: version bump to 7.26.0 gnutls: Update to 2.12.20 lsof: Check for busybox' lsof Update mtd-utils to 1.5.0 kernel: Allow usage of nconfig barebox: Allow usage of nconfig New package: openldap libpcre: version bump 8.00 -> 8.31 libpcre: Add option to enable libbz2 for pcregrep libpcre: Allow installation of pcregrep procps: Fix selection of PROCPS_PGREP wavemon: New package iw: Change download URL bluez: Make it possible to deselect USB support Update host-cmake to tree: New package wpa_supplicant: Update to 2.0 ptxd_install_shared: Fix missing links when ${src} is a symlink itself Fix (host) gcc wrapper on Gentoo Linux openssl: bump to 1.0.0k gnuplot: bump to 4.6.2 usb-modeswitch: New package comgt: New package Add new top-level group 'Security' tomoyo-tools: New package Add support for xz'd patches kconfig: Fix build on Darwin openssl: Fix build with Perl 5.18.0 zlib: Bump version to 1.2.8 busybox: Fix permission of /etc/sysctl.conf Update host-cmake to 2.8.11 Fix problem with finding platforms/*.in tclap: New package perl: Add missing dependencies perl: Enable thread support dtc: Fix image creation with kernel dtc from 3.15 host-tz-database: Update to 2014e ptxdist: Create symlinks for toolchain-related tools openssl: version bump 1.0.1h -> 1.0.1i sqlite: version bump -> libconfig: New package lighttpd: Implement 'restart' in init script Update host-cmake to 3.1.1 sqlite: version bump -> pyserial: Version bump 2.6 -> 2.7 python3: Add menu for python3 3rd-party modules pyserial3: Provide pyserial package for Python 3 picocom: New package ptxd_lib_dgen.awk: Fix warning host-ncurses: Fix build with gcc 5.1 host-localedef: Fix build with gcc 5.1 host-mtd-utils: Fix build with gcc 5.1 mtd-utils: Add attr dependency if mkfs.ubifs is built Bjørn Bürger (51): madplay: remove redundant get stage mc: remove redundant get stage memedit: remove redundant get stage memstat: remove redundant get stage memtest: remove redundant get stage memtester: remove redundant get stage mgetty: remove redundant get stage microcom: remove redundant get stage mii-diag: remove redundant get stage mmpong: remove redundant get stage module-init-tools: remove redundant get stage mpg123: remove redundant get stage mplayer: remove redundant get stage mtd-oopslog: remove redundant get stage mtd-utils: remove redundant get stage mtr: remove redundant get stage myodbc: remove redundant get stage mysql: remove redundant get stage tcl: remove redundant get stage tcpdump: remove redundant get stage tcpwrapper: remove redundant get stage termcap: remove redundant get stage thttpd: remove redundant get stage timeout: remove redundant get stage tiobench: remove redundant get stage tk: remove redundant get stage tomcat: remove redundant get stage totd: remove redundant get stage trace-cmd: remove redundant get stage tslib: remove redundant get stage u-boot-v2: remove redundant get stage u-boot: remove redundant get stage udisks: remove redundant get stage unzip: remove redundant get stage upstart: remove redundant get stage urshd: remove redundant get stage usbutils: remove redundant get stage uttt: remove redundant get stage valgrind: remove redundant get stage vice: remove redundant get stage watchdog: remove redundant get stage wget: remove redundant get stage wine: remove redundant get stage wireless: remove redundant get stage wireshark: remove redundant get stage wpa_supplicant: remove redundant get stage wxwidgets: remove redundant get stage zip: remove redundant get stage zlib: remove redundant get stage zsync: remove redundant get stage bluez: minor documentation fix Bruno Thomsen (28): lighttpd: version bump 1.4.32 -> 1.4.33 php: version bump 5.3.10 -> 5.4.24 lighttpd: zlib and bz2lib support options was not shown when selecting mod_compress ntp: version bump 4.2.6 -> 4.2.6p5 net-snmp: Improved SNMPv3 authentication and privacy support. net-snmp: clean up rule file php5: version bump 5.4.24 -> 5.4.27 dropbear: version bump 2013.60 -> 2014.63 dropbear: Added Elliptic Curve Cryptography options. php5: version bump 5.4.27 -> 5.4.29 php5: version pump 5.4.29 -> 5.4.30 dropbear: version bump 2014.63 -> 2014.65 bash: shellshock fix bash: shellshock part 2 fix php5: version bump 5.4.30 -> 5.4.33 libcurl: version bump 7.26.0 -> 7.38.0 strongswan: install curl plugin if selected php5: added openssl support option php5: version bump 5.4.33 -> 5.4.35 strongswan: added openssl plugin option strongswan: aes-gcm support enabled strongswan: version bump 5.1.3 -> 5.2.2 php5: version bump 5.4.35 -> 5.5.21 dropbear: version bump 2014.65 -> 2015.67 dropbear: stronger default MAC algorithms lighttpd: svg mimetype support php5: version bump 5.5.21 -> 5.5.26 prelink: first boot warning Carsten Schlote (5): [dbench] Added dependency for bash: Updated the bash shell to release 4.3.30 bash: Renamed option to avoid problem with bash-completion package proftpd: Bumped version to 1.3.5 stunnel: Version bump to 5.02 Christian Hemp (2): qt4: add qt4-demos support qt4: Set correct define for QT4_BUILD_SVG Christoph Fritz (4): rootfs: add choice to link resolv.conf to /proc/net/pnp strongswan: add package opencv: add new package strongswan: version bump 5.0.4 -> 5.1.3 Clemens Gruber (3): chrony: Select missing dependency libcap busybox: version bump 1.23.1 -> 1.23.2 udev: fix error on kernels without uevent helpers Daniel Kriesten (3): gpsd: fixup typo in enable-gpsd-user setup wpa_supplicant: version bump to 0.7.3 Replace seq by the appropriate sequence Darren Hutchinson (1): ipkg-utils: fix UID-related problem with ar Dennis 'Gyroplast' Herbrich (1): Add support for no-proxy option in URLS. Dennis Herbrich (2): ptxdist: setup: fix https proxy help text ptxdist: setup: added proxy exception configuration Enrico Jorns (1): gst-plugins-base1: Added option for installing tools Felix Mellmann (1): sudo: enable shadow support George McCollister (32): fcgi: add patch include stdio.h xorg-app-xprop: added new packet memcached: added new packet libmemcached: added new packet libmemcache: added new packet glib: check if splice() takes 6 arguments xorg-app-iceauth: added packet libevent: updated to stable version 2.0.10. Added install_config temporary ipkg.conf doesn't need a real source opkg: Added option to install config opkg: don't symlink /tmp to /usr/lib/opkg host-openssl: added for ipkg-repository signing make ptxd_make_xpkg more generic build images from ipkg repository host-opkg-utils: Added new host package. host-opkg: Added new host package. opkg: patch up to SVN trunk opkg can now be used instead of ipkg syslogng: Bumped version to 2.0.10. Added option to sign ipkg-repository opkg-utils: Added sha256 support. proftpd: Upgraded from 1.3.3a to 1.3.3e. procps: make it build with make 3.82 openssl: bump to 1.0.0h proftpd: bump to 1.3.3g for security memcached: bump to 1.4.13 opkg-utils: Added patch to fill out Installed-Size openssl: bump to 1.0.0j libpng: switch source from gz to xz libpng: bump to 1.2.50 socat: added openssl option Gieseler, Christian (2): jansson: add new package jansson: version bump to 2.7 Guillaume GOURAT (2): libevent: version bump 2.0.10 -> 2.0.21 gflags: add new package Guillermo Rodriguez (4): Add support for stunnel classpath: Fix JAVA autoconf variable classpath: Bump version to 0.99 Init script was ignoring OPTIONS variable Hubert Feurstein (12): fix broken 'oss' plugin fix broken 'oss4' plugin qt4: install bearer plugins only when network is selected util-linux-ng: add fstrim option util-linux-ng: add dmesg option chrony: version bump 1.29 -> 1.31 ethtool: version bump 3.0 -> 3.18 ethtool: add license information libksba: version bump 1.0.7 -> 1.3.2 libksba: add license information libassuan: version bump 2.0.0 -> 2.2.0 libassuan: add license information Jan Luebbe (43): iw: new package ifplugd: do not allow it to be selected if busybox's ifplugd is in use connman: connman does not use a PID file crda: add package (Central Regulatory Domain Agent) connman: update to 0.78 and pick a bugfix from upstream wpa_supplicant: optionally build wpa_supplicant with dbus support connman: select wpa_supplicant for the wifi plugin connman: add patch to fix segfault connman: ignore interfaces which are up before connman has been started connman: enable wired interface per defautl wpa_supplicant: allow configuration of AP and P2P modes gnutls: add recipe (version 2.12.16) dhcp: enable DHCPv6 and clean up networkmanager: update and fix Network Manager, support systemd, handle NFS root networkmanager: support creating a link for bbinit wpa_supplicant: run 'make clean' in prepare stage iptables: clean up iptables: update to new point release ( networkmanager: add option to install example tools networkmanager: the current stable release does not yet contain shell examples NTP: conflict against BusyBox's ntpd wpa_supplicant: fix wrong path in d-bus service file image_ext2: improve image generation and support ext4 e2fsprog: update from 1.42 to 1.42.2 networkmanager: update to release image_boot_mlo_vfat: support generating a VFAT image containing the MLO preloader template-kernel-make: use .tar.xz like the other kernel packages rsync3: support ACL and extended attributes select IMAGE_VFAT_TOOLS systemd: install systemd-vconsole-setup when needed generic/etc/group: add groups 'adm' and 'audio' rootfs: support for symlink resolv.conf to /run busybox: add patch to fix -Wformat-security problem barebox: support new location of barebox_default_env gtk: depend on required cairo backends libffi: install header files to /usr/include wrapper: introduce a wrapper for cc, c++ and ld scripts: ptxd_make_get: change wording wrapper: introduce a wrapper for cc, c++, cpp and ld dhcp client: comment out example options in dhclient.conf libkmod: avoid calling syscall() with -1 host-qemu: add package for a host-side qemu strongswan: update to 5.0.4 Jan Weitzel (6): fix mod_fastcgi.conf to use php-cgi also update collection with migrate remove PTXCONF_SETUP_KERNELDIR_PREFIX ask before cleaning complett BSP make really clean question configurable Build MLO from barebox sources Jean-Claude Monnin (3): busybox: add generic config file for udhcpd busybox: add option to install udhcpd start script boost: version bump 1.51.0 -> 1.55.0 Jochen Frieling (7): rules files: added missing help texts rules/ add info on possible bad configuration regarding uploadscript rules/ fix help text, explain differences rules/os-release.make: fix bug with minutes in place of month splashutils: new download url help text amendments Syntax corrections and the like, mainly around pre-build -> pre-built Joerg Platte (2): luaexpat: new package lua-filesystem: new package Jon Ringle (33): attr: fix install with domain\user acl: fix install with user\domain lsof: set LSOF_USER=none initramfs-tools: 0.93.4 md5sum dropbear: replace bzero with memset util-linux: patches to fix compile w/ uclibc toolchain host-lndir: support for linking local projects using lndir lndir: add support for lndir:// URL template-src-linux-driver: Use lndir URL mii-diag: replace index/rindex with strchr/strrchr git-ptx-patches: Allow patches before base tag udev: Restore UDEV_EXTRA_MOBILE_ACTION_MODESWITCH boost: fix crosscompiling boost: version bump 1_47_0 util-linux: patches to fix compile w/ uclibc toolchain ptxdist: allow PTXDIST_PTXRC_DEFAULT to be set from environment git tag sanitizing image: Create root.tgz with label pv: version bump 1.1.4 -> 1.4.12 ptxdist getdev: Download dev packages from ${PTXCONF_PROJECT_DEVMIRROR} git: use git remote rm for backward compatibility handle ssh://*.git ptxd_lib_dgen: don't dereference <PKG>_DEVPKG twice image_tgz: Make label optional nettle: disable parallel build util-linux-ng: allow losetup to be optionally installed autossh: new package install_dir: Allow one to specify an alternate root dir systemd: PTXCONF_SYSTEMD_COREDUMP libcap: option to install setcap/getcap systemd: coredumpctl and configuration files f2fs-tools: new package make dist: tar --owner=0 --group=0 Josef Holzmayr (6): [lighttpd] make LIGHTTPD select LIBC_DL lighttpd: version bump to 1.4.28 libmodbus: version bump 2.0.3 -> 2.0.4 libmodbus3: add new package zlib: bump version to 1.2.6 libmodbus3: bump version to 3.0.3 Joseph A. Lutz (2): util-linux-ng: add support for hwclock SYSREQ library was being included twice Juergen Beisert (183): [openssh] force 'ssh client' installation if the 'scp' should be used on the target XORG fonts: A bunch of micro updates XORG protocols: A bunch of micro updates XORG bdftopcf: Micro update XORG font util: Install prior any other reconfigure step XORG util macros: Minor update XORG libDRM: Micro update XORG pixman: Minor update XORG libFS: Mico update XORG libICE: Mico update XORG libSM: Minor update XORG libXtrans: Micro update XORG libXkbfile: Micro update XORG libfontenc: Minor update XORG libdmx: Micro update XORG libXxf86vm: Micro update XORG libXxf86misc: Micro update XORG libXxf86dga: Micro update XORG libXvMC: Micro update XORG libXv: Micro update XORG libXtst Minor update XORG libXt: Micro update XORG libXres: Micro update XORG libXrandr: Micro update XORG libXpm: Micro update XORG libXmu: Minor update XORG libXinerama: Micro update XORG libXi: Minor update XORG libXft: Minor update XORG libXfont: Micro update XORG libXext: Minor update XORG libXevie: Micro update XORG libXdmcp: Minor update XORG libXcursor: Micro update XORG libXcomposite: Micro update XORG libXaw: Micro update XORG libXScrnSaver: Micro update XORG libX11: Minor update XORG xkeyboardconfig: Minor update XORG mkfontdir: Micro update XORG mkfontscale: Micro update XORG rgb: Micro update XORG setxkbmap: Minor update XORG xauth: Micro update XORG xev: Minor update XORG xeyes: Micro update XORG xhost: Micro update XORG: Install 'startx' on demand only XORG xinput: Micro update XORG xkbcomp: Minor update XORG xrandr: Micro update XORG xrdb: Micro update XORG xset: Minor update XORG xsetroot: Minor update XORG xvinfo: Micro update XORG: Intel video driver: Build 'libdrm' prior the driver XORG: Intel video driver: Disabling 'DRI' not possible XORG Intel video driver: Minor update XORG ATI video driver: Micro update XORG APM video driver: Micro update XORG Event input driver: Minor update XORG Keyboard input driver: Minor update XORG Mouse input driver: Minor update XORG Void input driver: Micro update XORG server: Minor update Xterm: Major update DBus: Add librt and libpthreads DBus: Add librt and libpthreads xorg-fbdev: This driver needs xorg server's xv extension Xorg-libXft: Add X proto as a dependency Do not allow 'ip' from the 'iproute2' package if the 'ip' from busybox is enabled Do not allow 'lsusb' from the 'usbutils' package, if the 'lsusb' from busybox is enabled Do not allow 'lspci' from the 'pciutils' package, if the 'lspci' from busybox is enabled usbutils: Fix menu entry pciutils: Fix menu entry usbutils: Only the lsusb entry should be disabled, when busybox' lsusb is enabled OWFS: Force the usage of full blown 'mount'/'umount' utilities barebox: add support for x86 Provide a useful debugging tool for the linux's input event system Remove the patches archive from the help rc.once: Add some help text to understand what it means Remove a leftover of the rt-tests package update from 0.66 to 0.73 Cyclictest: Fix cyclictest's problem with the Linux-3.x PHP5: Re-order the download URLs to avoid archives that are HTML files Qt4: Fix wrong configuration handling Qt4: remove option for "-opengl es1cl" libical: Justify the menu entry dmtx/python-imaging: Justify their menu entries u-boot.make: Use make, not C style ifdefs ALSA utils: Adapt sound state rule to be more flexible Fix Busybox versus dosfstools conflict udev: Newer revisions need librt at run-time LIBC: librt cannot live without libpthread Add a nice little helper for memory bandwidth measurement on ARM CPUs archive is already available at our own server PDKSH: fix download path INADYN: Really point the URL to our server sysvinit: removed, broken since 2006, no upstream archives available kaffe: removed, broken since 2007, no upstream archives available xulrunner: Moved to local archive server, no reliable archives available upstream expat: Moved to local archive server, no reliable archives available upstream libgd: Moved to local archive server, no reliable archives available upstream bootchart: Moved to local archive server, no reliable archives available upstream ltrace: Moved to local archive server, no reliable archives available upstream setmixer: Moved to local archive server, no reliable archives available upstream initramfs-tools: Moved to local archive server, no reliable archives available upstream pnputils: moved to local archive server, older releases seem gone for ever oopslog: moved to local archive server, removed upstream mmpong: moved to local archive server, upstream is broken ipkg: moved to local archive server, archive is upstream no longer present myodbc: moved to local archive server, domain is gone ARM-Memspeed: make it available only on ARM architectures Python: just add some help text Python: prepare to collect all modules at one single place Python/Modules: move modules to the single menu Fix the Python based 'flup' package. Python/pyserial: add serial/UART module feature Add 'libpipeline' Add the 'kmod' tools and library. Add the userspace RCU library Flup: add the missing install tool Remove problematic / globally handled 'configure' switches Update 'kmod' to the most recent version 4 Add tslib dependency to SDL evtest: fix download path AVAHI: Fix dependency for AVAHI_COMPAT utelnet: adapt URL rrdtool: fix extract stage OSIP2: add GNU osip2 library legacy udev does not know the --disable-manpages switch usplash: fix download path Honor the Barebox bootloader Keep the bash's autocompletion in sync with PTXdist's features networkmanager: avoid guessing paths to various tools based on the host filesystem networkmanager: provide 'iptables' Core CPU count detection: do not rely on a fixed path to the 'sysctl' tool Sed: prefer the GNU sed tool to do the configure job Don't check for 'find' twice Fix: use the 'find' utility which was already detected as the correct one Don't check for 'install' twice Don't check for 'readlink' twice 'sort' is from coreutils. So, handle it like all other coreutil tools 'dirname' is from coreutils. So, handle it like all other coreutil tools 'cat' is from coreutils. So, handle it like all other coreutil tools 'xargs' is from findutils. So, handle it like all other findutils tools Find: ensure the 'file' command is always found 'tty' is from coreutils. So, handle it like all other coreutil tools Bash: ensure the bash is always found Make: ensure the GNU make is always found dosfstools: Fix missing environment forwarding Nanocom: fix its broken buildsystem wireshark: Fix targetinstall stage protobuf: just fix the menu alignement evtest: just fix some help typos Buildsystem: clarify configure's error message libtremor: add new package gst-plugins-base1: add support for fixed-point Vorbis decoding PTXdist: remove useless and unmaintained files Valgrind: adjust the menu help text a little bit Staging: just fix a typo lowpan-tools: ensure proper Python handling lowpan-tools: avoid the -Werror use udev: standalone variant fails to build with newer toolchains Kernel: never provide a development prebuild package QT4/pre-build: installing the examples needs the source tree Mono/pre-build: targetinstall needs access to the source tree bluez/pre-build: installing the test scripts needs the source tree PTXdist: be more helpful using the pre-build archive feature opkg: clean up rule file opkg: do not grab files from the build directory Barebox: we have the year 2014, reflect this in the default value Toolchain/gdb: we have the year 2014, reflect this in the default values TCL: version bump 8.5.7 -> 8.5.15 PTXdist: fix a typo in the macro documentation libdbus-cxx: Remove outdated package TCL: do not use host paths for header files and libraries mysql: move to staging PPP: fix config variable to do the right thing PPP: another package which needs the Linux kernel version libpv: change to new release due to link failures host-m4: provide a recent version to make the autotools happy libusb: fix host dependency patches/TODO: remove an orphaned file Juergen Borleis (73): Provide better and generic M4 macros for cross compiling newpackages: provide the M4 macro directory to the wizard script lib autotools template: improvements of the library template lib autotools template wizard: extend it lib autotools template: improvements to the lib autotools template: improvements to the lib autotools template: add a short HOWTO to enable users to work with the template lib autotools template: just fix a typo lib autotools template: fix another typo lib autotools template: more name replacements are required Networkmanager: enable systemd unit files on demand Networkmanager: hide option for systemd service when using a different init method Networkmanager: 'n' is the default, remove the redundant entry GDB: switch to an available archive type for all releases. GDB: fix default MD5 checksum dbus-python: use the same license than the dbus core is using dbus-glib: add license information bash: add license information dosfstools: add license information fbutils: WIP add license information freetype: add license files for report generation gdbserver: update license information and list all license files for report generation iputiles: add license files for report generation libpcap: update license information and ad license file for report generation libgcrypt: add license information and license files for report generation libgpg-error: add license information and license files for report generation liblockfile: add license file for report generation libpcre: add license information and add license file for report generation libsysfs: add license information and license files for report generation lmbench: add license information and license files for report generation module-init-tools: add license information openssh: add license information and license file for report generation prelink: add license information for report generation procps: add license files for report generation rsync3: add license information rsyslog: update license information and add license files for report generation sed: update license information and add license files for report generation systemd: update license information and add license files for report generation udev: if the udev feature comes from the systemd package use its license information unzip: add license information and license file for report generation util-linux-ng: update license and add license file for report generation acl: update license information and add license file for report generation attr: update license information and add license file for report generation autoconf: add license information and license files for report generation automake: add license information host-cmake: add license information and license files for report generation zlib: update license information libtool: add license information libkmod: adjust license info host-lndir: add license information host-m4: add license information host-pkg-config: add license information xorg-proto-x: add license information libpopt: add license information Perl: update license information tcpwrapper: add license information License management: prevent some packages from listed in the report host-elf-h-compat: add license information host-fakeroot: add license information host-gperf: add license information host-gtk-doc: add license information host-opkg-utils: add license information host-perl: no license information available host-unfs: add license information python: update license information host-intltools: add license information libndp: add library for Neighbor Discovery Protocol NetworkManager: update package libnewt: windowing toolkit NetworkManager: add nmtui support dropbear: clean up the rule file and add bugfix polkit: version bump 0.96 -> 0.104 bluez: version bump 4.96 -> 5.30 Juergen Kilb (3): [image_jffs2] Quotation fix of image_jffs2.make x-load: add config variable for the source md5sum at91bootstrap: add config variable for the source md5sum Jürgen Beisert (3): Valgrind requires a kernel version to work PTXdist: reality check Simple-Makefile-Template: fix missing version number Keith Mok (1): etc/nsswitch.conf: turn on (m)dns Ladislav Michl (9): [busybox] update to 1.17.1 [mtd-utils] make mkubifs optional [configure] Do not check for expect qt4: add PTXDists' CROSS_{CPP,C,CXX}FLAGS to QT4 mkspecs qwt: Add menu description qwt: Update to version 6.0.0 Busybox-1.18.5 Improve curses searching scripts/ipkg-push: return nonzero on error Lucas Stach (10): fix unfs3 build with recent versions of flex libdrm: version bump 2.4.46 -> 2.4.52 libdrm: version bump 2.4.52 -> 2.4.53 libdrm: version bump 2.4.53 -> 2.5.54 libdrm: version bump 2.4.54 -> 2.4.56 pciutils: version bump 3.2.1 -> 3.3.0 libdrm: version bump 2.4.58 -> 2.4.59 xorg-lib-xtrans: version bump 1.3.4 -> 1.3.5 xorg-server: version bump 1.16.1 -> 1.17.1 xorg-server: add xf86-video-modesetting driver option Marc Kleine-Budde (346): [ptxd_make_log] clean filedescriptor usage and add comments [ptxd_make_log] unify quiet and non quiet mode [ptxd_make_log] provide stdout on PTXDIST_FD_STDOUT [ptxd_make_log] provide stderr on PTXDIST_FD_STDERR [function-*] print coloured info directly to stdout [ptxd_make_world_clean] just cleanups [ptxd_make_world_get] just cleanups [ptxd_make_world_get] move "get" from Rules here [ptxd_make_world_extract] move "extract" from Rules here [ptxd_make_world_extract] rename -> [ptxd_make_world_extract] remove not used ${STATEDIR}/packetlist [ptxd_make_world_extract] get rid of cmd line options -s and -u [ptxd_make_world_extract] get rid of cmd line option -p [ptxd_make_world_common] add extract dir definitions [ptxd_make_world_extract] get rid of cmd line option -d [ptxd_make_world_extract] remove obsolete extract static pattern rules [ptxd_make_world_extract] rename function to ptxd_make_world_extract [ptxd_make_world_extract] cleanup shell implementation [libffi] remove obsolete stages [libffi] version bump to 3.0.9 [ptxd_lib_dgen] add "-" to packages detection regex [python] define PYTHON_SITEPACKAGES Merge branches 'next/bluez', 'next/busybox' and 'next/extract_cleanup' of git:// [ptxd_make_world_extract] fix mkdir Merge branch 'next/extract_cleanup' of git:// [host-xorg-lib-Xfont] turn off documentation [sdl] fix typo: properly disable audio [expat] use bz2 tarball [ptxd_make_world_patchin] alias: call git-ptx-patches directly [mesalib] fix typo in URL [mtd-utils] regenerate patches [ptxdist] add help text for --git option [host-makedepend] new package [mesalib] select makedepend [xterm] fix leakage from host-X [kbd] use http url [sdl] disable rpath [ptxdist] setup_platform: remove bad chars from project_version [option-disabled] add ptx/disen zlib: use install_lib [ptxd_make_xpkg_pkg] install_lib: print helpfull error message [zlib] fix use of install_lib [x-load] use _MAKE_ENV instead of _MAKE_OPT [x-load] use menu entry "x-load" as the package name [host-yasm] new package [generic] don't use "find -executable" [template-src-make-prog-make] comment _ENV, because it's obsolete [lua] remove obsolete _PATH and _ENV [nickel] use gcc as LD, fix SONAME problem [nickel] fix cross compilation and create link [nickel] remove obsolete get stage and PATH [nickel] use install_lib [squashfs3.4] fix patch: add missing space [libxml2] version bump to 2.7.7 [usbutils] version bump to 0.90 liboop: fix disabling of parallel building ptxd_install_setup_src: only use {pkg_,}pkg_dir if set ptxd_install_setup_src: look in PTXDIST_PLATFORMCONFIGDIR, too kernel: add support for lzo compressed kernel images lzop: add patch to make block size configureable barebox: bump default version to 2010.10 barebox: add dependencies for btcs Makefile: add "make_release" target to create a release in git Makefile: activate "make release" host-gettext: update to 0.18.1, too ptxd_make_xpkg_pkg: remove option to strip with sstrip ptxd_make_xpkg_pkg: check if strip parameter contains garbage fcgi: regenerate patches fcgi: remove unneeded stages dialog: version bump to 1.1-20100428 ipkg-utils: regenerate patches kernel: fix never working lzo compression support install_tree: add "not stripping" option ipkg-utils: fix problem with older ar versions gitignore: add aclocal.m4 libmemcached: clean up menu indention libmxml: make tristate barebox: fix typo in clean stage busybox: don't select LIBC and GCCLIBS if building a static busybox ncurses: add SYSROOT to --libdir option libptxdisttest: wait one second before setting barebox's prompt host-lzop: version bump to 1.03 pureftpd: disable dns lookups by default at91bootstrap: bump version to 1.16 libs: install file and dns resolver libs by default libcap: fix compilation of host-libcap on x64 valgrind: port to arm gst-plugins-good: select libbz2 if activated ptxd_make_xpkg_pkg: create dir containing dev nodes ncurses: link ncurses6-config to ncurses5-config ncurses: remove compile stage ncurses: disable rpath in ncurses-config ncurses: clean up patches git-ptx-patches: move longopt parsing in front of shortopts parsing pre/kernel.make: fix url for kernel > 3.0 Revert "ncurses: link ncurses6-config to ncurses5-config" udev: fix indention mtd-utils: mark flash_eraseall as deprecated rrdtool: fix indention gst-plugins-base: select HOST_GETTEXT in order to fix autoreconf iproute2: add alternate URL busybox: add CROSS_CFLAGS to CONFIG_EXTRA_CFLAGS only select busybox shadow password if using bbinit init.d/ntp-server: remove leftover svn timestamp iproute2: make targetinstall stage more quiet gdb: version bump for default to 7.2 libcgic: added gdbserver: rework rules file, make use of next extract feature gdb: remove hack needed for gdbserver using our sources apr: add Apache's Portable Runtime Library apr-util: add Apache's Portable Runtime Library Utils apache2: remove obsolete get stage apache2: update to 2.0.64 + use external apr + apr-util apache2: cleanup of targetinstall stage apache2: cleanup of sysv startscript sqlite: remove obsolete get stage and PATH definition sqlite: beautify enable-readline sqlite: always use sqlite autoconf version sqlite: version bump to 3071100 and add enable more features php5: remove configure --help output from php5: fixup indention (replace space by tab) php5: remove obsolete get stage and CONF_ENV definition php5: update to 5.3.10 and use external sqlite pon/poff: provide implementation ppp: ip-up, ip-down: fix run-parts call ppp: add disconnect chatscript ppp: remove obsolete get stage + PATH definition ppp: version bump to 2.4.5 minicom: remove obsolete get stage and PATH + ENV definition minicom: add more parameters to config file minicom: fix typo in microblaze: add microblaze to generic architecture_options section squashfs-tools: version bump 4.1 -> 4.2 berlios-can-utils: version bump to 2012.01.0 gpsd: add sysv-style init script strace: remove obsolete get stage strace: version bump to 4.7 remove executable bit udev: add rootprefix and rootlibdir to conf args ptxdist: support multiple targets per command libsoup: added gst-plugins-good11: unbreak soup support ptxdist: provide link from generic to projectroot ptxd_make_xpkg_pkg: install_replace_figlet: fix syntax highlighting ptxd_make_xpkg_pkg: install_dir: exit with error if install_dir fails ptxd_make_xpkg_pkg: ptxd_install_setup: propagate error if mod calculation fails ptxd_make_xpkg_pkg: first call ptxd_install_setup, then print information ptxd_make_xpkg_pkg: add possibility to specify user/group as names ptxd_make_xpkg_pkg: install_file, install_dir: print UID/GID and names (if specified) apache2: convert install_* to use names for users/groups pkg-config-wrapper: call via env bash pkg-config-wrapper: remove not needed -I $SYSROOT/include from output barebox: fix tags generation barebox: copy back .config file after make oldconfig step libptxdist: fix verbose printing ptxdist: add documentation for --verbose option image_ubi: fix debug output if IMAGE_UBIFS_EXTRA_ARGS is set kernel: tags: create ctags aswell iptables: be more quiet in targetinstall stage post/install: fix documentation for install_archive timezone: install files with mod 0644 libptxdist: verbose: only use fd 7 when it's setup host-libusb: added barebox: remove leftover btcs bits barebox: remove obsolete PATH parameter barebox: be more quiet in the compile stage barebox: delete barebox-default-environment during clean stage, too barebox: move BAREBOX_ARCH_STRING barebox: introduce barebox-url and barebox-opts newpackage: add possibility to create extra barebox packages bluez: add missing dependency to glib libsocketcan: version bump to 0.0.9 canutils: hardcode version 4.0.6 iozone: work around problems with patch on opensuse ipkg-utils: fix ipkg-index for ipkg with outer tar libcap: fix URL libcap: always build a dynamically linked exectables libcap: version bumo to 2.22 ed: new package ncftp: add package which: add package ptxdist: fix automatic uClibc toolchain detection install: install_lib: fix documentation speex: add debian + buildroot patches speex: pass information from .in file to configure speex: add license information which: add license information aumix: new package audiofile: new package libsndfile: new package libao: new package vorbis-tools: new package aumix: fix targetinstall stage freetype: add alternative URL for old freetype releases libc: let LIBC_ symbols always be selectable host-attr: don't use := when deref'ing HOST_ATTR_PKGDIR host-openssl: don't use := when deref'ing HOST_OPENSSL_PKGDIR scripts/wrapper: don't use CCACHE for cpp or ld scripts/wrapper: cpp-wrapper: use false instead of 0 to set LINKING scripts/wrapper: sort variables alphabetically scripts/wrapper: remove space before closing parenthesis scripts/wrapper: give functions adding target flags a proper name scripts/wrapper: add host-wrapper, but do not enable yet scripts/wrapper: exit in case of error config/setup: add option to configure host CPP ptxd_make_00-init: setup PTXDIST_HOST_<FLAG> variables ptxdist: use host compiler wrapper ptxdist: remove PTX_CCACHE_DIR gitignore: add zconf.lex.c host-mkelfImage: remove obsolete _PATH and ENV definitions host-ckermit: whitespace cleanups option-disabled: add ptx/ifdef helper ptxd_make_world_install_mangle_pc: make references to dirs in sysroot relative, too rules: get_alternative: add make helper for ptxd_get_alternative shell function platforms: remove unused HAS_PCI option platforms: add LP64 option to indicate 64 target system sort alphabetically host-libbz2: rename to host-bzip2 libpcre: remove obsolete ENV and PATH definitions libpcre: version bump to 8.32 host-libpcre: add package host-ustr: add package host-libcap-ng: add package host-libcgroup: add package host-libsepol: add package rules/Kconfig: add SELinux submenu host-libselinux: add package host-libsemanage: add package host-policycoreutils: add package checkpolicy: add package host-checkpolicy: add package pre/Rules: add global SELinux option systemd: use global SELinux option busybox: fix linking problem with activated SELinux busybox: support to install busybox as individual applets instead of links to binary host-checkpolicy: set CFLAGS manually to overwrite -Werror inside package libse*: add -g to CFLAGS host-libselinux: set CFLAGS manually host-libsepol: set CFLAGS manually host-libsemanage: set CFLAGS manually host-libsemanage: set PREFIX to avoid hard coded path in .pc file host-libsepol: set PREFIX to avoid hard coded path in .pc file kernel: add @ to make build process a bit more quiet libgpg-error: version bump to 1.10 libgcrypt: version bump to 1.5.0 libtasn1: add package gnutls: version bump to 2.12.21 + add dependency to libtasn1 gnutls: use ptx/mirror to generate URL host-swig: add package libselinux: add support for python wrapper libsemanage: add support for python wrapper sepolgen: add package policycoreutils: cleanup and fix programs using python policycoreutils: fix exit value of relabeling script libselinux: fix parallel building issue libsemanage: fix parallel build for ruby wrapper aswell README: fix typo ptxdist: setup: add support for https proxy barebox: add @ to make menuconfig a bit more quiet util-linux-ng: add support for ldattach ptxd_make_00-init: use armhf as IPKG arch on arm hardfloat systems portmap: adjust portmap download URL dtc: use PTXCONF_KERNEL_ARCH_STRING instead of hardcoded powerpc as path to dts file lua: put into scripting_languages menu ptxdist/setup: use https for dtc: use GENERIC_KERNEL_ARCH instead of KERNEL_ARCH dtc: don't generate linemarkes during preprocess step dtc: use includes conditionally kernel: rearange URLs so that v3.x kernels are found faster kernel: use v3.10 by default ncurses: install xterm-256color by default platforms: generate menu for hosttools on the fly dtc: fix call of dtc, remove stray @ dtc: use GENERIC_KERNEL_ARCH for cpp, too ssmtp: fix linking against openssl ptxdistrc.default: use as mirror inetutils: install ping{,6} with setuid root berlios-can-utils: version bump to 2014.01.0 iproute2: don't pass standard configure options rt-set-bandwidth: fix restoration of original value during stop libsocketcan: version bump to 0.0.10 libgcrypt, libgpg-error: add http URL hub-ctrl: new package unixbench: new package unixbench: don't build in parallel iproute2: allow overwriting of /etc/iproute2/* via projectdir architecture: add missing select to ARCH_LP64 for ARCH_ARM64 barebox: add option to depend on host-openssl barebox: generate "tags" during ptxdist tags barebox, too host-imx-cst: added rootfs: let /etc/mtab be a link to /proc/self/mounts by default dt-utils: add tags: generate cscope by default, too e2fstools: add support for debugfs keyutils: compile with -O2 by default keyutils: version bump to 1.5.9 dt-utils: version bump to v2015.05.1 ima-evm-utils: version bump to 0.9 host-openssl: build shared libs u-boot-tools: remove option U_BOOT_TOOLS_TOOL_ENV u-boot-toos: version bump to 2015.04 host-ima-evm-utils: add gflags: remove executable bit fakeroot: version bump to 1.20.2 mts-utils: mkfs.ubifs: add support for optionally creating extended attributes with inode number ima-evm-utils: add support to read inode number from extended attribute mtd-utils: fix support for creating extended attributes with inode number ptxd_make_world_extract: remove pkg_extract_dir before creating it fakeroot: fix compilation, add missing libcap dependency don't remove pkg_extract_dir too early, it might point to builddir ptxd_make_world_patchin: remove leading 0 from patch number complete get rid of deleting pkg_extract_dir pre/Rules: simplify clean: don't check for existance mtdutils: fix support for creating extended attributes with inode number barebox: add optional dependency to HOST_IMX_CST barebox: add help text tp BAREBOX_NEEDS_HOST_IMX_CST option dt-utils: version bump to 2015.06.0 dt-utils: version bump to 2015.06.1 logrotate: version bump to 3.9.1 generic: rename generic -> projectroot generic: rename generic -> projectroot: move logrotate config files, too scripts: look in projectroot rather than generic scripts: fix typo //projectroot -> /projectroot chrony: migrate to install_alternative dhcp: fix help text due to generic -> projectroot migration apache2: fix migration from generic -> projectroot ipkg: fix migration from generic -> projectroot ldd: fix migration from generic -> projectroot initramfs-tools: fix migration from generic -> projectroot lighttpd: fix migration from generic -> projectroot install_initramfs: fix migration from generic -> projectroot rootfs: fix migration from generic -> projectroot rsync: remove not used option RSYNC_CONFIG_FILE_DEFAULT and RSYNC_CONFIG_FILE_USER syslogng: fix migration from generic -> projectroot thttpd: fix migration from generic -> projectroot post/install: fix migration from generic -> projectroot tcpwrapper: fix migration from generic -> projectroot systemd/udev: enumerator - fix matching on properties and sysattrs valgrind: cherry pick upstream patches for new glibc and kernel versions cpuburn-arm: added cpuburn-arm: add LICENSE cpuburn-arm: fix PACKAGES line cpuburn-arm: install v8 and v9 variant, too ptxd_make_world_patchin: don't fail on packages that don't extract anything owfs: version bump to 3.1p0 + swich on i2c image: ipkg, opkg: use symbol IMAGE_XPKG_EXTRA_ARGS to pass extra arguments to ipkg and opkg build Marius Brehler (2): qt4: Add option to compile with Accessibility support. libdrm: version bump 2.4.23 -> 2.4.26 Markus Niebel (11): mbw: update url mbw: version bump 1.1 -> 1.4 memtester: version bump 4.0.8 -> 4.3.0 aumix: fix URL aumix: select HOST_GETTEXT memtester: improve build system zip: fix download url u-boot: add config option for imx images host-open-ssl: fix lib install on 64 Bit host systemd: add SYSTEMD_CPPFLAGS for local kernel headers u-boot-tools: improve build Markus Pargmann (27): sqlite: Source bugfix host-xz: Don't build with shared libs rules/dtc: Add include of KERNEL_DIR/include iproute2: version bump 3.9.0 -> 3.14.0 iw: version bump 3.3 -> 3.14 network: Add batctl crda: version bump 1.1.3 -> 3.13 dnsmasq: version bump 2.47 -> 2.70 iperf: version bump 2.0.4 -> 2.0.5 wireshark: version bump 1.10.5 -> 1.10.6 libjpeg: version bump 8a -> 9a, add binaries crda: Fix udev rule cppzmq: zmq header for C++ alfred: Initial commit liboping: initial commit radvd: Initial commit cairo: Missing dependency XORG_LIB_XEXT xorg-lib-Xi: Missing dependency LIB_XFIXES libltdl: Version bump 1.5 -> 2.4.3 json-c: Install missing pkgconfig link host-ninja: Ninja build tool libexif: Initial, version 0.6.21 gtk2: Reintegrate gtk2 gtk2: Disable rebuilds of pregenerated files gtk2: Remove leftover GTK2CORE host-system-python: Add python-bz2 module cbenchsuite: Initial commit, v1.0 Markus Rathgeb (1): Bump the old SQLite version to the recent one that is recommend by the sqlite developers. Martin Halder (1): i915resolution: changed url to valid one Martin Hejnfelt (1): Added Oracles Java 7 JRE Matthias Fend (1): libsoup requires host intltool Matthias Klein (1): wpa_supplicant: add support for writing debug log to a file Michael Grzeschik (8): host-ipkg: fix long filenames issue in get_header_tar version bump 0.8.3 -> 0.8.4 add support for userspace tools tests/ remove \n in checking ptxdist: add keyutils package v1.5.5 ptxdist: add ima-evm-utils package v0.2 libgpg-error: version bump to 1.12 libgcrypt: version bump to 1.5.3 Michael Olbrich (2419): [udev] version bump 158 -> 160 [xorg-app-xinput] fix dependencies [busybox] add patch to fix compile error on PPC [busybox] busybox rfkill need linux/rfkill.h from the kernel headers Merge remote branch 'rsc/for-mainline' [kexec-tools] fix URL [install_copy_toolchain] try harder to find toolchain libs [python3] fix parallel building issue ptxd_make_world_install: replace binconfig stuff before copying to sysroot [php5] cleanup configure options [kwrapper] use ckermit from $PATH [libptxdisttest.kermit] make sure the default barebox prompt is used [make_barebox_env] create the config file here [make_uboot_env] like make_barebox_env but for U-Boot V1 [setenv] use make_*_env to create the full bootloader environment [libpv] install pv_eventd if events are enabled [kernel] move "make modules_install" to kernel.install [ptxd_make_xpkg_pkg] change search prio for install_alternative [clean] improve clean stage [devicekit-disks] remove obsolete stages [pureftpd] remove obsolete stages [kernel] cleanup clean stage [libptxdist] export ptxd_name_to_NAME [urshd] allow enabling for ALLYES even if INETUTILS_RSHD is set [gettext-dummy] default to ALLYES [clean] use xargs to remove files from sysroot and delete empty dirs [boost] targetinstall consolidation [bridge-utils] targetinstall consolidation [cvs] targetinstall consolidation [daemonize] targetinstall consolidation [fontconfig] targetinstall consolidation [iproute2] targetinstall consolidation [kaffe] targetinstall consolidation [logrotate] targetinstall consolidation [nfsutils] targetinstall consolidation [pekwm] targetinstall consolidation [qt4-examples] targetinstall consolidation [sjinn] targetinstall consolidation [xawtv] targetinstall consolidation [xterm] targetinstall consolidation [pygobject] targetinstall consolidation [wxwidgets] targetinstall consolidation [wireless] targetinstall consolidation [python] targetinstall consolidation [python3] targetinstall consolidation [templates/template-target-make] targetinstall consolidation [templates/template-src-qmake-prog-make] targetinstall consolidation [templates/template-src-make-prog-make] targetinstall consolidation [templates/template-src-cmake-prog-make] targetinstall consolidation [templates/template-src-autoconf-make] targetinstall consolidation [host-libsigcpp] fix copyright header [xorg-fonts] prepare fontdir in install [libdrm] fix targetinstall [extract] do nothing in extract and patching if both <PKG>_URL and <PKG>_SOURCE are undefined. [prepare] do nothing in prepare if the conf directory is undefined. [compile] do nothing in compile if the build directory is undefined. [install] do nothing in install if the build directory is undefined. [timezone] move timzone data creation to the install stage and remove obsolete stages [cross-pkg-config-wrapper] remove obsolete stages [base-pkgs] remove obsolete stages [base] remove obsolete stages [cross-dummy-strip] remove obsolete stages [dtc] remove obsolete stages [fake-overlayfs] remove obsolete stages [gcclibs] remove obsolete stages [glibc] remove obsolete stages [host-libblkid] remove obsolete stages [host-libbz2] remove obsolete stages [host-libuuid] remove obsolete stages [initramfs-user-spec] remove obsolete stages [ldd] remove obsolete stages [libblkid] remove obsolete stages [libc] remove obsolete stages [libuuid] remove obsolete stages [locales] remove obsolete stages [rc-once] remove obsolete stages [rootfs] remove obsolete stages [uclibc] remove obsolete stages [xorg-fonts] remove obsolete stages [template-file-make] comment out obsolete stages [ptxdist] stricter search algorithm for install_lib [mysql] install libs in /usr/lib [scripts] define some variables earlier [dgen] cleanup makefile list generation [rules] define and use PTXDIST_PATH_(PRE|POST)RULES [rules] use PTXDIST_PATH_PATCHES for autogen_dep [ptxdist_vars] remove obsolete variables [kgen] cleanup kconfig menu generation [host-pkg-config] fix typo: _CONFTOOL -> _CONF_TOOL [host-xorg-app-mkfontdir] fix typo: _CONFTOOL -> _CONF_TOOL [cross-module-init-tools] fix typo: _CONFTOOL -> _CONF_TOOL [host-autotools-automake] fix typo: _CONFTOOL -> _CONF_TOOL [cross-nasm] fix typo: _CONFTOOL -> _CONF_TOOL [host-autotools-libtool] fix typo: _CONFTOOL -> _CONF_TOOL [host-autotools-autoconf] fix typo: _CONFTOOL -> _CONF_TOOL [cross-insight] fix typo: _CONFTOOL -> _CONF_TOOL [ptxd_make_world_targetinstall] add default targetinstall stage [ptxd_make_00-init] prevent endless loop for collections with base platform [rc-once] send output to stderr [ptxd_lib_kgen] resore IFS [ptxd_make_xpkg_pkg] don't add dependencies for files in PTXDIST_PLATFORMDIR [ptxd_make_world_clean] delete dev packages [libptxdist] export ptxd_source_kconfig [libptxdist] use set -a for ptxd_source_kconfig [setenv] use ptxdist macros to source PTXDIST_BOARDSETUP [make_barebox_env] make "ptxdist test make_barebox_env" work correctly [make_uboot_env] make "ptxdist test make_uboot_env" work correctly [rules] reverse order when including pre/post rules [ptxd_lib_dgen] use gawk because 'gensub()' is not POSIX awk [option-disabled] make ptx/ifdef more robust, e.g. for empty parameters [ptxdist] always use a platform dir [libcaca] don't build docs [libconfuse] version bump 2.6 -> 2.7 & new URL [dgen] add -$(PTXCONF_ARCH_STRING)- to the devpkg names [devpkg] be smarter when looking for dev packages kconfig: update with kconfig from linux-2.6.37-rc2 ptxdist: enable building nconf and add option to use it Kconfig: update mainmenu prompt Merge branch 'next/kconfig' [kconfig] fix bug in kconfig dependency output patch [qt4-examples] rename the target to make sure that qt4-examples appears in platforms/Kconfig: update mainmenu prompt setup/Kconfig: update mainmenu prompt boardsetup/Kconfig: add mainmenu prompt collection/Kconfig: add mainmenu prompt [collection] generate valid kconfig files for "ptxdist collectionconfig" [kconfig] don't fail writing deps when the config file is not up to date. [ptxd_make_xpkg_pkg] use 'readelf' to check if a file can be stripped [autoconf] be stricter when looking for ncurses [links] make LINKS select LIBC_M and LIBC_DL [Rules] quote arguments for [host-autotools-automake] fix typo [glib] check if splice() takes 6 arguments [libmemcache] add PPC patch from debian [src-autoconf-proglib] make template compilable [templates] call for release versions if configure is missing [template-src-stellaris] cleanup [template-src-make-prog] cleanup patches: remove obsolete patches libconfuse: remove obsolete patches (fixed in new version) hal: remove old patch libcap: move patches to the current verson libffi: remove old series file pekwm: remove obsolete patches (fixed in new version) strace: remove old series, Merge remote branch 'jbe/x_update_v5' Revert "[dgen] use instead of targetinstall for package dependencies" [expat] add missing dependencies [fbutils] add missing dependencies [iproute2] add missing dependencies [libpng] add missing dependencies [libpv] add missing dependencies [openssh] add missing dependencies [openssl] add missing dependencies [qt4] add missing dependencies [tslib] add missing dependencies [util-linux-ng] add missing dependencies [zlib] add missing dependencies [alsa-lib] add missing dependencies [boost] add missing dependencies [connman] add missing dependencies [db] add missing dependencies [diffutils] add missing dependencies [dropbear] add missing dependencies [fftw] add missing dependencies [glib] add missing dependencies [gnuplot] add missing dependencies [gpsd] add missing dependencies [inetutils] add missing dependencies [iozone] add missing dependencies [iperf] add missing dependencies [libcgicc] add missing dependencies [libmemcached] add missing dependencies [libnih] add missing dependencies [lsh] add missing dependencies [lshw] add missing dependencies [mplayer] add missing dependencies [mtr] add missing dependencies [polkit] add missing dependencies [pv] add missing dependencies [samba] add missing dependencies [screen] add missing dependencies [sdl] add missing dependencies [splashutils] add missing dependencies [sqlite] add missing dependencies [supertux] add missing dependencies [tiobench] add missing dependencies [wireless] add missing dependencies [xorg-app-xeyes] add missing dependencies [boa] add missing dependencies [dibbler] add missing dependencies [fuse] add missing dependencies [gettext] add missing dependencies [htop] add missing dependencies [jed] add missing dependencies [less] add missing dependencies [lite] add missing dependencies [oprofile] add missing dependencies [sdparm] add missing dependencies [sjinn] add missing dependencies [speex] add missing dependencies [sysstat] add missing dependencies [xfsprogs] add missing dependencies [xmlrpc-c] add missing dependencies [xorg-lib-X11] add missing dependencies [apache2] add missing dependencies [findutils] add missing dependencies [lcms] add missing dependencies [lvm2] add missing dependencies [mc] add missing dependencies [owfs] add missing dependencies [pango] add missing dependencies [rawrec] add missing dependencies [squashfs-tools] add missing dependencies [wireshark] add missing dependencies [xcb-util] add missing dependencies [dialog] add missing dependencies [frodo] add missing dependencies [iptables] add missing dependencies [libdrm] add missing dependencies [mtd-utils] add missing dependencies [mysql] add missing dependencies [proftpd] add missing dependencies [sed] add missing dependencies [xorg-lib-Xfont] add missing dependencies [bing] add missing dependencies [binutils] add missing dependencies [cairo] add missing dependencies [cairomm] add missing dependencies [classpath] add missing dependencies [cppunit] add missing dependencies [fam] add missing dependencies [gnupg] add missing dependencies [gstreamer] add missing dependencies [libcaca] add missing dependencies [libevent] add missing dependencies [libiodbc] add missing dependencies [libnetpbm] add missing dependencies [libnl] add missing dependencies [libsigcpp] add missing dependencies [lm_sensors] add missing dependencies [lmbench] add missing dependencies [ltrace] add missing dependencies [nfsutils] add missing dependencies [rxtx] add missing dependencies [slang] add missing dependencies [smtpclient] add missing dependencies [ssmtp] add missing dependencies [xorg-app-xdm] add missing dependencies [bash] add option for curses support [calibrator] add missing dependencies [coreutils] add missing dependencies [e2fsprogs] add missing dependencies [gdbserver] add missing dependencies [inetutils] add missing dependencies [ltt-control] add missing dependencies [pixman] add missing dependencies [screen] add missing dependencies [sudo] add missing dependencies [xorg-app-xrandr] add missing dependencies [xorg-lib-xkbui] add missing dependencies [xorg-driver-video-intel] version bump 2.13.0 -> 2.14.0 [gnupg] fix dependencies [coreutils] fix dependencies [avahi] add missing dependencies [binutils] add missing dependencies [bluez] add missing dependencies [bridge-utils] add missing dependencies [busybox] add missing dependencies [chrony] add missing dependencies [ckermit] add missing dependencies [commoncpp2] add missing dependencies [dosfstools] add missing dependencies [e2fsprogs] add missing dependencies [fcgi] add missing dependencies [flac] add missing dependencies [gawk] add missing dependencies [gdb] add missing dependencies [gpm] add missing dependencies [libcaca] add missing dependencies [libcurl] add missing dependencies [libffi] add missing dependencies [libltdl] add missing dependencies [liboil] add missing dependencies [libpopt] add missing dependencies [libvorbis] add missing dependencies [libxml2] add missing dependencies [gst-plugins-base] fix dependencies [gst-plugins-good] fix dependencies [hdparm] add missing dependencies [hexedit] add missing dependencies [initng] add missing dependencies [jamvm] add missing dependencies [joe] fix dependencies [bash] fix typo in makefile [lsh] fix dependencies [gst-plugins-bad] fix targetinstall [mc] fix dependencies [net-snmp] fix dependencies [ntp] fix dependencies [scummvm] fix dependencies [wireshark] fix dependencies [grep] add missing dependencies [lighttpd] add missing dependencies [memcached] add missing dependencies [mpg123] add missing dependencies [mplayer] add missing dependencies [pixman] add missing dependencies [powertop] add missing dependencies [prelink] add missing dependencies [rsync] add missing dependencies [rt-tests] add missing dependencies [smartmontools] add missing dependencies [tcl] add missing dependencies [thttpd] add missing dependencies [totd] add missing dependencies [uttt] add missing dependencies [wget] add missing dependencies [xerces] add missing dependencies [xmlstarlet] add missing dependencies [xorg-app-xsetroot] add missing dependencies [zsync] add missing dependencies [libptxdist] add ptxd_in_path to find files in ":" separated paths [ptxdist] fix broken existing target detection libmatthew-java: add new package dbus-java: new package fluxbox: new package pci-utils: don't depend building on PTXCONF_HAS_PCI pekwm: version bump 0.1.11 -> 0.1.12 dbus-java: make sure paths in Manifest don't contain SYSROOT [ptxd_make_xpkg_prepare] use ptxd_in_path to search in PTXDIST_PATH_RULES [ptxd_make_xpkg_finish] use ptxd_in_path to search in PTXDIST_PATH_RULES [ptxd_lib_dgen] use ptxd_in_path to find existing dirs in PTXDIST_PATH_RULES [ptxd_make_world_patchin] use ptxd_in_path to find patch dir mesalib: cleanup configure options prepare: add -DCMAKE_TOOLCHAIN_FILE=... to {CROSS,HOST}_CMAKE_* ptxd_kconfig: export all necessary functions toolchain-host.cmake: tell cmake not to remove rpaths for host tool host-qt4: generate correct qt.conf for host qmake owfs: use '|| ALLYES' when depending on !BUSYBOX_* qt4: cleanup & update patches host-qt4: add option for xmlpatterns qt4-examples: fixes & cleanup python: version bump 2.6.4 -> 2.6.6 trace-cmd: new package tslib: add upstream patch to relax the EV_VERSION check xfsprogs: add upstream patch for new toolchains lshw: add patch to fix compiling with g++ 4.5 xmlrpc-c: version bump 1.06.38 -> 1.06.41 xmlrpc-c: run make with CADD=-fPIC libnetpbm: build library with -fPIC mtd-utils: add patch to fix compiling with gcc 4.5 nfsutils: version bump 1.1.6 -> 1.2.3 fam: add patch for gcc 4.4 and later canfestival: fix cflags dhcp: version bump 4.2.1 -> 4.1.2 commoncpp2: version bump 1.8.0 -> 1.8.1 memcached: add upstream patch to fix compiling with gcc 4.5 calibrator: add patch to fix build with gcc 4.5 parted: version bump 1.8.7 -> 2.3 thttpd: add patch to fix building with gcc 4.5 initng: add patch to fix building with gcc 4.5 parted: build with --disable-device-mapper [tests] cleanup error message [[kwrapper] use ptxdist functions [flash] use ptxdist functions & cleanuup tests: don't specify the flash target images: fix dependencies for kernel images openssl: version bump 0.9.8l -> 1.0.0d dbus: version bump 1.4.1 -> 1.4.6 mesalib: configure with --disable-asm for now jamvm: version bump 1.5.3 -> 1.5.4 eggdbus: add patch to fix dependency issue scripts: add ptxd_filter_dir barebox: add options to extend the builtin environment image_hd: move adding the bootloader to a separate script image_hd: make it possible to boot with barebox image_hd: fix installing grub genhdimg: write as little as possible ptxdist: relax toolchain vendor check ptxd_make_world_extract: fix typo util-linux-ng: version bump 2.18 -> 2.19 util-linux: add upstream patch to fix undeclared MNT_DETACH host-util-linux-ng: fix building with latest version python: add upstream patch to fix parallel building cross-insight: don't build with -Werror fluxbox: add option for Xinerama gnuplot: add missing dependency inetutils: add missing dependency lrzsz: add missing dependency net-snmp: add missing dependency nfsutils: explicitly build without libcap samba: use external libpopt trace-cmd: add missing dependencies wireshark: explicitly built without libcap xorg-app-xset: explicitly build with libXf86misc proftpd: explicitly built without libcap nmap: version bump 4.85BETA8 -> 5.51 libpcap: explicitly use libnl mplayer: explicitly disable mng and xss support pureftpd: explicitly built without libcap xorg-server: explicitly use sha1 from libcrypto apache2_mod_python: fix URL screen: version bump: 4.0.2 -> 4.0.3 libptxdist: load scripts/lib/ptxd_make_* scripts from the BSP image_hd: add noprompt options for partition contents barebox: install setupmbr ptxd_make_world_common: add ptx_image_dir image_hd: move bootloader selection into a function barebox: improve installing barebox on x86 bluez: parallel building is broken ptxd_make_bootable: do nothing if no bootloader is selected ptxd_make_world_install_mangle_pc: fix for prefix=/ /etc/group: add utmp group libmpeg2: build with -mno-altivec on ppc valgrind: version bump 3.5.0 -> 3.6.1 libptxdist: fix including scripts/lib/ptxd_make_*.sh openssh: version bump 5.3p1 -> 5.8p1 php5: fix libxml-dir acpid: version bump 1.0.10 -> 2.0.8 tslib: add upstream commit "Fix current values for input-raw" mono: configure with '--disable-mono-debugger' ptxdist: make sure we're building on a local disk [host-xorg-lib-Xau] remove osbsolete host library [host-xorg-lib-Xdmcp] remove osbsolete host library mono: add build fix for PPC udev: add optional support for udev-167 roots: add option to create /run openssh: always install rc-once script if sshd is installed [attr] cleanup urls udev: fstab_import was disabled in udev 167 ptxd_make_world_install: create /usr/share/misc directory [ptxd_make_world_common] add ptx_path_rules = PTXDIST_PATH_RULES [rules] add md5sum for all packages [barebox] add config variable for the source md5sum [kernel] add config variable for the source md5sum [u-boot-v2] add config variable for the source md5sum [u-boot] add config variable for the source md5sum [cross-libtool] set CROSS_LIBTOOL_MD5 to LIBLTDL_MD5 [mesalib] add mdsum for demos [templates] add MD5 lines to all templates [get] add md5sum checking for downloaded archives host-dtc: get md5sum from platfomconfig ptxd_make_xpkg_pkg: all destinations must be absolute paths install_link: relax absolute link handling dbus: create machine-id via rc-once systemd: add new package udev: install systemd service files openssh: add config files for systemd initmethod systemd: initmethod for systemd rc-once: add config files for systemd initmethod dbus: install config files for systemd initmethod systemd: add option to disable random seed services gdb: get md5sum from ptxconfig gstreamer: version bump 0.10.29 -> 0.10.33 gst-plugins-base: version bump 0.10.29 -> 0.10.33 gst-plugins-good: version bump 0.10.23 -> 0.10.29 gst-plugins-bad: version bump 0.10.19 -> 0.10.22 systemd: masking services should be done in /etc/ gstreamer: version bump 0.10.33 -> 0.10.34 gst-plugins-base: version bump 0.10.33 -> 0.10.34 opkg: OPKG_OPENSSL needs openssl udev: version bump 169 -> 170 systemd: version bump 26 -> 27 udev: fix for !experimental version udev: ... and fix for experimental version ipkg-utils: rewrite patch for issue with ar and large UIDs opkg-utils: add patches to make opkg-build more robust udev: libgudev need libudev media-ctl: new package eggdbus: really fix depdendencies ptxd_make_xpkg_pkg: make it possible to use "-" as source for install_tree kwrapper: search for tests in the platform too systemd: version bump 27 -> 28 udev: version bump 170 -> 171 initmethod-systemd: add service for ifup/ifdown networking openssh: make sure /var/run/sshd exists when used with systemd template-src-linux-driver: selecting lndir is implicit image_ipkg: use '-outform PEM' instead of sed to create the correct signature format libsigc++: add patch to build with g++ 4.6 file: add missing dependencies js: add missing dependencies libical: add missing dependencies poco: add missing dependencies dosfstools: version bump 3.0.6 -> 3.0.9 host-dosfstools: new package host-mtools: new package add helper functions for vfat images js: explicitly define va copy stuff genpart: add patch to set heads cylinders and sectors ptxd_install_generic: fix creating device nodes systemd: cleanup rules dtc, kernel: add option to use the dtc from the kernel source poco: cleanup rules fbutils: do not allow 'fbset' if the 'fbset' from busybox is enabled module-init-tools: do not allow 'modinfo' if the 'modinfo' from busybox is enabled util-linux-ng: add option for fsck netkit-ftp: add alternative URL expat: only available as tar.gz now Revert "expat: only available as tar.gz now" glib: version bump 2.28.6 -> 2.28.7 libcap: version bump 2.20 -> 2.21 module-init-tools: version bump 3.12 -> 3.13 dbus: version bump 1.4.8 -> 1.4.10 openssh: version bump 5.8p1 -> 5.8p2 rsyslog: new package rsyslog: set systemdsystemunitdir or don't install unit canutils: get md5sum from ptxconfig ptxd_lib_dgen: generate source rule for all packages templates: the default get stage is no longer necessary git-ptx-patches: create patches without signature qt4: version bump 4.6.3 -> 4.7.3 qt4: update examples for Qt 4.7 qt4: cleanup rules cairo: version bump 1.8.10 -> 1.10.0 poppler: version bump 0.10.4 -> 0.16.6 arora: version bump 0.10.2 -> 0.11.0 memedit: version bump 0.8 -> 0.9 host-qt4: make qdbus stuff optional git-ptx-patches: use --no-signature only when supported canutils: fix md5sum handling rsyslog: cleanup systemd: version bump 28 -> 29 ptxd_make_xpkg: handle DEPENDS in ptxd_make_xpkg_prepare ptxd_make_xpkg_deps: move to where it's used now ptxd_make_xpkg_finish: refactor ptxd_make_xpkg_finish: remove old packages before creating the new one qt4: fix indent qt4: webkit needs script headers, but not the lib pureftpd: add systemd support host-apiextractor: new package host-generatorrunner: new package {host-,}shiboken: new package pyside-qt4: new package iptables: install headers connman: version bump 0.10 -> 0.75 dropbear: remove obsolete patches host-generatorrunner: version bump 0.6.9 -> 0.6.10 dropbear: fix building with -Wl,--as-needed shiboken: fix targetinstall pyside: don't forget the patches and add patch for qws host-generatorrunner: fix path replacement host-shiboken: fix path replacement shiboken: fix path replacement lighttpd: add systemd support systemd: disable random seed by deleting dependencies python-imaging: new package libdmtx: new package v4l-utils: new package libv4l2-python: new package qt4: add option to use system sqlite qt4: install libQtMultimedia libcaca: fix building with ncurses-5.9 nano: fix building with ncurses-5.9 rrdtool: new package hpanel: use LDLIBS instead of LDFLAGS for libs. cppunit: add patch to fix building with -Wl,--as-needed bustle: version bump 0.2.2 -> 0.2.4 ptxd_make_get: use <PKG>_SOURCE as target for saving ptxd_make_world_extract: force extracting to <PKG>_DIR meslib: fix extract with new extract magic ckermit: remove now obsolete extract stage & cleanup host-ckermit: remove now obsolete extract stage & cleanup sjinn: remove now obsolete extract stage & cleanup mbw: remove now obsolete extract stage & cleanup js: remove now obsolete extract stage & cleanup rt-tests: remove now obsolete extract stage & cleanup hexedit: remove now obsolete extract stage & cleanu host-tz-database: fix building with new extract magic inadyn: remove now obsolete extract stage host-usplash: remove now obsolete extract stage usplash: remove now obsolete extract stage cbmbasic: remove now obsolete extract stage & cleanup gtk-theme-experience: fix extract with new extract magic & cleanup host-xorg-proto-x: make it a lazy package host-shiboken: make sure cmake picks the right python shiboken: make sure cmake picks the right python pyside: make sure cmake picks the right python qt4: fix sqlite configure options rt-tests: version bump 0.66 -> 0.73 ptxd_make_world_get: use pattern rule for sources instead of generated rules kernel: define kernel url template kernel-header: new package kernel: remove obsolete kernel header stuff canutils: use kernel-header package i2c-tools: use kernel-header version instead of kernel version nmap: use kernel-header version instead of kernel version pciutils: use kernel-header version instead of kernel version ppp: use kernel-header version instead of kernel version svgalib: use kernel-header version instead of kernel version tcl: use kernel-header version instead of kernel version tcpdump: use kernel-header version instead of kernel version tk: use kernel-header version instead of kernel version xorg-server: use kernel-header version instead of kernel version bridge-utils: uses kernel headers so depend on kernel-header busybox: depend on kernel-header instead of kernel canfestival: depend on kernel-header instead of kernel iptables: depend on kernel-header instead of kernel media-ctl: depend on kernel-header instead of kernel poco: fix & improve build ncurses: fix links gettext: sanitize configure options rsyslog: always depend on zlib dgen: default HOST_<PKG>_URL to <PKG>_URL ckermit: version bump 211 -> 300 host-ckermit: add patch to improve multi-lib toolchain handling gtk2-engines: run to regenerate broken libdrm: cleanup udev: version bump 171 -> 172 systemd: version bump 29 -> 30 git-ptx-patches: fix & cleanup qwt: version bump 6.0.0 -> 6.0.1 python3: version bump 3.1.2 -> 3.1.4 python: build on Linux 3.x host host-python: build on Linux 3.x host host-python3: build on Linux 3.x host mesalib: only check mesademos md5sum if it's actually used connman: add upstream patch to build with new iptables valgrind: fix kernel version handling ptxdist: pick the last toolchain when more than one is found host-gtk-theme-experience: remove host-gtk-engine-experience: remove host-glademm: remove host-glade: remove host-libglade: remove host-gtkmm: remove host-gtk: remove host-pangomm: remove host-pango: remove host-cairomm: remove host-cairo: remove host-atk: remove host-glibmm: remove host-pixman: remove host-gtk-doc: move to section hosttools_noprompt host-glib: move to section hosttools_noprompt host-gtk-menu: it's now empty. Remove it util-linux: remove obsolete patches qt4: regenerate examples/demos with updated scripts systemd: version bump 30 -> 33 architecture: add option for NEON qt4: compile with NEON support if available systemd: install libsystemd-login libfsl-vpu: fix md5sum orc: new package gst-plugins-base: use orc gst-plugins-good: use orc gst-plugins-bad: use orc host-xorg-proto-bigreqs: don't build specs host-xorg-proto-fonts: don't build specs host-xorg-proto-input: don't build specs host-xorg-proto-kb: don't build specs host-xorg-proto-x: don't build specs host-xorg-proto-xcmisc: don't build specs host-xorg-proto-xext: don't build specs xorg-proto-bigreqs: don't build specs xorg-proto-fonts: don't build specs xorg-proto-print: don't build specs xorg-proto-record: don't build specs xorg-proto-scrnsaver: don't build specs xorg-proto-x: don't build specs xorg-proto-xcmisc: don't build specs xorg-proto-xext: don't build specs orc: install* ncurses: disable pthread and reentrant host-ncurses: remove obsolete package gstreamer: version bump 0.10.34 -> 0.10.35 gst-plugins-base: version bump 0.10.34 -> 0.10.35 gst-plugins-good: version bump 0.10.29 - > 0.10.30 host-ncurses: re-add to provide 'tic' ncurses: disable extended colors to avoid abi version change ncurses: make sure ncurses5-config is always available ncurses: cleanups alsa-utils: cleanup ncurses handling gst-plugins-base: add patch to fix building busybox: we're always running linux mxs-utils: version bump 2011.06.0 -> 2011.08.0 qt4-examples: update (help examples need 'tools') systemd: version bump 33 -> 34 libdrm: needs pthread-stubs qwt: add patch to disable textengines host-tz-database: version bump 2010{f,h} -> 2011i and cleanup ptxd_make_world_extract: make it work with older tar gdb: don't build gdbtui qt4: version bump 4.7.3 -> 4.7.4 systemd: version bump 34 -> 35 openssh: fix sshd@.service rsyslog: version bump 5.8.1 -> 5.8.5 host-figlet: new package install_replace: add output install_replace_figlet: added rootfs: add /etc/issue initmethod-bbinit: remove banner image_jffs2: fix creating root.sum.jffs2 qt4: add patch to block all DigiNotar certificates xterm: configure with --disable-rpath-hack nss-mdns: new package avahi: cleanup options & targetinstall avahi: version bump 0.6.25 -> 0.6.30 xorg-server: improve kdrive/xfbdev options ptxdistrc.default: refresh setup: add mirror kernel: use mirror bluez: use mirror connman: use mirror cpufrequtils: use mirror kexec-tools: use mirror klibc: use mirror libgdbus: use mirror module-init-tools: use mirror pcmciautils: use mirror ps3-utils: use mirror rt-tests: use mirror syslinux: use mirror udev: use mirror usbutils: use mirror ptxd_make_world_update_md5: follow symlinks when updating md5sums systemd: version bump 35 -> 36 ptxd_make_world_clean: delete the source dir if it's a link at91bootstrap2: new package host-ckermit: ignore broken library auto-detection host-shiboken: add missing dependency ckermit: version bump 300 -> 302 ckermit: the new version needs the patch too alsa-lib: version bump 1.0.23 -> alsa-utils: version bump 1.0.22 -> gnuplot: don't link host tool to all kinds of useless libs alsa-utils: needs use case manager from alsa-lib host-cmake: add patch to find python by version only host-xorg-lib-Xau: readd package host-xcb-proto: readd package host-libxcb: readd package host-xorg-lib-X11: readd package libxcb: fix Xdmcp detection host-xorg-app-xkbcomp: new package host-xorg-lib-xkbfile: new package xorg-app-xkbcomp: drop unnecessary dependency xkeyboard-config: add missing dependency libptxdist: explicitly use sed to run migrate_* fbgrab: fix LDFLAGS & cleanup js: more configure cache variables glew: look in CROSS_PATH for pkg-config avahi: add option for the libdns_sd compat library libqxt: new package systemd: version bump 36 -> 37 libqxt: add patch to remove useless rpath sudo: add alternate URL ptxd_lib_kgen: quote find pattern udev: one mirror is enough klibc: one mirror is enough ethtool: use mirror kbd: use mirror libcap: use mirror pciutils: use mirror pnputils: use mirror trace-cmd: use mirror util-linux-ng: use mirror ptxd_make_world_patchin: sort patches when creating missing series file canfestival: clean up patches devicekit-disks: clean up patches mplayer: clean up patches policykit: clean up patches sdl: clean up patches sdl-mixer: clean up patches atop: clean up patches bing: clean up patches bridge-utils: clean up patches bzip2: clean up patches cbmbasic: clean up patches cpufrequtils: clean up patches cvs: clean up patches daemonize: clean up patches dibbler: clean up patches e2fsprogs: clean up patches efax: clean up patches eggdbus: clean up patches etherwake: clean up patches host-fakeroot: clean up patches fbtest: clean up patches xorg-font-alias: clean up patches freetype: clean up patches glademm: clean up patches gpsd: clean up patches gst-plugins-gl: clean up patches gtk: clean up patches bluez: cleanup rules ptxd_make_check_src: not all versions of md5sum support "--quiet" connman: version bump 0.76 -> 0.77 locales: add de_DE.UTF-8 host-tz-database: fix <pkg> / <PKG> naming mismatch kexec-tools: add upstream patch for gcc-4.6 grub: add patches to build with gcc-4.6 lsh: add patch to build with gcc-4.6 oprofile version bump 0.9.6 -> 0.9.7 ptxd_make_xpkg_pkg: use ptxd_install_setup_src in ptxd_install_find add install_alternative_tree command for targetinstall call pre-/postinst scripts in ptxd_make_xpkg_pkg add install_script_replace to replace in pre/post scripts alsa-lib: install all cinfig files smartmontools: version bump 5.39.1 -> 5.42 fluxbox: version bump 1.1.1 -> 1.3.2 memcached: version bump 1.4.5 -> 1.4.10 failmalloc: add patch for glibc-2.14.1 valgrind: version bump 3.6.1 -> 3.7.0 sparsehash: version bump 1.5.2 -> 1.11 memtest86+: fix building with gcc-4.6 cleanup the environment stuff don't call rm for nothing gwt: remove gdk-pixbuf: add options for png & jpeg support libsigcpp: version bump 2.2.3 -> 2.2.10 glibmm: version bump 2.22.1 -> 2.30.1 cairomm: version bump 1.8.0 -> 1.10.0 pangomm: version bump 2.26.0 -> 2.28.4 atkmm: new package gtkmm: version bump 2.18.2 -> 3.2.0 gtk-engines: rename from gtk2-engines and version bump 2.2.0 -> 2.91.1 gtk-{engine,theme}-experience: remove it I'm a maintainer and release manager host-intltool: version bump 0.40.6 -> 0.50.0 glade: version bump 3.4.0 -> 3.10.2 avahi: we now have gtk3 libglade: remove obsolte package lshw: the gui is gtk2 lua: regenerate patches libptxdist: improve version compare libiodbc: mark GUI as broken. It needs GTK+ 2.x gstreamer: remove unnecessary dependency & cleanup more pkg_xpkg_version sanitizing qwt: parallel building should work more pkg_xpkg_version sanitizing and allow overwrite with <PKG>_XPKG_VERSION gitignore: ignore everything in bin/ except ptxdist Add VirtualBox disk image build script install /etc/os-release rootfs: figlet text punctuation marks look better with surrounding spaces libfsl-vpu: configure with --disable-debug ptxd_replace_magic: allow lowercase magic move template generation to a separate script ptxd_template: rewrite rename KERNEL_HEADER_ARCH -> GENERIC_KERNEL_ARCH add kernel-opts for common kernel make opts add generic kconfig based prepare stage kernel: generate URLs from <PKG>_VERSION only add menu for extra kernels add template for extra kernel cairo: install libcairo-gobject when selected ptxd_lib_template: don't use '-' in function names libmemcache: add patch to remove broken 'inline' move some more packages to the python menu libkmod: version bump 2 -> 3 ptxd_make_get: fallback ptxmirror should be the last URL rules/pre: add ptx/mirror macro for multiple mirror URLs rules: use ptx/mirror for all mirror URLs ptxd_make_check_src: support multiple md5sums bluez: add 2. md5sum connman: add 2. md5sum lighttpd: version bump 1.4.28 -> 1.4.30 and cleanup allow install FIFOs with install_node ptxd_make_image_fix_permissions_check: fix for FIFOs udev: use install_tree for custom rules and add license pixman: version bump 0.21.2 -> 0.24.2 and cleanup libkmod: provide modprobe, etc. tools libcaca: force the shell to bash xorg-app-xinit: cleanup rules and fix mcookie path linuximage: cleanup dependencies connman: remove bogus select xmlrpc-c: add patch to fix building with XMLRPC_C_CPLUSPLUS disabled gdb: improve configure options ptxd_make_world_install_pack: fix removing empty directories kernel template: set the same HOST_EXTRACFLAGS as kernel ptxdist: use install to create directories cairo: depend on glib for cairo-gobject gdk-pixbuf: make xorg support explicitly optional lame: new package twolame: new package gst-plugins-ugly: enable lame/twolame plugins ptxd_install_setup_src: improve targetinstall dependencies libkmod: version bump 4 -> 5 xz: new package u-boot: fix indent ptxd_make_xpkg_pkg: fix dependency generation e2fsprogs: cleanup e2fsprogs: version bump 1.41.14 -> 1.42 e2fsprogs: disable uuidd util-linux-ng: add uuidd and cleanup configure options udev: version bump 162/172 -> 172/181 xorg-server: udev input_id is now non-optional udev: add missing dependency barebox_mlo: cleanup fstab: add tmpfs for /run and make /var/run a bind mount for it udev: fix init script libkmod: version bump 5 -> 6 initmethod-bbinit: cleanup ptxd_lib_dgen: simplify deps generation ptxd_lib_dgen: refactor ptxd_lib_dgen: introduce runtime and buildtime dependencies glibc: only a runtime dependency is needed connman: dbus-python and wpa_supplicant are only needed at runtime uclibc: only a runtime dependency is needed systemd: dbus-python is only needed at runtime xorg-app-xinit: xauth and mcookie are only needed at runtime qt4: version bump 4.7.4 -> 4.8.0 qt4: update examples & demos ptxd_lib_dgen: fix for older gawk ptxdist: fix "environment variable PTXDIST_DEP_TARGET undefined" fixme Revert accidentally pushed commit barebox_mlo: fix defaults pyside: broken: no release for Qt 4.8 yet flashbench: Maximum flashbench buffer size is a number be consistent when calling gcc to query toolchain data host-localedef: version bump eglibc-2.11.90-ptx1 -> eglibc-2.14.1-r17443-ptx1 systemd: add patch to fix nmap DoS squashfs-tools: fix building add migrate pattern for GLIBC_LOCALTIME systemd: let systemd create /etc/machine-id and make it permanent in rc-once libkmod: version bump 6 -> 7 udev: version bump 181 -> 182 systemd: version bump 37 -> 44 ptxd_init_sysroot_toolchain: fix setting PTXDIST_SYSROOT_TOOLCHAIN ptxd_install_shared: only look for links in the same directory ptxd_get_lib_dir: also match gstreamer: version bump 0.10.35 -> 0.10.36 gst-plugins-base: version bump 0.10.35 -> 0.10.36 gst-plugins-good: version bump 0.10.30 -> 0.10.31 gst-plugins-bad: version bump 0.10.22 -> 0.10.23 gst-plugins-ugly: version bump 0.10.18 -> 0.10.19 gst-plugins-base: don't indent suboptions gst-plugins-good: don't indent suboptions libgdbus: remove package qt4: fix building with glib >= 2.31 glib: version bump 2.30.2 -> 2.32.1 fakeroot: change libdir, wo LD_LIBRARY_PATH only adds libfakeroot streamer11: new package gst-plugins-base11: new package gst-plugins-good11: new package gst-plugins-bad11: new package gst-plugins-ugly11: new package orc: version bump 0.4.14 -> 0.4.16 libkmod: version bump 7 -> 8 udev: fix typo busybox: add telnetd systemd service urshd: add systemd service host-generatorrunner: version bump 0.6.10 -> 0.6.16 host-apiextractor: version bump 0.10.3 -> 0.10.10 shiboken: version bump 1.0.3 -> 1.1.1 pyside: version bump 4.7+1.0.3 -> 4.8+1.1.1 utelnetd: add systemd service pyside: QT_SRC_DIR is no longer needed host-autotools-autoconf: add patch to fix AC_CHECK_ALIGNOF glib: make sure configure fails instead of reporting '0' alignments zlib: add alternative URL for older versions glib: version bump 2.32.1 -> 2.32.2 Revert "host-autotools-autoconf: add patch to fix AC_CHECK_ALIGNOF" os-release: include build date kernel-header: use .xz as well ptxd_make_image_common: define and use IMAGE_REPO_DIST_DIR ptxd_make_world_install_pack: complain less systemd: make virtual console support optional qt4: version bump 4.8.1 -> 4.8.2 host-ncurses: don't install headers rsyslog: version bump 5.8.5 -> 5.8.11 totd: fix URL wpa_supplicant: version bump 0.7.3 -> 1.0 connman: version bump 0.78 -> 1.0 php: fix building ncurses: fix linker script for ppp: fix building util-linux-ng: version bump 2.20.1 -> 2.21.2 util-linux-ng: don't forget the patches prepare: move autogen into a separate stage autogen-tools: remove obsolete special dependencies xorg-font-arphic-ukai: fix extract xorg-font-arphic-uming: fix extract glib: add patch to avoid unchecked xmllint dependency php5: fix building when sqlite support is disabled libcgic: parallel building is broken libnetfilter_log: version bump 1.0.0 -> 1.0.1 libnetfilter_queue: version bump 1.0.0 -> 1.0.1 libnetfilter_conntrack: version bump 0.9.0 -> 1.0.1 networkmanager: fix dependencies and paths openssh: fix URL libqxt: new md5sum dhcp: enable DHCPv6 with GLOBAL_IPV6 busybox: version bump 1.18.5 -> 1.20.1 barebox: support multiple entires in BAREBOX_EXTRA_ENV_PATH dtc: support multiple device trees in DTC_OFTREE_DTS mtd-utils: add more busybox dependencies xorg-driver-video-intel: version bump 2.14.0 -> 2.19.0 xorg-server: version bump 1.9.3 -> 1.12.2 xorg-proto-xinerama: version bump 1.2 -> 1.2.1 xorg-proto-xf86vidmode: version bump 2.3 -> 2.3.1 xorg-proto-xf86dri: version bump 2.1.0 -> 2.1.1 xorg-proto-xext: version bump 7.1.2 -> 7.2.1 xorg-proto-xcmisc: version bump 1.2.1 -> 1.2.2 xorg-proto-x: version bump 7.0.20 -> 7.0.23 xorg-proto-scrnsaver: version bump 1.2.1 -> 1.2.2 xorg-proto-resource: version bump 1.1.1 -> 1.2.0 xorg-proto-record: version bump 1.14.1 -> 1.14.2 xorg-proto-print: version bump 1.0.4 -> 1.0.5 xorg-proto-kb: version bump 1.0.5 -> 1.0.6 xorg-proto-input: version bump 2.0.1 -> 2.2 xorg-proto-gl: version bump 1.4.12 -> 1.4.15 xorg-proto-fonts: version bump 2.1.1 -> 2.1.2 xorg-proto-fixes: version bump 4.1.2 -> 5.0 xorg-proto-evieext: version bump 1.1.0 -> 1.1.1 xorg-proto-dmx: version bump 2.3 -> 2.3.1 xorg-proto-bigreqs: version bump 1.1.1 -> 1.1.2 xorg-lib-xtrans: version bump 1.2.6 -> 1.2.7 xcb-proto: version bump 1.6 -> 1.7.1 xorg-lib-xau: version bump 1.0.6 -> 1.0.7 xorg-lib-xdmcp: version bump 1.1.0 -> 1.1.1 libxcb: version bump 1.5 -> 1.8.1 xorg-lib-x11: version bump 1.4.0 -> 1.5.0 xorg-lib-xkbfile: version bump 1.0.7 -> 1.0.8 xorg-lib-fontenc: version bump 1.1.0 -> 1.1.1 xorg-lib-dmx: version bump 1.1.1 -> 1.1.2 xorg-lib-xext: version bump 1.2.0 -> 1.3.1 xorg-lib-xxf86vm: version bump 1.1.1 -> 1.1.2 xorg-lib-xxf86dga: version bump 1.1.2 -> 1.1.3 xorg-lib-xvmc: version bump 1.0.6 -> 1.0.7 xorg-lib-xv: version bump 1.0.6 -> 1.0.7 xorg-lib-xtst: version bump 1.2.0 -> 1.2.1 xorg-lib-xi: version bump 1.4.0 -> 1.6.1 xorg-lib-xt: version bump 1.0.9 -> 1.1.3 xorg-lib-xres: version bump 1.0.5 -> 1.0.6 xorg-lib-xrender: version bump 0.9.6 -> 0.9.7 xorg-lib-xrandr: version bump 1.3.1 -> 1.3.2 xorg-lib-xpm: version bump 3.5.9 -> 3.5.10 xorg-lib-xp: version bump 1.0.0 -> 1.0.1 xorg-lib-xmu: version bump 1.1.0 -> 1.1.1 xorg-lib-xinerama: version bump 1.1.1 -> 1.1.2 xorg-lib-xft: version bump 2.2.0 -> 2.3.1 xorg-lib-xfont: version bump 1.4.3 -> 1.4.5 xorg-lib-xfixes: version bump 4.0.5 -> 5.0 xorg-lib-xcursor: version bump 1.1.11 -> 1.1.13 xorg-lib-xaw: version bump 1.0.8 -> 1.0.11 xorg-lib-xscrnsaver: version bump 1.2.1 -> 1.2.2 xorg-lib-sm: version bump 1.2.0 -> 1.2.1 xorg-lib-ice: version bump 1.0.7 -> 1.0.8 xorg-lib-fs: version bump: 1.0.3 -> 1.0.4 libpciaccess: version bump 0.12.0 -> 0.13.1 dri2proto: version bump 2.3 -> 2.6 pixman: version bump 0.24.2 -> 0.26.0 host-makedepend: version bump 1.0.2 -> 1.0.4 host-xorg-util-macros: version bump 1.11.0 -> 1.17 xorg-font-util: version bump 1.2.0 -> 1.3.0 xorg-font-adobe-utopia-75dpi: version bump 1.0.3 -> 1.0.4 xorg-app-iceauth: version bump 1.0.4 -> 1.0.5 xorg-app-mkfontdir: version bump 1.0.6 -> 1.0.7 xorg-app-mkfontscale: version bump 1.0.8 -> 1.1.0 xorg-app-setxkbmap: version bump 1.2.0 -> 1.3.0 xorg-app-xauth: version bump 1.0.5 -> 1.0.7 xorg-app-xdm: version bump 1.1.10 -> 1.1.11 xorg-app-xev: version bump 1.1.0 -> 1.2.0 xorg-app-xhost: version bump 1.0.4 -> 1.0.5 xorg-app-xinit: version bump 1.2.1 -> 1.3.2 xorg-app-xinput: version bump 1.5.3 -> 1.6.0 xorg-app-xkbcomp: version bump 1.2.0 -> 1.2.4 xorg-app-xprop: version bump 1.2.0 -> 1.2.1 xorg-app-xrandr: version bump 1.3.4 -> 1.3.5 xorg-app-xrdb: version bump 1.0.7 -> 1.0.9 xorg-app-xset: version bump 1.2.1 -> 1.2.2 xorg-driver-input-evdev: version bump 2.5.0 -> 2.7.0 xorg-driver-input-keyboard: version bump 1.5.0 -> 1.6.1 xorg-driver-input-mouse: version bump 1.6.0 -> 1.7.2 xorg-driver-input-void: version bump 1.3.1 -> 1.4.0 xorg-driver-video-apm: version bump 1.2.3 1.2.4 xorg-driver-video-ati: version bump 6.13.2 -> 6.14.5 xorg-driver-video-dummy: version bump 0.3.4 -> 0.3.5 xorg-driver-video-vesa: version bump 2.3.0 -> 2.3.1 libdrm: version bump 2.4.26 -> 2.4.35 sdl: version bump 1.2.14 -> 1.2.15 xorg-app-xev: add missing dependencies mesalib: version bump 7.8.2 -> 8.0.3 xorg-driver-video-intel: fix typo xorg-server: cleanup & fix host-xorg-server: add missing dependencies ptxd_make_image_prepare_work_dir: refactor ptxd_get_ipkg_files: package list as arguments ptxd_make_image_extract_xpkg_files: make image_work_dir an argument set opkg/ipkg variables in ptx/env finish: same output as 'touch' but without touching the file libptxdist: define ptxd_get_alternative ptxd_init_sysroot_toolchain: improve sysroot detection ptxd_abspath: fix for directories ending with '..' host-package-management: use opkg by default ptxd_make_image_fix_permissions: fix after refactoring ptxd_lib_dgen: start refactoring ptxd_lib_dgen: more refactoring ptxd_lib_dgen: first steps for image packages ptxd_make_image_common: define world/image/env for image packages rrdtool: version bump 1.4.5 -> 1.4.7 mesalib: needs python-libxml2 ptxd_lib_dgen: fix image dependencies templates: be more verbose when generating files Toplevel.make: include PTX_DGEN_DEPS_POST later ptxd_make_image_archive: new function to create tarball images templates: add image-tgz template host-libconfuse: new package host-genimage: new package ptxd_make_image_genimage: generate images with 'genimage' templates: add image-genimage template host-e2fsprogs: cleanup and add configure options xorg-driver-video-ati: fix host-e2fsprogs: enable htree & compression Rules.make: use -isystem instead of -I for $(PTXDIST_SYSROOT_HOST)/include host-localedef: use LDFLAGS attr: fix building with sh == dash xterm: version bump 271 -> 279 xorg-driver-input-tslib: fix building with latest xorg mesalib: MESALIB_CONF_ENV must contain $(CROSS_ENV) host-attr: fix building with sh == dash host-attr: really fix building with sh == dash grub: fix typo flup: needs python hashlib which needs openssl xorg-driver-input-tslib: add patch to fix name collision wxwidgets: broken for now xorg-app-xdm: fix typo libkmod: version bump 8 -> 9 ptxd_install_file_strip: strip .GCC.command.line section ptxd_make_image_genimage: handle includes and dependencies images: define image rules only for selected images host-genimage: version bump 1 -> 2 improve image templates template-image-genimage: call correct function to generate the image qt4: fix typo ptxd_lib_dgen: image-<pkg> should depend on $(<PKG>_IMAGE) ptxd_lib_template: print paths relative to $PWD ptxd_lib_template: image files should start with 'image-' ptxdist: try to keep PTXDIST_PLATFORMCONFIGDIR relative to PTXDIST_WORKSPACE ptxd_lib_template: image-genimage: use package name as default config name xorg-app-xinput: add missing dependency sdl: add license bash: fix typo in ptx/endis gnuplot: remove obsolte option coreutils: fix typo and remove bogus lines host-kaffe: remove old file initng: fix typos iproute2: fix typo libusb: LIBUSB_BUILD_STATIC no longer exists links: fix typo lm_sensors: LM_SENSORS_SENSORS_DETECT was removed poppler: fix typo rt-tests: add missing menu entry splashutils: fix typo timezone: cleanup and remove bogus entry xorg-lib-X11: kconfig symbols must be all uppercase xorg-server: XORG_SERVER_EXT_MULTIBUFFER is not defined cifs-utils: new package ddrescue: new package expat: cleanup htop: version bump 0.8.3 -> 1.0.1 udev: new versions need /run to function properly host-genimage: version bump 2 -> 3 boot-mlo.vfat: cleanup rules add some example new-style image rules barebox: build with $(PARALLELMFLAGS) barebox: add option to install target 'bareboxenv' xmlrpc-c: version bump 1.06.41 -> 1.06.42 gst-plugins-good11: linux/videodev2.h from kernel headers can be usefull dtc: move dtb dependencies to post/ libqxt: fix configure options dts: depend on the kernel source tree rtmpdump: new package gst-plugins-bad11: enable rtmp plugin libptxdist: add file descriptor to log only to the logfile dependencies on rc-one are runtime only ptxdist: add --verbose option and start using it systemd: version bump 44 -> 187 rc-one: use systemd system-update mechanism dbus: fix generating /etc/machine-id python: add patch to fix building without openssl host-shiboken: explicitly set -DDISABLE_DOCSTRINGS:BOOL=ON libpcre: add missing dependencies systemd: add patches for build and runtime issues gst-plugins-bad11: add some missing plugins libptxdist: really fix verbose printing initmethod-systemd: add more empty folders for ifupdown mono: fix URL latencytop: fix URL unzip: fix URL memtest: fix URL xcursor-transparent-theme: fix URL host-autotools-libtool: don't build static libs host-gettext-dummy: don't build static libs host-gettext: don't build static libs host-libffi: don't build static libs host-libiconv: don't build static libs host-opkg: don't build static libs host-xz: don't build static libs ncurses: don't build static libs dbus: version bump 1.6.0 -> 1.6.4 host-dbus: explicitly list all relevant configure options host-dbus-glib: don't build static libs host-eggdbus: don't build static libs host-expat: don't build static libs host-freetype: don't build static libs host-libxml2: don't build static libs host-libxslt: don't build static libs host-xorg-lib-Xfont: don't build static libs dbus-glib: don't build static libs eggdbus: don't build static libs libxml2: don't build static libs libxslt: don't build static libs host-unfs3: new package libptxdist: add ptxd_get_kconfig ptxdist: add command to export the nfsroot with a userspace nfsd host-acl: fix HOST_ACL_INSTALL_OPT host-fakeroot: depend on host-acl qt4: version bump 4.8.2 -> 4.8.3 ptxdist: add compiler check for 'nfsroot' libkmod: verion bump 9 -> 10 host-unfs3: fix patch ptxd_make_nfsd: export the whole platform systemd: call aclocal with '-I m4' udev: fix installing legacy udev rsyslog: fix for new systemd systemd: needs libdl dbus: no need to create /etc/machine-id if systemd is doing it systemd: version bump 189 -> 193 sshd@.service: mark 255 as successful exit status ptxd_make_nfsd: don't depend on world boost: version bumpt 1.47.0 -> 1.51.0 dt: fix dependencies and build environment telnetd/urshd: start only with ptxdist-devel in the kernel command line host-genimage: version bump 3 -> 4 add new-style rules for root.cpio/root.cpio.gz fake-overlayfs: add systemd support fake-overlayfs: fix typo in init script ptxd_make_image_genimage: allow specifying packages directly ptxd_template_new_image_tgz: fix filename bash_completion: simplify host-libgcrypt: add dummy package to provide libgcrypt.m4 systemd: version bump 193 -> 194 wpa_supplicant: install wpa_supplicant.service libpng: don't forget the patches for the new version ptx/collection: new macro to generate a package list from a collectionconfig ssmtp: use global IPv6 option install_fixup: allow expanding controls with arbitrary lines busybox: version bump 1.20.1 -> 1.20.2 add a separate package for /etc/machine-id kconfig: update to v3.6-10970-g4d7127d ptxdist: add 'image' command do build individual images bash_completion: add 'image' and 'nfsroot' commands gettext: version bump: 0.18.1 -> libvorbis: version bump 1.2.3 -> 1.3.3 fixup! libvorbis: version bump 1.2.3 -> 1.3.3 kconfig: save last change for future versions iptables: version bump 1.4.14 -> xterm: version bump 279 -> 284 systemd: add patch for correct __NR_name_to_handle_at on !x86 dbus-glib: version bump 0.92 -> 0.100 networkmanager: version bump 0.9.4 -> 0.9.6 ppp: add patch to build with newer kernel headers busybox: add upstream patch to fix building with newer glibc tiobench: add patch to to fix building with newer glibc ptxd_lib_dgen: is now called in, so depend on autogen-tools there libcgi: fix typo libpipeline: version bump 1.2.0 -> 1.2.2 coreutils: version bump 8.5 -> 8.19 valgrind: version bump 3.7.0 -> 3.8.1 linuximage.lzo: let lzop write to stdout libnetpbm: version bump 10.35.72 -> 10.35.86 poco: version bump 1.4.1p1 -> 1.4.4 libdrm: move to multimedia_libs libpthread-stubs: move to system_libraries post/dts: fix for multiple dts files protobuf: new package systemd: version bump 194 -> 195 dtc: add extra dependency, so that "ptxdist targetinstall kernel" also updates the device trees fixup! wrapper: introduce a wrapper for cc, c++ and ld dbus: improve configure options machine-id: fix rc.once script for rw rootfs ptxd_make_get: don't use server timestamps Revert "wrapper: introduce a wrapper for cc, c++ and ld" sdl-ttf: force disabling OpenGL support qt4: make sure the buildsystem does not strip the libraries scripts: move ptxd_init_ptxdist_path_sysroot from ptxd_init_ptxdist_path to ptxd_make_init connman: remove old patches pcre: remove old patches cmake: remove old patches libcurl: remove old patches dejagnu: remove patches libsigcpp: remove old patches gtk-engines: remove old links: version bump 2.2 -> 2.7 systemd: add some missing configure options libcgi: fix the library name and recreate patches php5: force cross-compiling gettext-dummy: don't use macros glib: version bump: 2.32.3 -> 2.34.1 initng: fix building with -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=2 nano: version bump 1.3.12 -> 2.3.1 fbv: configure with --disable-debug bash_completion: rework and improve bash_completion: generate and cache options bash_completion: generate and cache newpackage options bash_completion: generate and cache commands bash_completion: suppress errors when printing PTX_PACKAGES_SELECTED bash_completion: no need for pushd/popd in a subshell bash_completion: options a always valid ptxdist: accept the long option --keep-going libcgi: use install_lib to match what is actually installed ptxd_make_get: touch the file instead of wget --no-use-server-timestamps iproute2: fix URL ptxd_lib_dgen: image target may need ipkg/opkg barebox: in new versions barebox-flash-image is used instead of barebox.bin tslib: add upstream patch to fix compiling with _FORTIFY_SOURCE cross-libkmod: new package kernel: use depmod from cross-libkmod cross-module-init-tools: remove obsolte package cross-libtool: remove duplicate package change cross-libkmod -> host-libkmod Revert "cross-libtool: remove duplicate package" cross-libtool: fix URL wrapper: optimize syslinux: blacklist TARGET_HARDEN_PIE systemd: blacklist TARGET_HARDEN_PIE for x86 and PPC grub: blacklist TARGET_HARDEN_PIE kernel: set wrapper blacklist libmikmod: add patch to fix libmikmod-config for SYSROOT dhex: fix building with toolchain wrapper largefile: also enable BUSYBOX_LFS machine-id: rc-once is a runtime dependency ptxd_make_get: set PTXdist as user agent ptxd_make_get: don't accept HTML files wrapper: abort if system paths are added icu: new package python: define and use CROSS_PYTHON dbus-python: explicitly use CROSS_PYTHON libdmtx: explicitly use CROSS_PYTHON libpv: explicitly use CROSS_PYTHON pygobject: explicitly use CROSS_PYTHON python-imaging: explicitly use CROSS_PYTHON python: don't create '$(PTXCONF_SYSROOT_CROSS)/bin/python' link qt4: version bump 4.8.3 -> 4.8.4 flup: explicitly use CROSS_PYTHON gpsd: explicitly use CROSS_PYTHON apache2_mod_python: set python to CROSS_PYTHON gnutls: fix building with glibc 2.16 gst-plugins-good: add upstream patch to fix building with newer kernel headers apache2_mod_python: use CROSS_PYTHON correctly busybox: needs libcrypt if build without its own crypt functions wrapper: fix ld args for '$*' == '-v' xmlstarlet: needs LIBXML2_SAX1 v4l-utils: version bump 0.8.4 -> 0.9.1 calibrator: set LDLIBS=-m instead of LDFLAGS=-m fbgrab: cleanup and fix building with newer toolchains file: move host 'file' out of sysroot-host/bin parted: fix building with glibc 2.16 gawk: conflict with busybox awk xz: confict with busybox unxz coreutils: confict with busybox groups/users apr: set apr_cv_pthreads_lib="-lpthread" xmlrpc-c: fix building with newer toolchains xmlrpc-c: realy fix building flashbench: fix building with newer toolchains xawtv: cleanup & fix building with newer toolchains wrapper: don't add linker flags if there is nothing to link busybox: add latest upstream patch & reorder patches ask python for the path to its Makefile host-opkg-utils: add patch to fix opkg package creation on openSUSE 12.2 bash_completion: fix completion for 'clean' host-ipkg-utils: add patch to fix ipkg package creation on openSUSE 12.2 gzip: new package don't use 'xargs -r', it's a GNU extension gzip: fix copy-paste error qt4: disable precompiled headers qt4: use $(PARALLELMFLAGS) when building qmake ptxdist: cleanup output redirection ptxd_verbose: fix logfile file descriptor wrapper: add library search paths at the end canutils: fix url wrapper: add options for --as-needed wrapper: fix copy/paste error in add_late_arg install_copy_toolchain: handle linker scripts with absolute paths including sysroot ptxd_install_toolchain_lib: just follow links if the prefix cannot be detected use PTXDIST_SYSROOT_TOOLCHAIN ptxd_install_toolchain_lib: use ptxd_install_shared move ptxd_abs2rel to install_copy_toolchain: remove hack gcclibs: should be a base package ptxd_lib_dgen: define <PKG>_SOURCES and use it in export_src host-tz-database: define HOST_TZ_DATABASE_SOURCES bootchart: conflict with busybox bootchartd bridge-utils: conflict with busybox brctl bzip2: conflict with busybox bzip2 dropbear: conflict with openssh scp kbd: conflict with busybox setkeycodes/showkey/chvt/deallocvt ntp: conflict with busybox ntpd openntpd: conflict with busybox ntpd timeout: conflict with busybox timeout util-linux-ng: conflict with busybox mountpoint/taskset/blkid/findfs qmake: make builds silent unless ptxdist is started with '-v' gtk-engines: fix installing themes ptxd_make_world_get: use <PKG>_SOURCES in the default get stage ptxd_lib_dgen: let <pkg>.get depend on <PKG>_SOURCES instead of <PKG>_SOURCE host-tz-database: use new 'get' magic xorg-fonts: generate fonts.dir etc. only if Xorg is used xorg-font-ttf: only select libXfont freetype support if libXfont is actually enabled perl: new package vim: new package msmtp: new package psmisc: new package tar: new package p7zip: new package libarchive: new package perl: use gcc as linker Revert "xorg-fonts: generate fonts.dir etc. only if Xorg is used" udev: fix dependencies wget: disable documentation tools grep: disable documentation/i18n tools grub: fix typo ptxd_init_sysroot_toolchain: print error message when toolchain sysroot cannot be detected ptxdist: check_premake_compiler must be called before ptxd_make_log systemd: fix dependencies klibc: fix md5sum lighttpd: version bump 1.4.30 -> 1.4.32 lighttpd: rework options and configuration lighttpd: log to syslog host-mesalib: fix building with host wrapper policycoreutils: fix python install path policycoreutils: add missing '\' in POLICYCOREUTILS_MAKE_ENV wrapper: save some variables duing initialization busybox: add missing dependency host-glib: fix python search paths in gdbus-codegen fake-overlayfs: fix installing systemd unit libsemanage: don't add 'all' to the make options world: rewrite command to make commandline shorter networkmanager: version bump -> crda: version bump 1.1.2 -> 1.1.3 initialize /run/resolv.conf with the content of /proc/net/pnp gnuplot: cleanup ntp: add systemd unit libftdi1: disable rpath host-genimage: version bump 4 -> 5 kernel: HOST_CPPFLAGS are now added by the wrapper host-ckermit: cleanup options templates: HOST_CPPFLAGS are now added by the wrapper zlib: CROSS_CPPFLAGS is now added by the wrapper busybox: CROSS_CFLAGS are now added by the wrapper libmemcache: remove patch that updates configure etc. host-mkelfimage: cleanup host-cramfs: cleanup iproute2: cleanup util-linux-ng: version bump 2.21.2 -> 2.22.2 gstreamer11: version bump 0.11.3 -> 1.0.6 gst-plugins-base11: version bump 0.11.3 -> 1.0.6 orc: version bump 0.4.16 -> 0.4.17 gst-plugins-good11: version bump 0.11.3 -> 1.0.6 gst-plugins-bad11: version bump 0.11.2 -> 1.0.6 gst-plugins-ugly11: version bump 0.11.2 -> 1.0.6 gstreamer1: rename all packages gst*11 -> gst*1 zlib: fix building host-util-linux-ng: update configure otions to latest version gstreamer1: fix prelink config opus: new package gst-plugins-bad1: sort dependencies gst-plugins-bad1: enable opus devicekit-disks: cleanup dependencies fake-overlayfs: cleanup dependencies inetutils: cleanup dependencies ipkg: cleanup dependencies owfs: cleanup dependencies policycoreutils: cleanup dependencies rsync: cleanup dependencies rsync3: cleanup dependencies udisks: cleanup dependencies util-linux-ng: cleanup dependencies xorg-options: cleanup dependencies rootfs: cleanup dependencies ltp: mark as broken xorg-app-xkbcomp: cleanup dependencies gst-plugins-gl: fix dependencies vo-aacenc: new package gst-plugins-bad1: enable voaacenc zlib: fix configure options udev: use '<sym> = no' for module symbols iptables: use '<sym> = no' for module symbols commoncpp2: cleanup options gtk: disabling xkb is broken serdisplib: force disable libgd & libSDL qt4: nmbearer is only built if dbus is enabled qt4-demos: fix dependencies host-apr-util: use host-expat libiodbc: disable broken option evtest: fix dependencies libgsf: fix dependencies pciutils: the ids a not compressed, when compression is disabled xorg-lib-xfont: disable broken option xorg-lib-X11: libxcb is always required lame: fix optimization lame: actually install the frontend if enabled ptxdist: add randconfig option openntpd: version bump 3.7p1 -> 3.9p1 cvs: fix dependencies gtk: fix dependencies php5: fix dependencies u-boot-tools: only copy fw_printenv if it's actually built xorg-font-micro-misc: create dir before install into it kernel-header: fix default md5 for .tar.xz avahi: avahi-gobject needs avahi-glib xorg-server: fix dependencies opkg: disable broken dependency libgsf: always needs intltool bash: force enable broken option gst-plugins-gl: disable examples pixman: version bump 0.26.0 -> 0.28.2 wayland: version bump 1.0.5 -> 1.1.0 libkmod: version bump 10 -> 13 v4l-utils: version bump 0.9.1 -> 0.9.5 host-libpcre: fix section wrapper: remove wrapper dir from PATH before executing the real tool gstreamer1: version bump 1.0.6 -> 1.0.7 gst-plugins-base1: version bump 1.0.6 -> 1.0.7 gst-plugins-good1: version bump 1.0.6 -> 1.0.7 gst-plugins-bad1: version bump 1.0.6 -> 1.0.7 pixman: version bump 0.28.2 -> 0.30.0 lm_sensors: cleanup libkmod: disable manpages host-libkmod: disable manpages systemd: version bump 195 -> 204 networkmanager: sync systemd services with upstream host-systemd: configure with --enable-largefile dtc: pre-process device-trees with cpp gst-plugins-bad1: dvb plugin has been ported setup: don't use /usr as default jdk path host-system-jdk: new package host-system-perl: new package host-system-python: new package classpath: use host-system-jdk rxtx: use host-system-jdk jvisu: use host-system-jdk host-intltool: use host-system-perl mesalib: use host-system-python libmikmod: don't build docs cross-insight: make 'makeinfo' a noop systemd: install /lib/systemd/systemd-random-seed if enabled host-system-ruby: new package host-system-python: remove bogus default ptxdist: use $TMPDIR for PTXDIST_TEMPDIR if set kernel-header: handle verbose building kernel-header: needs perl host-autotools-automake: needs perl host-autotools-autoconf: needs perl gstreamer: disable static libffi: explicitly set configure options libxcb: disable static systemd: only start a getty on tty1 if virtual console support is enabled propagate result in test_end host-qemu: allow building with vde enabled ptxd_in_path: don't add trailing '/' ptxdist: also source ptxd_lib_*.sh from BSP and platform libezv24: add configure options dbus: version bump 1.6.4 -> 1.6.10 util-linux-ng: version bump 2.22.2 -> 2.23.1 host-qemu: version bump 1.4.1 -> 1.5.0 util-linux-ng: ddate no longer exists python: version bump 2.6.6 -> 2.7.5 flup: fix building for python2.7 pyside: fix building with python2.7 glib: version bump 2.34.3 -> 2.36.3 kconfig: update to v3.10-rc5 e2fsprogs: version bump 1.42.4 -> 1.42.7 busybox: version bump 1.20.2 -> 1.21.0 libffi: version bump 3.0.11 -> 3.0.13 kernel-header: default to the currently used kernel version iproute2: version bump 2.6.39 -> 3.9.0 ptxd_make_get: support git urls gstreamer1: version bump 1.0.7 -> 1.0.8 gst-plugins-base1: version bump 1.0.7 -> 1.0.8 gst-plugins-good1: version bump 1.0.7 -> 1.0.8 gst-plugins-bad1: version bump 1.0.7 -> 1.0.8 gst-plugins-ugly1: version bump 1.0.6 -> 1.0.8 rt-tests: libnuma is not available so don't try to use it kexec-tools: add patch to fix building on PPC glib: version bump 2.36.3 -> 2.36.4 gstreamer1: version bump 1.0.8 -> 1.0.10 gst-plugins-base1: version bump 1.0.8 -> 1.0.10 gst-plugins-good1: version bump 1.0.8 -> 1.0.10 gst-plugins-ugly1: version bump 1.0.8 -> 1.0.10 gst-plugins-bad1: version bump 1.0.8 -> 1.0.10 orc: version bump 0.4.17 -> 0.4.18 qt4: version bump 4.8.4 -> 4.8.5 wrapper: define add_late_opt_arg() wrapper: add debugging options wrapper: make -frecord-gcc-switches optional ptxd_install_run: don't hard-code nfsroot dirs again ptxd_install_find: declare local variables gstreamer1: version bump 1.0.10 -> 1.2.0 gst-plugins-base1: version bump 1.0.10 -> 1.2.0 gst-plugins-good1: version bump 1.0.10 -> 1.2.0 gst-plugins-bad1: version bump 1.0.10 -> 1.2.0 gst-plugins-ugly1: version bump 1.0.10 -> 1.2.0 gst-plugins-bad1: use kernel headers ptxd_install_file_strip: move dir logic here ptxd_make_xpkg_pkg: add separate debug files to nfsroot fake-overlayfs: mount bind-mount private and read-only wrapper: allow blacklisting all debug options with TARGET_DEBUG kernel: blacklist wrapper debug options barebox: add wrapper blacklist fuse: version bump 2.9.0 -> 2.9.3 libdrm: version bump 2.4.35 -> 2.4.46 glew: version bump 1.5.2 -> 1.10.0 wayland: version bump 1.1.0 -> 1.2.1 mesalib: version bump 8.0.3 -> 9.2.0 mesa-demos: version bump 8.0.1 -> 8.1.0 glu: new package gst-plugins-gl: select GLU host-mesalib: needs python with libxml2 host-libusb: make is selectable in the platform host-mesalib: enforce the correct python gst-plugins-bad1: add patch to fix building on PPC mesalib: disable r300 on x86 again wrapper: fix debug handling ptxd_install_file_strip: handle objcopy with broken '--compress-debug-sections' gstreamer1: version bump 1.2.0 -> 1.2.1 gst-plugins-base1: version bump 1.2.0 -> 1.2.1 gst-plugins-good1: version bump 1.2.0 -> 1.2.1 gst-plugins-bad1: version bump 1.2.0 -> 1.2.1 gst-plugins-ugly1: version bump 1.2.0 -> 1.2.1 networkmanager: version bump -> ptxdist: allow whitelisting variables from the environment ptxd_init_ptxdist_path: avoid duplicate entries in PTXDIST_PATH wireless: add patch to fix building with newer toolchains libxmlconfig: fix building with newer toolchains host-openssl: Fix build with Perl 5.18.0 oprofile: version bump 0.9.7 -> 0.9.9 sjinn: overwrite CFLAGS to remove '-pg' valgrind: version bump 3.8.1 -> 3.9.0 ptxd_init_save_wrapper_env: skip if the wrapper dir does not exist boost: add patch to fix build failures gst-plugins-bad1: remove old patches gdb/gdbserver: don't build a PIE on x86 mesalib: always select expat wireshark: don't run target tshark setup: add primary sites as fallback to the default mirrors rt-tests: version bump 0.85 -> 0.87 openssl: fix URL fbgrab: fix URL commoncpp2: fix URL xcursor-transparent-theme: fix URL libarchive: fix URL libmxml: fix URL bridge-utils: add patch to build with newer kernel headers db: don't use special mutex on arm gst-plugins-good: fix building with newer kernel headers libtremor: fix building on ARM for --with-mode=thumb toolchains strace: add upstream patch to build with glibc-2.18 mpg123: version bump 1.13.3 -> 1.16.0 ptxdistrc.default: add as kernel mirror rc-once: enter rescue mode if rc-once fails introduce staging menu mplayer: move to staging gstreamer: add upstream patch to fix building with bison 3 upstart: move to staging sqlite: don't forget CROSS_ENV in SQLITE_CONF_ENV jvisu: enforce correct encoding acpid: move to staging grep: version bump 2.5.3 -> 2.16 setup: sync Kconfig and ptxdistrc.default libsndfile: use the default large file check macro libsndfile: create a proper pre/Rules: readd CC/CXX to HOST_ENV icu: version bump 50.1 -> 52.1 icu: --enable-tools is needed for libicutu host-glib: fix sysroot fixup fontconfig: version bump 2.6.0 -> 2.11.0 freetype: version bump 2.3.11 -> 2.5.2 dnsmasq: add systemd unit rc-once: finish before xorg-lib-xft: fix building with freetype 2.5.2 splashutils: move to staging python-imaging: fix building with FreeType 2.5.1 glib: version bump 2.36.4 -> 2.38.2 openssl: version bump 1.0.0k -> 1.0.1f busybox: version bump 1.21.0 -> 1.22.0 coreutils: version bump 8.19 -> 8.22 dbus: version bump 1.6.10 -> 1.6.18 util-linux-ng: version bump 2.23.1 -> 2.24 openssh: version bump 5.8p2 -> 6.4p1 kconfig: update to v3.13 binutils: add upstream patch to fix installing libiberty util-linux-ng: don't forget the patches ptxd_make_world_clean: ignore missing directories ptxd_lib_dgen.awk: cleanup alignment libdrm: kmstest and modetest are only available if libkms is enabled template: barebox: add wrapper blacklist template: kernel: add wrapper blacklist mesalib: version bump 9.2.0 -> 10.0.2 ptxd_make_get: cleanup ptxd_make_world_get: setup variables are alwasys set setup: always define mirrors setup: allow whitelisting URLs when 'only use PTXdist Mirror' is enabled ptxd_make_get: make it more generic barebox: use images/barebox-*.img as images sqlite: version bump -> trace-cmd: version bump 1.0.5 -> 2.3.1 poco: version bump 1.4.4 -> 1.4.6p2 sqlite: switch pack to autoconf sources poco: don't forget the patches boost: remove old obsolete patches libpcap: version bump 1.4.0 -> 1.5.3 wireshark: version bump 1.8.7 -> 1.10.5 ifplugd: move comment to fix menu mesalib: readd host-mesalib: cleanup host-glib: remove obsolete configure option host-python: update configure options host-dbus-glib: remove obsolete configure option trace-cmd: fix md5sum host-python3: update configure options host-xorg-lib-x11: cleanup configure options wireshark: cleanup configure options host-util-linux-ng :cleanup configure options libpcap: no rpath for '${SYSROOT}/usr/lib' tcpdump: version bump 4.1.1 -> 4.5.1 openssl: always build shared libraries rt-tests: add patch for missing dependencies opkg-utils: make package readable by dpkg again myodbc: move to staging php5: depend on staging for mysql support myodbc: fix typo python: add patch to make sure fakeroot works correctly python3: add patch to make sure fakeroot works correctly rtmpdump: add missing dependencies libsoup: add missing dependency shiboken: add missing dependency Kconfig: fix 'module' handling freeglut: add missing dependency xorg-server: enable the Xorg server by default iputils: only build the selected tools dtc: abort when trying to generate a dtb without dts dtc: move temporary device tree to statedir libbsd: fix building with a 'md5.h' in sysroot-target/usr/include tslib: version bump 1.0 -> 1.1 gstreamer1: version bump 1.2.1 -> 1.2.3 gst-plugins-base1: version bump 1.2.1 -> 1.2.3 gst-plugins-good1: version bump 1.2.1 -> 1.2.3 gst-plugins-bad1: version bump 1.2.1 -> 1.2.3 gst-plugins-ugly1: version bump 1.2.1 -> 1.2.3 ptxd_make_image_genimage: actually use loop variable dtc: fix dtb dependency handling icu: separate data file gettext: version bump -> ptxdist: atomically replace wrapper links ptxdist: don't create the logfile until the platformdir is verified ptxdist: allow multiple arguments for 'ptxdist print' bash_completion: cache package list when possible platforms: simplify platforms/Kconfig platforms: remove old FLASH_BLOCKSIZE options platforms: move into a generated section platform: create a generated section for device tree options platforms: move kernel into a generated section dtc: improve dependency handling aumix: add custom icu: the database name changes with the endianess host-tntnet: fix HOST_TNTNET_DIR xorg-font-cursor-misc: don't enable by default xorg-font-misc-misc: don't enable by default ptxd_make_world_extract: add sanity check ptxd_make_world_get: check for file:// URL and <PKG>_SOURCE here dfu-util: make sure libusb is handled correctly ptxdist: fix check_compiler when building toolchains ptxd_make_world_extract: don't break packages with ${pkg_deprecated_extract_dir} set fam: cleanup rules xorg-font-arphic-ukai: cleanup xorg-font-arphic-uming: cleanup nettle: version bump 2.5 -> 2.7.1 gnutls: version bump 2.12.21 -> openldap: --with-tls=gnutls breaks with new gnutls local-src: allow to remove the link ptxdist: fix local-src documentation lsh: define includedir and libdir templates: remove fancy version magic templates: allow overwriting template files in the BSP nettle: install libhogweed host-genimage: version bump 5 -> 6 host-squashfs-tools: support xz compression host-squashfs-tools: make sure -llzma is found mesalib: version bump 10.0.2 -> 10.1.0 host-autotools-autoconf: version bump 2.68 -> 2.69 Revert "aumix: add custom" libmng: fix buildsystem for automake 1.14 libdmtx: add patch for automake 1.14 ima-evm-utils: add patch for automake 1.14 host-autotools-automake: version bump 1.11.1 -> 1.14.1 e2fsprogs: set --with-root-prefix= grub: fix building with new automake ptxdist: fix logfile fold marker host-cython: for host packages the prefix is "" iptables: version bump -> 1.4.21 iptables: workaround for broken configure script xcb-proto: version bump 1.7.1 -> 1.10 libxcb: version bump 1.8.1 -> 1.10 libxkbcommon: version bump 0.2.0 -> 0.4.0 pslib: new package wayland: version bump 1.2.1 -> 1.4.0 python: let CROSS_PYTHON find site-packages in SYSROOT_HOST usbutils: version bump 004 -> 007 migrate: add patters for PTXCONF_LIBUSB_DISABLE_LOG -> PTXCONF_LIBUSB_LOG remove gettext-dummy remove host-gettext-dummy as well openssl: version bump 1.0.1f -> 1.0.1g nfsutils: version bump 1.2.3 -> 1.3.0 nfsutils: add systemd units for nfs client support perl: version bump 5.14.2 -> 5.18.2 ptxd_make_world_prepare: support <PKG>_CONF_TOOL := perl perl: add menu for modules net-server-perl: new package munin: new package digest-hmac-perl: new package net-ip-perl: new package socket6-perl: new package io-socket-inet6-perl: new package net-dns-perl: new package heirloom-mailx: new package ssmtp: install config file perl: name the wrapper 'cross-perl' to avoid name clashes with system perl perl: define the linker correctly again host-qemu: version bump 1.5.0 -> 2.0.0 orc: version bump 0.4.18 -> 0.4.19 e2fsprogs: add missing busybox dependency image_tgz: cleanup quoting and make the message nicer perl: cleanup thread handling gstreamer1: version bump 1.2.3 -> 1.2.4 gst-plugins-base1: version bump 1.2.3 -> 1.2.4 gst-plugins-good1: version bump 1.2.3 -> 1.2.4 gst-plugins-bad1: version bump 1.2.3 -> 1.2.4 gst-plugins-ugly1: version bump 1.2.3 -> 1.2.4 qt4: version bump 4.8.2 -> 4.8.3 evtest: version bump 1.25 -> 1.31 pureftpd: version bump 1.0.32 -> 1.0.36 evtest: use a stable tarball host-unfs3: add upstream patch for 64-bit Linux host systems rc-once: make it possible to run rc-once again if necessary machine-id: activate rc-once in postinst openssh: activate rc-once in postinst prelink: activate rc-once in postinst dropbear: activate rc-once in postinst xorg-fonts: add rc-once script to generate a fontconfig cache image-root-ubifs: add rules for generic UBIFS image image-root-ubi: add rules for generic UBI image image-hdimg: add generic HD image xorg-fonts: fix postinst connman: use the correct policykit package hal: move to staging policykit: move to staging poppler: jpeg support fails to build with jpeg-9a targetinfo/touch: make it work with quiet ptxd_make mesa: explicitly specify dri-driverdir image_tgz: fix quoting gnutls: version bump: -> 3.2.15 openssl: version bump 1.0.1g -> 1.0.1h introduce <PKG>_{CPPFLAGS,CFLAGS,CXXFLAGS,LDFLAGS} wrapper: add '-mfpu=neon' for PTXCONF_ARCH_ARM_NEON vo-aacenc: add cflags via VO_AACENC_CFLAGS jamvm: add cflags via JAMVM_CFLAGS libtremor: use <PKG>_CFLAGS host-lndir: use the xorg mirror pureftpd: fix startup with systemd and no upload script wrapper: don't use target flags for the host compiler qt4: don't generate thumb code when WebKit and NEON is enabled image-root-ext: allow percentages for the size dtc: Seperate path and filename of dts host-qt4: enable parallel building for qmake useless use of cat libptxdist: remove some useless echo define PTXDIST_BSP_AUTOVERSION os-release: handle transparent changes to the used ptxconf variables project-name: let {PROJECT,PLATFORM}_VERSION default to PTXDIST_BSP_AUTOVERSION libzmq: version bump 4.0.3 -> 4.0.4 ptxd_make_xpkg_common: Revert "useless use of cat" busybox: version bump 1.22.0 -> 1.22.1 e2fsprogs: version bump 1.42.9 -> 1.42.10 glib: version bump 2.38.2 -> 2.40.0 ptxd_make_world_update_md5: be stricter when updating the md5 kmod: version bump 16 -> 18 opkg: version bump 0.2.0 -> 0.2.2 libffi: 3.0.13 -> 3.1 strace: version bump 4.7 -> 4.8 strace: version bump 4.7 -> 4.8 htop: version bump 1.0.2 -> 1.0.3 pixman: version bump 0.30.0 -> 0.32.4 host-glib: cleanup configure options host-tz-database: fix install strace: fix patchin host-pkg-config: version bump 0.25 -> 0.25 host-fakeroot: version bump 1.14.4 -> 1.18.4 host-pkg-config: fix building host-pkg-config: needs libiconv for the internal glib dnsmasq: add missing dependency rootfs: add systemd groups and user systemd: version bump 204 -> 214 rootfs: add option to let systemd provide /etc/resolv.conf dbus: version bump 1.6.18 -> 1.8.4 e2fsprogs: add upstream patch to fix dependencies add bootloader spec submenu and default entry add bootloader spec entry template libgsf: version bump 1.14.16 -> 1.14.30 remove host-libiconv host-coreutils: new package rootfs: rework /etc/fstab host-coreutils: no prompt host-dbus: update configure options to latest version dbus: systemd units are only available if systemd support is enabled host-systemd: update dependencies glib: cleanup dtc: move dtb creation to shell host-acl: ignore gettext host-attr: ignore gettext host-glib: ignore gettext Toplevel.make: don't propagate MAKEFLAGS ptxdist: add support for icecc wapper: improve icecc handling ptxdist: make icecc handling more robust host-kernel-header: new package host-systemd: fix building on debian wheezy gettext: version bump -> 0.19.1 gettext: fix new version ptxdist: add '--auto-version' and helper script pre/Rules: disable maintainer mode by default lowpan-tools: make sure no sources are generated protobuf: fix building for PPC host-gettext: dbus-java needs gettext with iconv support boost: fix building with -ji > 64 pre/Rules: set enable_option_checking=fatal for host packages as well orc: version bump 0.4.19 -> 0.4.21 tmux: version bump 1.6 -> 1.9a systemd: fix timesyncd startup xorg-app-xinput: add missing dependency json-c: version bump 0.10 -> 0.12 json-dbus-bridge: fix building with latest json-c libmikmod: realy don't use makeinfo syslinux: never build with icecc opencv: fix menu alignment cxxtools: fix building with thumb toolchains ptxd_make_world_install_mangle_pc: use '${prefix}/lib' for libdir xkeyboard-config: move to multimedia_libs lua: liblua should link to libdl dnsmasq: fix lua detection host-qooxdoo: use HOST_SYSTEM_PYTHON stunnel: add archive URL ptxd_lib_kgen: optimize v4l-utils: cleanup dependencies and configure options ptxdist: be more verbose when icecc setup fails v4l-utils/opencv: readd libv4l1 project-name: the versions should start with a '-' setlocalversion: use a fixed abbrev length for the version string ptxd_lib_colgen: fix collections ptxdist: fix '--auto-version' for older ptxdist versions ptxd_make_dts_dtb: one more include dir /etc/profile: allow other packages to add to the environment systemd: version bump 214 -> 215 systemd: add upstream patch to fix building on PPC opkg: add patches for better symlink handling generate predictable timestamps systemd: improve systemd-timesyncd handling rc-once: start after rc-once: touch /var/lib/systemd/clock before mounting readonly ptxdist: handle missing icecc correctly e2fsprogs: version bump 1.42.10 -> 1.42.11 ptxd_lib_dgen: be more clever about tarball dependencies ptxd_make_dts_dtb: support older kernel wayland: create target wayland-scanner.pc systemd: default to DHCP for IPv4 only for eth0 ptxdist: don't overwrite the wrapper cpp networkmanager: install all systemd unit files and aliases setlocalversion: not all git version support the '-c' option ptxd_dgen_rulesfiles: handle rulesdirs that are symbolic links pre/Rules: set enable_maintainer_mode=no for host packages as well architecture: support x86_64 userspace openssl: support x86_64 liboil: fix building for x86_64 glew: build shared library with '-fPIC' libpciaccess: version bump 0.13.1 -> 0.13.2 libpciaccess: move to section multimedia_libs mesalib: version bump 10.1.0 -> 10.2.5 mesa-demos: version bump 8.1.0 -> 8.2.0 wayland: version bump 1.4.0 -> 1.5.0 libva: new package libva-intel-driver: new package libsoup: version bump 2.38.1 -> 2.46.0 gstreamer1: version bump 1.2.4 -> 1.4.0 gst-plugins-base1: version bump 1.2.4 -> 1.4.0 gst-plugins-good1: version bump 1.2.4 -> 1.4.0 gst-plugins-bad1: version bump 1.2.4 -> 1.4.0 gst-plugins-ugly1: version bump 1.2.4 -> 1.4.0 gst-plugins-fsl_vpu: only build on ARM gstreamer-vaapi1: new package ptxd_install_replace: escape ',' in pattern and value lighttpd: install_replace handles the comma correctly now host-pkg-config: remove old and obsolete patches mesa-demos: remove old and obsolete patches kexec-tools: don't forget the patches gstreamer-vaapi1: fix build error mesalib: install libwayland-egl libevdev: new package mtdev: version bump 1.1.3 -> 1.1.5 libva-intel-driver: build on x86 only host-systemd: make it build on older systems host-system-python: add option for argparse libepoxy: new package pixman: version bump 0.32.4 -> 0.32.6 cairo: version bump 1.10.2 -> 1.12.16 rename dri2proto -> xorg-proto-dri2 to match all others xorg-proto-dri3: new package xorg-proto-present: new package xorg-lib-xshmfence: new package xorg-proto-dri2: version bump 2.6 -> 2.8 xorg-proto-fonts: version bump 2.1.2 -> 2.1.3 xorg-proto-gl: version bump 1.4.15 -> 1.4.17 xorg-proto-input: version bump 2.2 -> 2.3.1 xorg-proto-randr: version bump 1.3.2 -> 1.4.0 xorg-proto-video: version bump 2.3.1 -> 2.3.2 xorg-proto-x: version bump 7.0.23 -> 7.0.26 xorg-proto-xext: version bump 7.2.1 -> 7.3.0 xorg-lib-fs: version bump 1.0.4 -> 1.0.6 xorg-lib-ice: version bump 1.0.8 -> 1.0.9 xorg-lib-sm: version bump 1.2.1 -> 1.2.2 xorg-lib-x11: version bump 1.5.0 -> 1.6.2 xorg-lib-xau: version bump 1.0.7 -> 1.0.8 xorg-lib-xaw: version bump 1.0.11 -> 1.0.12 xorg-lib-xcomposite: version bump 0.4.3 -> 0.4.4 xorg-lib-xcursor: version bump 1.1.13 -> 1.1.14 xorg-lib-xdamage: version bump 1.1.3 -> 1.1.4 xorg-lib-xext: version bump 1.3.1 -> 1.3.3 xorg-lib-xfixes: version bump 5.0 -> 5.0.1 xorg-lib-xfont: version bump 1.4.5 -> 1.5.0 xorg-lib-xft: version bump 2.3.1 -> 2.3.2 xorg-lib-xi: version bump 1.6.1 -> 1.7.4 xorg-lib-xinerama: version bump 1.1.2 -> 1.1.3 xorg-lib-xmu: version bump 1.1.1 -> 1.1.2 xorg-lib-xp: version bump 1.0.1 -> 1.0.2 xorg-lib-xpm: version bump 3.5.10 -> 3.5.11 xorg-lib-xrandr: version bump 1.3.2 -> 1.4.2 xorg-lib-xrender: version bump 0.9.7 -> 0.9.8 xorg-lib-xres: version bump 1.0.6 -> 1.0.7 xorg-lib-xt: version bump 1.1.3 -> 1.1.4 xorg-lib-xtst: version bump 1.2.1 -> 1.2.2 xorg-lib-xv: version bump 1.0.7 -> 1.0.10 xorg-lib-xvmc: version bump 1.0.7 -> 1.0.8 xorg-lib-xxf86dga: version bump 1.1.3 -> 1.1.4 xorg-lib-xxf86vm: version bump 1.1.2 -> 1.1.3 xorg-lib-dmx: version bump 1.1.2 -> 1.1.3 xorg-lib-fontenc: version bump 1.1.1 -> 1.1.2 xorg-lib-xtrans: version bump 1.2.7 -> 1.3.4 xorg-server: version bump 1.12.2 -> 1.16.0 xorg-driver-input-evdev: version bump 2.7.0 -> 2.9.0 xorg-driver-input-keyboard: version bump 1.6.1 -> 1.8.0 xorg-driver-input-mouse: version bump 1.7.2 -> 1.9.0 xorg-driver-video-apm: version bump 1.2.4 -> 1.2.5 xorg-driver-video-ati: version bump 6.14.5 -> 7.4.0 xorg-driver-video-dummy: version bump 0.3.5 -> 0.3.7 xorg-driver-video-fbdev: version bump 0.4.2 -> 0.4.4 xorg-driver-video-intel: version bump 2.19.0 -> 2.21.15 xorg-driver-video-vesa: version bump 2.3.1 -> 2.3.3 xorg-app-xkbcomp: don't depend on XORG_KEYBOARD_MAPPING_SUPPORT weston: new package gstreamer-vaapi1: add missing dependency openssl: don't ask dpkg-buildflags for extra flags ptxd_lib_dgen: fix dependencies for image packages images: remove IMAGE_VFAT_TOOLS image-hdimg: fix typo host-genimage: version bump 6 -> 7 ptxd_make_image_genimage: increase log level in verbose mode barebox: improve install stage gnutls: add --without-librt-prefix to configure options gnutls: add --without-libz-prefix to configure options add rules for image.vfat image-hdimg: add boot.vfat boot option dbus: version bump 1.8.4 -> 1.8.6 ptxd_make_world_clean: make sure ${pkg_xpkg_map} exists before using it ptxdist: rework icecc setup systemd: version bump 215 -> 216 image_working_dir: depend on world systemd: fix building with kernel headers < 3.7 patchin: set core.abbrev=12 when creating patches with git systemd building with lto and --enable-compat-libs fails on x86 as well gstreamer1: version bump 1.4.0 -> 1.4.1 gst-plugins-base1: version bump 1.4.0 -> 1.4.1 gst-plugins-good1: version bump 1.4.0 -> 1.4.1 gst-plugins-bad1: version bump 1.4.0 -> 1.4.1 gst-plugins-ugly1: version bump 1.4.0 -> 1.4.1 dosfstools: version bump 3.0.9 -> 3.0.26 ptxd_lib_dgen: strip white spaces from this_pkg e2fsprogs: version bump 1.42.11 -> 1.42.12 openssh: version bump 6.4p1 -> 6.6p1 ptxdist: fix 'select' with auto-version ptxd_make_dts_dtb: use local variables fake-overlayfs: use a private mount namespace util-linux-ng: version bump 2.24 -> 2.25 dbus: version bump 1.8.6 -> 1.8.8 libmms: new package libshout: new package gstreamer1: version bump 1.4.1 -> 1.4.2 gst-plugins-base1: version bump 1.4.1 -> 1.4.2 gst-plugins-good1: version bump 1.4.1 -> 1.4.2 gst-plugins-bad1: version bump 1.4.1 -> 1.4.2 gst-plugins-ugly1: version bump 1.4.1 -> 1.4.2 libsoup: add missing dependency barebox_mlo: use more generic pattern for barebox images libshout: indent menu entry systemd: don't enable IPv4LL for eth0 by default {host-.}usplash: building without static libs is broken lua: building without static libs is broken nettle: building without static libs is broken xmlrpc-c: building without static libs is broken try to avoid building static libraries util-linux-ng: add upstream patch to fix building with TARGET_HARDEN_PIE=y libdrm: needs libudev libwebsockets: new package mesalib: version bump 10.2.5 -> 10.3.0 xorg-server: version bump 1.16.0 -> 1.16.1 wayland: version bump 1.5.0 -> 1.6.0 weston: version bump 1.5.0 -> 1.6.0 libinput: new package weston: use libinput weston: improve dependencies libwebsockets: add help gstreamer1: version bump 1.4.2 -> 1.4.3 gst-plugins-base1: version bump 1.4.2 -> 1.4.3 gst-plugins-good1: version bump 1.4.2 -> 1.4.3 gst-plugins-bad1: version bump 1.4.2 -> 1.4.3 gst-plugins-ugly1: version bump 1.4.2 -> 1.4.3 libva: version bump 1.3.1 -> 1.4.0 libva-intel-driver: version bump 1.3.2 -> 1.4.0 bash: regenerate patches image_ipkg: remove defaults image_ipkg: add missing dependency v4l-utils: enable udev for media-ctl only libpciaccess: fix dependency ptxdist use 'export -p' to list all exported variables and functions pkg-config-wrapper: don't use check_pipe_status glib: version bump 2.40.0 -> 2.42.0 wpa_supplicant: version bump 2.0 -> 2.3 configure: sort coreutils checks configure: search for GNU touch ptxd_make_xpkg_pkg: handle old touch without support for --no-dereference openssl: version bump 1.0.1i -> 1.0.1j busybox: add lzop security fix gnutls: version bump 3.2.15 -> 3.2.20 libdrm: version bump 2.4.56 -> 2.4.58 mesalib: version bump 10.3.0 -> 10.3.3 ptxdist: print error when calling 'image' without argument wpa_supplicant: use correct libnl3 includes libftdi1: version bump 1.0 -> 1.1 gstreamer1: version bump 1.4.3 -> 1.4.4 gst-plugins-base1: version bump 1.4.3 -> 1.4.4 gst-plugins-good1: version bump 1.4.3 -> 1.4.4 gst-plugins-bad1: version bump 1.4.3 -> 1.4.4 gst-plugins-ugly1: version bump 1.4.3 -> 1.4.4 systemd: version bump 216 -> 217 glib: version bump 2.42.0 -> 2.42.1 ptxd_make_get_git: fix permision problem host-chrpath: version bump 0.13 -> 0.16 libsoup: version bump 2.46.0 -> 2.48.0 libsoup: add missing dependencies libffi: version bump 3.1 -> 3.2.1 wrapper: fix linking with gold libnl3: version bump 3.2.22 -> 3.2.25 host-openssl: build with -PIC cairo: version bump 1.12.16 -> 1.12.18 jamvm: work around broken configure script gst-validate1: new package oprofile: version bump 0.9.9 -> 1.0.0 openocd: set correct license gst-rtsp-server1: new package orc: version bump 0.4.21 -> 0.4.23 gstreamer1: version bump 1.4.4 -> 1.4.5 gst-plugins-base1: version bump 1.4.4 -> 1.4.5 gst-plugins-good1: version bump 1.4.4 -> 1.4.5 gst-plugins-bad1: version bump 1.4.4 -> 1.4.5 gst-plugins-ugly1: version bump 1.4.4 -> 1.4.5 gst-rtsp-server1: version bump 1.4.4 -> 1.4.5 libva: version bump 1.4.0 -> 1.5.0 libva-intel-driver: version bump 1.4.0 -> 1.5.0 systemd: version bump 217 -> 218 host-fakeroot: make sure bash is used as the shell for bin/fakeroot crda: fix fox x86_64 crda: update regulatory.bin architecture: fix long double handling for x86_64 host-systemd: needs libmount openssl: version bump 1.0.1j -> 1.0.1k systemd: add hack to build host-systemd with glibc 2.13 ptxd_make_get_http: add option to define cookies wayland: version bump 1.6.0 -> 1.6.1 weston: version bump 1.6.0 -> 1.6.1 dbus: version bump 1.8.8 -> 1.8.14 util-linux-ng: version bump 2.25 -> 2.25.2 architecture: add arm64 support kernel: add arm64 support libva-intel-driver: don't forget the patches dt: move to staging host-qemu: version bump 2.0.0 -> 2.2.0 host-qemu: add support for arm64 openssl: fix building on arm64 strace: version bump 4.8 -> 4.9 gst-plugins-base: add upstream patch to build without SSE freeglut: version bump 2.6.0 -> 2.8.1 lame: version bump 3.99.4 -> 3.99.5 valgrind: version bump 3.9.0 -> 3.10.1 ptxd_make_import: handle symbols in ranges busybox: version bump 1.22.1 -> 1.23.1 iproute2: version bump 3.14.0 -> 3.18.0 libkmod: version bump 18 -> 19 kconfig: update to v3.18 libffi: remove old patches trace-cmd: use git over http ptxd_make_image_extract_xpkg_files: fixup permissions rrdtool: rrdcgi fails to build without rrd_graph xorg-driver-video-intel: build fixes new command create a license report of all the selected packages ptxd_lib_dgen: let host packages inherit license variables as well ptxd_make_xpkg_pkg: don't add .debug/* files for kernel modules host-tz-database/timezone: add license information xz: add license information host-genimage: add license information host-genext2fs: add license information update config.sub/config.guess to the latest upstream version ptxd_make_world_patchin_fixup: replace config.sub with new version ntp: remove duplicate busybox conflict ntp: don't install systemd service without ntpd barebox: use barebox_zero_env as default environment if available systemd: version bump 218 -> 219 ncurses: install terminfo for vt220 dbus: version bump 1.8.14 -> 1.8.16 dbus-glib: version bump 0.100 -> 0.104 gnutls: version bump 3.2.20 -> 3.3.12 util-linux-ng: version bump 2.25.2 -> 2.26 mtd-utils: version bump 1.5.0 -> 1.5.1 ptxd_make_world_install_post: fix race condition lz4: new package systemd: add support for lz4 compression gnutls: version bump 3.3.12 -> 3.3.13 libqmi: new package libmbim: new package modemmanager: new package networkmanager: add option for WWAN support networkmanager: drop dependency on dhclient usb-modeswitch: version bump 1.2.5 -> 2.2.1 strace: remove old patches networkmanager: fix installing examples systemd: another patch to build host-systemd on older distros networkmanager: install NetworkManager-wait-online.service only if nm-online is installed systemd: add patches to build host-systemd on older distros systemd: fix remote systemctl canutils: don't depend on kernel-header migrate: fix gnupg rule openssl: version bump 1.0.1k -> 1.0.1m openssl: remove obsolete patch openssl: fix parallel building libinput: version bump 0.6.0 -> 0.12.0 wayland: version bump 1.6.1 -> 1.7.0 weston: version bump 1.6.1 -> 1.7.0 gstreamer-vaapi1: version bump 0.5.9 -> 0.5.10 libva: version bump 1.5.0 -> 1.5.1 libva-intel-driver: version bump 1.5.0 -> 1.5.1 migrate_ptx: fix hackbench migrate helper wpa_supplicant: version bump 2.3 -> 2.4 connman: version bump 1.0 -> 1.28 connman-ignore: fix ignoring multiple interfaces libestr: new package rsyslog: version bump 5.8.13 -> 8.8.0 connman: add missing dependency libevent: add optional OpenSSL support socat: new package socat: use global ipv6 option gst-plugins-bad1: disable bluez plugin for now udev: never install udev.conf for systemd bash: force broken option to 'y' systemd: always install glib: remove old patch rsyslog: remove old patch glib: work around broken libtool host-openssl: enable parallel building ca-certificates: new package libxkbcommon: version bump 0.4.0 -> 0.5.0 libcurl: cleanup and improve CA wpa_supplicant: add upstream security fix openssl: fix & improve parallel building openssl: more parallel build fixes u-boot-tools: build 'tools-only' instead of 'tools' bonnie++: cleanup host-u-boot-tools: build 'tools-only' instead of 'tools' glew: fix dependencies xawtv: fix dependencies ptxdist: whitelist KCONFIG_ALLCONFIG and KCONFIG_SEED fbv: handle options correctly pslib: fix copy/paste dependency error c-ares: provide explicit configure options libgd: add missing dependency util-linux-ng: fix dependencies libmd: various build fixes host-ustr: Fix build with gcc 5.1 xfsprogs: libuuid is not optional host-libsemanage: Fix build with gcc 5.1 libmbim: add missing dependencies scummvm: move to staging attr: always build the shared library less: exactly one terminal library must be selected cvs: always use local ndbm mpg123: add missing dependency ntpclient: don't install ntpclient if it's not built before openldap: always enable threads inetutils: fix dependencies migrate: don't generate GNUPG_GPG line if GNUPG is disabled php5: add missing dependency qt4: add missing dependency vorbis-tools: don't build tools that aren't installed libnewt: add patch to fix parallel building race condition apache2: don't call install_replace if the file isn't installed gst-plugins-bad: add missing dependency php5: add missing dependency python-routing: add missing dependency cairo: add missing dependencies xorg-server: fix various option combinations speex: remove debug option nano: explicitly don't use libmagic xfsprogs: cleanup rules xorg-driver-video-v4l: move to staging ptxd_make_world_patchin: run use pkg_dir for patchin_fixup ptxd_make_world_install: explicitly check if host-fakeroot is installed before using it ptxdist: apply load limit to outer make as well ptxd_lib_dgen: add order-only dependency to extract ptxd_make_world_common: reorder environment limit parallel downloading and extracting for parallel building host-qt4: use 'call compile' instead of calling make directly svgalib: use 'call compile' instead of calling make directly mesalib: use world/compile host-directfb: cleanup tiobench: cleanup nanocom: cleanup host-timeout: cleanup timeout: cleanup slang: cleanup rtps: cleanup atop: cleanup bing: cleanup ptxdist: add option for global parallel building boost: make it work with the new parallel make handling explicitly share make jobserver where necessary platform-opengl: new virtual package qt5: new package mesalib: fix building with latest udev systemd: version bump 219 -> 220 qt4: version bump 4.8.6 -> 4.8.7 xorg-server: add missing dependency opencv: add missing dependency php5: add missing dependencies poppler: add missing dependency xorg-driver-video-vesa: add missing dependency xorg-app-xhost: add missing dependency ima-evm-utils: remove empty series file ptxd_make_serialize_put: make it work with older bash systemd: add more host-systemd fixes modemmanager: version bump 1.4.4 -> 1.4.8 xorg-server: fix building with SHM disabled xorg-driver-video-intel: fix building with latest udev openssl: another parallel build dependency fix libx86: don't build on x86_64 usplash: don't build on x86_64 memtest86p: don't build on x86_64 liboil: fix building on arm64 iozone: don't build on arm64 classpath: don't build on arm64 fuse: version bump 2.9.3 -> 2.9.4 host-coreutils: explicitly build without selinux support js: move to staging cross-insight: move to staging xorg-driver-video-v4l: add staging comment dt: add staging comment acpid: remove after more than one year in staging mplayer: remove after more than one year in staging splashutils: remove after more than one year in staging myodbc: remove after more than one year in staging mysql: remove after more than one year in staging policykit: remove after one year in staging hal: remove after one year in staging upstart: remove after more than one year in staging qt5: fix building with older host compilers qt5: version bump 5.4.1 -> 5.4.2 openssl: another parallel build dependency fix git-ptx-patches: play nice with patches managed by other tools ptxd_make_xpkg_pkg: rename debug files systemd: fix timesyncd without networkd pslib: don't generate docs ima-evm-utils: don't generate man page qt5examples: update to 5.4.2 changes host-python-setuptools: fix name clash qt5: install QtWebChannel files ptxd_make_world_common: cmake generated makefiles check if VERBOSE is set, not the value qt5: give qmake the 'default' gcc options, so it can generate the correct gyp options qt5: QtWebEngine needs at least ARMv6 add helper to build python packages host-python-setuptools: build with new python helper python-imaging: build with new python helper python-protobuf: build with new python helper pyserial3: build with new python helper flup: build with new python helper host-cython: build with new python helper pyserial: build with new python helper python-rplicmp: build with new python helper python-routing: build with new python helper pyzmq: build with new python helper simplerpl: build with new python helper python-django: build with new python helper openssl: version bump 1.0.1m -> 1.0.2b qt5: remove bogus rpaths openssl: version bump 1.0.2b -> 1.0.2c ptxd_make_serialize_put: propagate last return value ptxd_make_world_extract: don't call ptxd_bailout while holding a serialization token ptxd_make_get: improve serialization ptxdist: initialize the toolchain for 'kernelconfig' etc. qt4: blacklist TARGET_COMPILER_RECORD_SWITCHES host-ncurses: don't build shared libraries ptxdist: export PTXDIST_PARALLELMFLAGS_EXTERN ptxd_make_serialize: whitespace fix Oliver Graute (2): mosh: added mosh package to ptxdist c-ares add c-ares to ptxdist Philipp Zabel (16): v4l-utils: libv4lconvert needs libjpeg xorg-driver-video-fbdev: blacklist TARGET_HARDEN_BINDNOW wrapper feature libxkbcommon: new package mtdev: new package wayland: add Wayland section, wayland client and server libraries libsoup: add libxml2 dependency systemd: enable userspace firmware loader for old linux kernels barebox_mlo: add wrapper blacklist barebox_mlo: use ptxdist --verbose option media-ctl: drop package, media-ctl now is part of v4l-utils v4l-utils: version bump 0.9.5 -> 1.2.1 v4l-utils: version bump 1.2.1 -> 1.4.0 alsa-utils: add license information v4l-utils: version bump 1.4.0 -> 1.6.2 gnupg: update to 2.0.26 trace-cmd: version bump 2.3.1 -> 2.5.2 Remy Bohmer (13): fix failing cd in prepare stage if <PKG>_CONF_TOOL=NO and empty extract Use CFLAGS specified by ptxdist platformconfig Add some support for multilib detection in the toolchain on multilib do not put all dynamic linkers in /lib Link /usr/lib/ is not needed and wrong on x86_64 Pass extra platform CFLAGS to busybox make libgcc need to be install in /lib64 instead of /lib Remove hardcoded paths from glibc.make Make packages install their libraries at the right place Install Zlib libraries at the right place Install Ncurses libraries at the right place Install Procps libraries at the right place busybox: add sysctl config file Richard Cochran (2): xorg-lib-xt: fix the build xterm: fix the build Robert Schwebel (899): glib: use gnome server instead of gtk server glib: version bump 2.25.10 -> 2.25.12 dconf: version bump 0.4.1 -> 0.5 host-makedepend: fix missing type gcclibs: make OSELAS.Toolchain happy [php5] version bump 5.2.9 -> 5.3.3 [mesalib] needs libstdc++ [lua] version bump 5.1.3 -> 5.1.4 [dbus] version bump 1.2.24 -> 1.4.0 [dbus-glib] version bump 0.82 -> 0.88 [host-autotools-autoconf] version bump 2.64 -> 2.67 [glib] version bump 2.25.12 -> 2.26.0 [udev] version bump 160 -> 162 [gettext] version bump 0.17 -> 0.18.1 [expat] use install_lib [inotify-tools] use install_lib [gpm] use install_lib [json-c] use install_lib [libconfuse] use install_lib [libdaemon] use install_lib [libelf] use install_lib [opkg] version bump r180 -> 0.1.8 [libcap] added new packet [alsa-lib] version bump 1.0.22 -> 1.0.23 [libedit] version bump 20090610-3.0 -> 20100424-3.0 [libevent] version bump 2.0.4-alpha -> 2.0.6-rc [acl] targetinstall consolidation [apache2] targetinstall consolidation [argtable2] targetinstall consolidation [at] targetinstall consolidation [atk] targetinstall consolidation [attr] targetinstall consolidation [avahi] targetinstall consolidation [berlios-can-utils] targetinstall consolidation [bing] targetinstall consolidation [binutils] targetinstall consolidation [boa] targetinstall consolidation [bonniexx] targetinstall consolidation [bzip2] targetinstall consolidation [cairo] targetinstall consolidation [cairomm] targetinstall consolidation [commoncpp2] targetinstall consolidation [consolekit] targetinstall consolidation [coreutils] targetinstall consolidation [cppunit] targetinstall consolidation [dbench] targetinstall consolidation [dbus-glib] targetinstall consolidation [dbus] targetinstall consolidation [directfb] targetinstall consolidation [dnsmasq] targetinstall consolidation [e2fsprogs] targetinstall consolidation [eggdbus] targetinstall consolidation [elektra] targetinstall consolidation [etherwake] targetinstall consolidation [eventlog] targetinstall consolidation [failmalloc] targetinstall consolidation [fake-overlayfs] targetinstall consolidation [fam] targetinstall consolidation [fcgi] targetinstall consolidation [fftw] targetinstall consolidation [figlet] targetinstall consolidation [findutils] targetinstall consolidation [flac] targetinstall consolidation [fltk] targetinstall consolidation [freeglut] targetinstall consolidation [freetype] targetinstall consolidation [fuse] targetinstall consolidation [gdbserver] targetinstall consolidation [gettext-dummy] targetinstall consolidation [glade] targetinstall consolidation [glademm] targetinstall consolidation [glew] targetinstall consolidation [glib] targetinstall consolidation [glibmm] targetinstall consolidation [gpsd] targetinstall consolidation [gst-plugins-bad] targetinstall consolidation [gst-plugins-fsl_vpu] targetinstall consolidation [gst-plugins-gl] targetinstall consolidation [gtk] targetinstall consolidation [gtkmm] targetinstall consolidation [gwt] targetinstall consolidation [hal] targetinstall consolidation [haserl] targetinstall consolidation [hexedit] targetinstall consolidation [hpanel] targetinstall consolidation [i915resolution] targetinstall consolidation [initng] targetinstall consolidation [initramfs-tools] targetinstall consolidation [ipkg] targetinstall consolidation [iptables] targetinstall consolidation [jamvm] targetinstall consolidation [jed] targetinstall consolidation [killproc] targetinstall consolidation [lcms] targetinstall consolidation [ldd] targetinstall consolidation [libassuan] targetinstall consolidation [libcaca] targetinstall consolidation [libcgicc] targetinstall consolidation [libcroco] targetinstall consolidation [libcurl] targetinstall consolidation [libdbus-cxx] targetinstall consolidation [libdrm] targetinstall consolidation [libezv24] targetinstall consolidation [libffi] targetinstall consolidation [libfsl-vpu] targetinstall consolidation [libftdi] targetinstall consolidation [libgcrypt] targetinstall consolidation [libgd] targetinstall consolidation [libgdbus] targetinstall consolidation [libglade] targetinstall consolidation [libgmp] targetinstall consolidation [libgpg-error] targetinstall consolidation [libgsf] targetinstall consolidation [libgsloop] targetinstall consolidation [libid3tag] targetinstall consolidation [libiodbc] targetinstall consolidation [libjpeg] targetinstall consolidation [libksba] targetinstall consolidation [liblist] targetinstall consolidation [liblockfile] targetinstall consolidation [libltdl] targetinstall consolidation [liblzo] targetinstall consolidation [libmad] targetinstall consolidation [libmd] targetinstall consolidation [libmicrohttpd] targetinstall consolidation [libmng] targetinstall consolidation [libmodbus] targetinstall consolidation [libmpeg2] targetinstall consolidation [libmxml] targetinstall consolidation [libnet] targetinstall consolidation [libnetpbm] targetinstall consolidation [libnih] targetinstall consolidation [libnl] targetinstall consolidation [libogg] targetinstall consolidation [liboil] targetinstall consolidation [liboop] targetinstall consolidation [libpciaccess] targetinstall consolidation [libpcre] targetinstall consolidation [libpng] targetinstall consolidation [libpopt] targetinstall consolidation [librn] targetinstall consolidation [librsvg] targetinstall consolidation [libsigcpp] targetinstall consolidation [libsocketcan] targetinstall consolidation [libssh2] targetinstall consolidation [libsysfs] targetinstall consolidation [libtheora] targetinstall consolidation [libucdaemon] targetinstall consolidation [libusb-compat] targetinstall consolidation [libusb] targetinstall consolidation [libvorbis] targetinstall consolidation [libx86] targetinstall consolidation [libxcb] targetinstall consolidation [libxmlconfig] targetinstall consolidation [libxslt] targetinstall consolidation [lite] targetinstall consolidation [lm_sensors] targetinstall consolidation [lmbench] targetinstall consolidation [lvm2] targetinstall consolidation [madplay] targetinstall consolidation [mc] targetinstall consolidation [memedit] targetinstall consolidation [minicom] targetinstall consolidation [mmpong] targetinstall consolidation [mpg123] targetinstall consolidation [nano] targetinstall consolidation [ncurses] targetinstall consolidation [net-snmp] targetinstall consolidation [nmap] targetinstall consolidation [openssl] targetinstall consolidation [oprofile] targetinstall consolidation [owfs] targetinstall consolidation [pango] targetinstall consolidation [pangomm] targetinstall consolidation [parted] targetinstall consolidation [pciutils] targetinstall consolidation [pelts_tests] targetinstall consolidation [php5] targetinstall consolidation [pixman] targetinstall consolidation [policykit] targetinstall consolidation [polkit] targetinstall consolidation [poppler] targetinstall consolidation [ps3-utils] targetinstall consolidation [pureftpd] targetinstall consolidation [qt4] targetinstall consolidation [qwt] targetinstall consolidation [readline] targetinstall consolidation [rtps] targetinstall consolidation [screen] targetinstall consolidation [sdl-gfx] targetinstall consolidation [sdl-ttf] targetinstall consolidation [sdl] targetinstall consolidation [sdl_image] targetinstall consolidation [sdl_mixer] targetinstall consolidation [sdparm] targetinstall consolidation [sed] targetinstall consolidation [slang] targetinstall consolidation [speex] targetinstall consolidation [splashutils] targetinstall consolidation [sqlite] targetinstall consolidation [tslib] targetinstall consolidation [udev] targetinstall consolidation [utelnetd] targetinstall consolidation [util-linux-ng] targetinstall consolidation [wireshark] targetinstall consolidation [xcb-util] targetinstall consolidation [xerces] targetinstall consolidation [xfsprogs] targetinstall consolidation [xmlrpc-c] targetinstall consolidation [xorg-app-rgb] targetinstall consolidation [xorg-app-xauth] targetinstall consolidation [xorg-app-xinit] targetinstall consolidation [xorg-app-xrdb] targetinstall consolidation [xorg-app-xset] targetinstall consolidation [xorg-app-xsetroot] targetinstall consolidation [xorg-app-xvinfo] targetinstall consolidation [xorg-cursor] targetinstall consolidation [xorg-driver-video-intel] targetinstall consolidation [xorg-driver-video-v4l] targetinstall consolidation [xorg-driver-video-vesa] targetinstall consolidation [xorg-lib-FS] targetinstall consolidation [xorg-lib-ICE] targetinstall consolidation [xorg-lib-SM] targetinstall consolidation [xorg-lib-WindowsWM] targetinstall consolidation [xorg-lib-X11] targetinstall consolidation [xorg-lib-XScrnSaver] targetinstall consolidation [xorg-lib-Xau] targetinstall consolidation [xorg-lib-Xaw] targetinstall consolidation [xorg-lib-Xcomposite] targetinstall consolidation [xorg-lib-Xcursor] targetinstall consolidation [xorg-lib-Xdamage] targetinstall consolidation [xorg-lib-Xdmcp] targetinstall consolidation [xorg-lib-Xevie] targetinstall consolidation [xorg-lib-Xext] targetinstall consolidation [xorg-lib-Xfixes] targetinstall consolidation [xorg-lib-Xfont] targetinstall consolidation [xorg-lib-Xft] targetinstall consolidation [xorg-lib-Xi] targetinstall consolidation [xorg-lib-Xinerama] targetinstall consolidation [xorg-lib-Xmu] targetinstall consolidation [xorg-lib-Xp] targetinstall consolidation [xorg-lib-Xpm] targetinstall consolidation [xorg-lib-XprintAppUtil] targetinstall consolidation [xorg-lib-XprintUtil] targetinstall consolidation [xorg-lib-Xrandr] targetinstall consolidation [xorg-lib-Xrender] targetinstall consolidation [xorg-lib-Xres] targetinstall consolidation [xorg-lib-Xt] targetinstall consolidation [xorg-lib-Xtst] targetinstall consolidation [xorg-lib-Xv] targetinstall consolidation [xorg-lib-XvMC] targetinstall consolidation [xorg-lib-Xxf86dga] targetinstall consolidation [xorg-lib-Xxf86misc] targetinstall consolidation [xorg-lib-Xxf86vm] targetinstall consolidation [xorg-lib-dmx] targetinstall consolidation [xorg-lib-fontenc] targetinstall consolidation [xorg-lib-oldX] targetinstall consolidation [xorg-lib-xkbfile] targetinstall consolidation [xorg-lib-xkbui] targetinstall consolidation [libpv] targetinstall consolidation [classpath] targetinstall consolidation [mysql] targetinstall consolidation util-linux-ng: fix libuuid configuration apache2: fix missing backslash owfs: version bump 2.7p7 -> 2.8p6 opkg: version bump r180 -> 0.1.8 libcap: added new packet inotify-tools: use install_lib libcap: fix build for hosttool dbus-glib: version bump 0.88 -> 0.92 glib: version bump 2.26.0 -> 2.27.93, 2.24.1 -> 2.26.1 dconf: version bump 0.5 -> 0.7.2 dbus: version bump 1.4.0 -> 1.4.1 dbus-java: use java from ptxdist setup glib: version bump 2.26.1 -> 2.28.0 glib: version bump 2.28.0 -> 2.28.1 glib: remove old patches util-linux-ng: add support for agetty group: add group lock to /etc/group rootfs: add link to /proc/self/mounts glib: version bump 2.28.1 -> 2.28.5 mono: added new package libical: added new package poco: added the poco libraries js: add spidermonkey javascript engine mono: remove implicit get stage, configure floatingpoint dbus: version bump 1.4.6 -> 1.4.8 glib: version bump 2.28.5 -> 2.28.6 kernel: fix typo on menu rootfs: change /etc/mtab to be an absolute link again gst-plugins-ugly: version bump 0.10.15 -> 0.10.18 gst-plugins-gl: version bump 0.10.1 -> 0.10.2 dbus-python: version bump 0.83.0 -> 0.84.0 glib: version bump 2.28.7 -> 2.28.8 module-init-tools: version bump 2.13 -> 2.16 svgalib: added new package svgalib: fix vgatest installation svgalib: package is only available on x86 svgalib: add config file and header files frodo: add svgalib support pureftpd: version bump 29 -> 32 rsyslog: align menu rsyslog: put into networking section e2fsprogs: version bump 1.41.12 -> 1.41.14 dbus: version bump 1.4.10 -> 1.4.12 ncurses: version bump 5.6 -> 5.9 less: version bump 418 -> 443 readline: version bump 6.1 -> 6.2 util-linux-ng: version bump 2.19 -> 2.19.1 opkg: fix lockfile and cmdline name connman: install commandline client and tests only if available readme: add reference for patch tagging python-imaging: add patch tag libdmtx: add patch tag pyDataMatrixScanner: add patch tag libcaca: add patch tags nano: add patch tags flup: added sqlite: remove obsolete patches sqlite: version bump 30700500 -> 3070603 systemd: convert into menu entry systemd: add support for systemd-analyze kernel: remove autogenerated get stage python-imaging: fix prefix host-mxs-utils: added new package ptxdist: make it possible to overwrite packages locally ptxdist: remove old local-kernel method lcms: version bump 1.17 -> 2.2 bridge-utils: version bump 1.4 -> 1.5 iproute2: version bump 2.6.34 -> 2.6.39 Revert "lcms: version bump 1.17 -> 2.2" lcms: version bump 1.18a -> 1.19 udev: fix action_modeswitch connman: version bump 0.75 -> 0.76 systemd: add more new options python: use host-python when running regen script boost: really install boost libs dconf: version bump 0.7.2 -> 0.9.0 libmodbus: fixed URL iptables: version bump 1.4.8 -> 1.4.12 dbus: version bump 1.4.12 -> 1.4.14 python3: add 'regen' fix from 2.6 also in 3.x kexec-tools: fix breakage on powerpc ethtool: version bump 2.6.33 -> 3.0 xterm: version bump 267 -> 271 acpid: version bump 2.0.8 -> 2.0.11 usbutils: version bump 0.90 -> 004 mtd-utils: version bump 1.3.1 -> 1.4.6 xorg-server: fix patch documentation xorg-server: fix patch documentation xorg-server: fix patch documentation elektra: remove orphaned package fbgrab: include zlib.h, fix linker dependencies xf86-video-fbdev: add fixme gtk: clean up host-autotools-autoconf: version bump 2.67 -> 2.68 host-autotools-automake: version bump 1.11 -> 1.11.1 host-autotools-libtool: version bump 2.2.6a -> 2.4.2 host-libffi: added atk: version bump 1.28.0 -> 2.2.0 WIP: glib: version bump 2.28.1 -> 2.30.2 poppler: version bump 0.16.6 -> 0.18.0 cairo: make gobject introspection configurable cairo: version bump 1.10.0 -> 1.10.2 pango: version bump 1.26.0 -> 1.29.4 gdk-pixbuf: add new packet gtk: version bump 2.18.7 -> 3.2.2 wxwidgets: gtk is x11 based only now etc: add empty modprobe.conf util-linux-ng: version bump 2.19.1 -> 2.20 util-linux-ng: clean up package iptables: version bump -> 1.4.14 dbus: cleanup rules dbus: remove default get stage dbus: version bump 1.4.14 -> 1.6.0 e2fsprogs: version bump 1.42.2 -> 1.42.3 dbus: --disable-systemd expat: version bump 2.0.1 -> 2.1.0 figlet: version bump 2.2.4 -> 2.2.5 figlet: remove standard get stage glib: version bump 2.32.2 -> 2.32.3 libffi: version bump 3.0.9 -> 3.0.11 rsyslog: version bump 5.8.11 -> 5.8.12 credits: updated copying: replace gpl text with the version provided by debian libffi: fix build on powerpc 32 bit libffi: add patch status attr: version bump 2.4.44 -> 2.4.46 attr: use endis acl: use endis alsa-lib: use endis bash: use endis cairo: use endis cvs: use endis attr: remove redundant get stage acl: remove redundant get stage alsa-lib: remove redundant get stage alsa-utils: remove redundant get stage apache2_mod_python: remove redundant get stage argtable2: remove redundant get stage arora: remove redundant get stage at: remove redundant get stage atop: remove redundant get stage avahi: remove redundant get stage barebox: remove redundant get stage bash: remove redundant get stage bc: remove redundant get stage berlios-can-utils: remove redundant get stage bing: remove redundant get stage binutils: remove redundant get stage blackbox: remove redundant get stage bluez: remove redundant get stage bonniexx: remove redundant get stage boost: remove redundant get stage bootchart: remove redundant get stage bridge-utils: remove redundant get stage bustle: remove redundant get stage bzip2: remove redundant get stage cairo: remove redundant get stage cairomm: remove redundant get stage calibrator: remove redundant get stage canfestival: remove redundant get stage chrony: remove redundant get stage classpath: remove redundant get stage commoncpp2: remove redundant get stage consolekit: remove redundant get stage coreutils: remove redundant get stage cppunit: remove redundant get stage cpufrequtils: remove redundant get stage cross-insight: remove redundant get stage cross-nasm: remove redundant get stage cvs: remove redundant get stage daemonize: remove redundant get stage dash: remove redundant get stage db: remove redundant get stage dbench: remove redundant get stage dbus-glib: remove redundant get stage dbus-python: remove redundant get stage dconf: remove redundant get stage dfu-util: remove redundant get stage dibbler: remove redundant get stage diffutils: remove redundant get stage directfb-examples: remove redundant get stage directfb: remove redundant get stage dnsmasq: remove redundant get stage dosfstools: remove redundant get stage dropbear: remove redundant get stage efax: remove redundant get stage eggdbus: remove redundant get stage etherwake: remove redundant get stage ethtool: remove redundant get stage eventlog: remove redundant get stage evtest: remove redundant get stage expat: remove redundant get stage failmalloc: remove redundant get stage fam: remove redundant get stage fbtest: remove redundant get stage fbutils: remove redundant get stage fbv: remove redundant get stage ffmpeg: remove redundant get stage fftw: remove redundant get stage findutils: remove redundant get stage flac: remove redundant get stage flex: remove redundant get stage fltk: remove redundant get stage fluxbox: remove redundant get stage fontconfig: remove redundant get stage freeglut: remove redundant get stage freetype: remove redundant get stage frodo: remove redundant get stage fuse: remove redundant get stage gawk: remove redundant get stage gettext-dummy: remove redundant get stage gettext: remove redundant get stage glademm: remove redundant get stage glew: remove redundant get stage glib: remove redundant get stage glibmm: remove redundant get stage gmake: remove redundant get stage gnuplot: remove redundant get stage gpm: remove redundant get stage gpsd: remove redundant get stage grep: remove redundant get stage grub: remove redundant get stage gst-plugins-fsl_vpu: remove redundant get stage gst-plugins-gl: remove redundant get stage gst-plugins-ugly11: remove redundant get stage gst-plugins-ugly: remove redundant get stage gtkmm: remove redundant get stage hackbench: remove redundant get stage hal: remove redundant get stage haserl: remove redundant get stage hdparm: remove redundant get stage host-autotools-autoconf: remove redundant get stage host-autotools-automake: remove redundant get stage host-autotools-libtool: remove redundant get stage host-cdrkit: remove redundant get stage host-chrpath: remove redundant get stage host-cmake: remove redundant get stage host-cramfs: remove redundant get stage host-dtc: remove redundant get stage host-genext2fs: remove redundant get stage host-genpart: remove redundant get stage host-gperf: remove redundant get stage host-gtk-doc: remove redundant get stage host-ipkg-utils: remove redundant get stage host-libiconv: remove redundant get stage host-localedef: remove redundant get stage host-mkelfImage: remove redundant get stage host-pelts: remove redundant get stage host-pkg-config: remove redundant get stage host-qooxdoo: remove redundant get stage host-util-linux-ng: remove redundant get stage host-xorg-app-bdftopcf: remove redundant get stage host-xz: remove redundant get stage hpanel: remove redundant get stage hping: remove redundant get stage htop: remove redundant get stage i2c-tools: remove redundant get stage i915resolution: remove redundant get stage ifplugd: remove redundant get stage inetutils: remove redundant get stage initng: remove redundant get stage initramfs-kernel-modules: remove redundant get stage initramfs-tools: remove redundant get stage inotify-tools: remove redundant get stage iozone: remove redundant get stage iperf: remove redundant get stage ipkg: remove redundant get stage iproute2: remove redundant get stage iptables: remove redundant get stage irssi: remove redundant get stage jamvm: remove redundant get stage jed: remove redundant get stage joe: remove redundant get stage json-c: remove redundant get stage json-dbus-bridge: remove redundant get stage jvisu: remove redundant get stage kbd: remove redundant get stage kexec-tools: remove redundant get stage killproc: remove redundant get stage klibc: remove redundant get stage latencytop: remove redundant get stage lcms: remove redundant get stage less: remove redundant get stage libcaca: remove redundant get stage libcgi: remove redundant get stage libcgicc: remove redundant get stage libconfuse: remove redundant get stage libcroco: remove redundant get stage libcurl: remove redundant get stage libdaemon: remove redundant get stage libdbus-cxx: remove redundant get stage libedit: remove redundant get stage libelf: remove redundant get stage libevent: remove redundant get stage libezv24: remove redundant get stage libfsl-vpu: remove redundant get stage libftdi: remove redundant get stage libgcrypt: remove redundant get stage libgd: remove redundant get stage libgee: remove redundant get stage libgmp: remove redundant get stage libgpg-error: remove redundant get stage libgsf: remove redundant get stage libgsloop: remove redundant get stage libical: remove redundant get stage libid3tag: remove redundant get stage libiodbc: remove redundant get stage libjpeg: remove redundant get stage liblist: remove redundant get stage liblockfile: remove redundant get stage libltdl: remove redundant get stage liblzo: remove redundant get stage libmad: remove redundant get stage libmd: remove redundant get stage libmicrohttpd: remove redundant get stage libmng: remove redundant get stage libmodbus: remove redundant get stage libmpeg2: remove redundant get stage libnet: remove redundant get stage libnetpbm: remove redundant get stage libnih: remove redundant get stage libnl: remove redundant get stage libogg: remove redundant get stage liboil: remove redundant get stage liboop: remove redundant get stage libpcap: remove redundant get stage libpcre: remove redundant get stage libpng: remove redundant get stage libpopt: remove redundant get stage libpthread-stubs: remove redundant get stage libpv: remove redundant get stage libpvgen: remove redundant get stage librn: remove redundant get stage librsvg: remove redundant get stage libsigcpp: remove redundant get stage libsocketcan: remove redundant get stage libssh2: remove redundant get stage libsysfs: remove redundant get stage libtheora: remove redundant get stage libucdaemon: remove redundant get stage libusb-compat: remove redundant get stage libusb: remove redundant get stage libvorbis: remove redundant get stage libx86: remove redundant get stage libxml2: remove redundant get stage libxmlconfig: remove redundant get stage libxslt: remove redundant get stage lighttpd: remove redundant get stage links: remove redundant get stage lite: remove redundant get stage lm_sensors: remove redundant get stage lmbench: remove redundant get stage logrotate: remove redundant get stage lrzsz: remove redundant get stage lsh: remove redundant get stage lshw: remove redundant get stage lsof: remove redundant get stage lsuio: remove redundant get stage ltp-ballista: remove redundant get stage ltp-base: remove redundant get stage ltp-commands: remove redundant get stage ltp-dots: remove redundant get stage ltp-hpi: remove redundant get stage ltp-kdump: remove redundant get stage ltp-kernel: remove redundant get stage ltp-misc: remove redundant get stage ltp-network: remove redundant get stage ltp-pounder21: remove redundant get stage ltp-realtime: remove redundant get stage ltp-template: remove redundant get stage ltrace: remove redundant get stage ltt-control: remove redundant get stage lvm2: remove redundant get stage nano: remove redundant get stage nanocom: remove redundant get stage net-snmp: remove redundant get stage netcat: remove redundant get stage netkit-ftp: remove redundant get stage nfsutils: remove redundant get stage nmap: remove redundant get stage ntp: remove redundant get stage ntpclient: remove redundant get stage openntpd: remove redundant get stage openssh: remove redundant get stage openssl: remove redundant get stage openvpn: remove redundant get stage oprofile: remove redundant get stage owfs: remove redundant get stage pango: remove redundant get stage pangomm: remove redundant get stage parted: remove redundant get stage pciutils: remove redundant get stage pcmciautils: remove redundant get stage pdksh: remove redundant get stage pekwm: remove redundant get stage pelts_tests: remove redundant get stage php-apc: remove redundant get stage pnputils: remove redundant get stage policykit: remove redundant get stage polkit: remove redundant get stage pop3spam: remove redundant get stage poppler: remove redundant get stage portmap: remove redundant get stage powertop: remove redundant get stage prelink: remove redundant get stage procps: remove redundant get stage proftpd: remove redundant get stage ps3-utils: remove redundant get stage ptrtd: remove redundant get stage pv: remove redundant get stage python: remove redundant get stage python3: remove redundant get stage quota-tools: remove redundant get stage rawrec: remove redundant get stage readline: remove redundant get stage rsync: remove redundant get stage rsync3: remove redundant get stage rtps: remove redundant get stage rxtx: remove redundant get stage samba: remove redundant get stage sched_switch: remove redundant get stage screen: remove redundant get stage scummvm: remove redundant get stage sdl-gfx: remove redundant get stage sdl-ttf: remove redundant get stage sdl: remove redundant get stage sdl_image: remove redundant get stage sdl_mixer: remove redundant get stage sdparm: remove redundant get stage sed: remove redundant get stage setmixer: remove redundant get stage setserial: remove redundant get stage slang: remove redundant get stage smartmontools: remove redundant get stage smtpclient: remove redundant get stage sparsehash: remove redundant get stage speex: remove redundant get stage splashutils: remove redundant get stage squashfs-tools: remove redundant get stage ssmtp: remove redundant get stage sudo: remove redundant get stage sun-java6-jre: remove redundant get stage supertux: remove redundant get stage sw-ek-lm3s3748: remove redundant get stage syslinux: remove redundant get stage syslogng: remove redundant get stage sysstat: remove redundant get stage xawtv: remove redundant get stage xcb-util: remove redundant get stage xcursor-transparent-theme: remove redundant get stage xerces: remove redundant get stage xfsprogs: remove redundant get stage xkeyboard-config: remove redundant get stage xli: remove redundant get stage xmlbench: remove redundant get stage xmlrpc-c: remove redundant get stage xmlstarlet: remove redundant get stage xorg-app-rgb: remove redundant get stage xorg-app-xeyes: remove redundant get stage xorg-app-xsetroot: remove redundant get stage xorg-app-xvinfo: remove redundant get stage xorg-cursor: remove redundant get stage xorg-data-xbitmaps: remove redundant get stage xorg-driver-input-tslib: remove redundant get stage xorg-driver-video-fbdev: remove redundant get stage xorg-driver-video-v4l: remove redundant get stage xorg-font-adobe-100dpi: remove redundant get stage xorg-font-adobe-75dpi: remove redundant get stage xorg-font-adobe-utopia-100dpi: remove redundant get stage xorg-font-adobe-utopia-type1: remove redundant get stage xorg-font-alias: remove redundant get stage xorg-font-arabic-misc: remove redundant get stage xorg-font-arphic-ukai: remove redundant get stage xorg-font-arphic-uming: remove redundant get stage xorg-font-bh-100dpi: remove redundant get stage xorg-font-bh-75dpi: remove redundant get stage xorg-font-bh-lucidatypewriter-100dpi: remove redundant get stage xorg-font-bh-lucidatypewriter-75dpi: remove redundant get stage xorg-font-bh-ttf: remove redundant get stage xorg-font-bitstream-100dpi: remove redundant get stage xorg-font-bitstream-75dpi: remove redundant get stage xorg-font-bitstream-speedo: remove redundant get stage xorg-font-bitstream-type1: remove redundant get stage xorg-font-cronyx-cyrillic: remove redundant get stage xorg-font-cursor-misc: remove redundant get stage xorg-font-daewoo-misc: remove redundant get stage xorg-font-dec-misc: remove redundant get stage xorg-font-encodings: remove redundant get stage xorg-font-ibm-type1: remove redundant get stage xorg-font-intl: remove redundant get stage xorg-font-isas-misc: remove redundant get stage xorg-font-jis-misc: remove redundant get stage xorg-font-micro-misc: remove redundant get stage xorg-font-misc-cyrillic: remove redundant get stage xorg-font-misc-ethiopic: remove redundant get stage xorg-font-misc-meltho: remove redundant get stage xorg-font-misc-misc: remove redundant get stage xorg-font-mutt-misc: remove redundant get stage xorg-font-schumacher-misc: remove redundant get stage xorg-font-screen-cyrillic: remove redundant get stage xorg-font-sony-misc: remove redundant get stage xorg-font-sun-misc: remove redundant get stage xorg-font-ttf-bitstream-vera: remove redundant get stage xorg-font-winitzki-cyrillic: remove redundant get stage xorg-font-xfree86-type1: remove redundant get stage xorg-lib-WindowsWM: remove redundant get stage xorg-lib-Xcomposite: remove redundant get stage xorg-lib-Xdamage: remove redundant get stage xorg-lib-Xevie: remove redundant get stage xorg-lib-XprintAppUtil: remove redundant get stage xorg-lib-XprintUtil: remove redundant get stage xorg-lib-Xxf86misc: remove redundant get stage xorg-lib-oldX: remove redundant get stage xorg-lib-xkbui: remove redundant get stage xorg-proto-composite: remove redundant get stage xorg-proto-damage: remove redundant get stage xorg-proto-randr: remove redundant get stage xorg-proto-render: remove redundant get stage xorg-proto-video: remove redundant get stage xorg-proto-windowswm: remove redundant get stage xorg-proto-xf86bigfont: remove redundant get stage xorg-proto-xf86dga: remove redundant get stage xorg-proto-xf86misc: remove redundant get stage xterm: remove redundant get stage canutils: remove redundant get stage fltk: use endis fuse: use endis gnuplot: use endis gpsd: use endis grub: use endis inetutils: use endis kexec-tools: use endis libcurl: use endis libgmp: use endis libgsf: use endis libical: use endis libiodbc: use endis liblzo: use endis libmicrohttpd: use endis libmng: use endis libpcre: use endis libpopt: use endis libpv: use endis librsvg: use endis libtheora: use endis libusb: use endis libxml2: use endis libxslt: use endis e2fsprogs: version bump 1.42.3 -> 1.42.4 libpcre: fix wrong option libxslt: fix enable vs. with libxml2: fix thread-alloc typo rules/links: use endis rules/lua: use endis rules/mplayer: use endis libtheora: fix configure flag libgmp: fix typo lighttpd: improve comments glib: version bump 2.34.1 -> 2.34.3 iptables: version bump -> xz: version bump 5.0.3 -> 5.0.4 networkmanager: version bump -> htop: version bump 1.0.1 -> 1.0.2 nettle: added new package libkmod: version bump 13 -> 16 e2fsprogs: version bump 1.42.7 -> 1.42.9 attr: version bump 2.4.46 -> 2.4.47 bzip2: version bump 1.0.5 -> 1.0.6 opkg: version bump 0.1.8 -> 0.2.0 host-opkg-utils: version bump chrony: version bump 1.24-pre2 -> 1.29 chrony: remove duplicate targetinstall for chrony_command inetutils: version bump 1.6 -> 1.9.2 attr: re-add patches after version bump to 2.4.47 dnsmasq: fix inverse logic for lua activation vo-aacenc: fix compilation on arm canfestival: add patch to fix suffix rules haserl: add patch to fix whitespace in jamvm: fix compilation on arm tcpdump: add license information strace: add license information procps: add license information orc: add license information netkit-ftp: add license information ncurses: add license information mc: add license information libpthread-stubs: add license information libpcap: add license information libnl: add license information libdrm: add license information libcurl: add license information htop: add license information hping: add license information fuse: add license information fbtest: add license information ethtool: add license information bzip2: add license information v4l-utils: add license information readline: add license information nfsutils: add license information gstreamer1: add license information gst-plugins-good1: add license information gst-plugins-base1: add license information gst-plugins-bad1: add license information initmethod-systemd: add license information python: prepare version bump python: update patches for 2.7.9 python: version bump 2.7.5 -> 2.7.9 python: remove old patches avahi: version bump 0.6.30 -> 0.6.31 rrdtool: version bump 1.4.7 -> 1.4.9 rrdtool: audit configure options rrdtool: fix libxml2 handling rrdtool: make graph functionality optional rrdtool: install multithreaded library collectd: add base functionality collectd: add support for rrdtool plugin collectd: add support for syslog plugin collectd: add support for cpu plugin collectd: add support for logfile plugin rt-tests: version bump 0.87 -> 0.91 libkmod: version bump 18 -> 20 util-linux-ng: version bump 2.26 -> 2.26.1 hackbench: remove obsolete package blspec-entry: update license information dhcp: update license information flup: update license information glib: version bump 2.42.1 -> 2.44.0 glib: add gdbus tool support util-linux-ng: version bump 2.26.1 -> 2.26.2 host-qemu: version bump 2.2.0 -> 2.3.0 hosttools: add python setuptools python-protobuf: add new package radvd: version bump 1.12 -> 2.11 lighttpd: add /etc/lighttpd/conf.d django: menu entries are lower case rt-tests: version bump 0.91 -> 0.92 Ryan M. Raasch (2): [lua] Removed phased out get phase [libmxml] Added Mini-XML library support. Rüdiger, Christoph (1): libcurl: Added an option set to compile libcurl with optional Sascha Hauer (16): at91bootstrap: depend on ARCH_ARM instead of ARM_AT91SAM926X ARM: introduce explicit switch for iwmmxt extension ARM omap x-load: depend on ARCH_ARM instead of ARCH_ARM_OMAP ffmpeg: do not dispatch cpu type depending on SoC types ARM i.MX vpu plugins: depend on ARCH_ARM instead of ARCH_ARM_IMX mplayer: cleanup advanced options ARM: remove now unused ARM SoC selection kexec-tools: Update to 2.0.4 kernel.make: Add missing backslash Add dfu-util rules for host dfu-util: version bump to 0.7 ptxdist: Add list-packages command ptxdist: Add local-src command barebox: Add optional dependency to host-libusb barebox: Only install defaultenv file if it exists add ptxsudo alias to ptxdist bash Sebastian Schau (1): BUGFIX MicroBlaze extended FPU instructions Steffen Trumtrar (1): portmap: update portmap URL Stephan Linz (16): [inetd] handle ftpd service [u-boot] install srec and/or elf images [inetd] disable FTP upload commands [ptxdist] add new packet x-load V3: add Xilinx MicroBlaze architecture add new host package add new image generator keep r31 reserved on Microblaze add Stephan Linz to CREDITS host-xl-tools: version bump 1.0.1 -> 1.1.0 microblaze: support little endian configuration microblaze: support Linux 3.x in Xilinx BSP scripts microblaze: add u-boot tools dependency for kernel build target ptxd_make_get: fix typo: .zup -> .zip ptxd_make_get: support svn urls host-xl-tools: version bump 1.1.0 -> 1.1.1 Teresa Gámez (2): gst-plugins-fsl_vpu: Fix md5sum barebox_mlo: use images/barebox-*-mlo.img as images Thomas Weber (2): splashutils: Fix typo lpc21isp: Update to 1.85 Thomas Wismer (1): networking: fixed nfsroot handling in init script Tim Niemeyer (1): ptxd_make_xpkg_pkg: handle SIGPIPE correctly Tobias Schmidl (1): udev: helper programs must be executable User Mol (1): kconfig: define CIRCLEQ_* macros when needed Uwe Kleine-König (27): [glib] version bump 2.22.2 -> 2.24.1 [glib] add license specification [pygobject] new package [bluez] version bump 3.36 -> 4.69 [generic] add --localstatedir=/var to CROSS_AUTOCONF_SYSROOT_USR trivial: fix typos concerning "access" trivial: fix typos concerning "address" trivial: fix typos concerning "incompatible" trivial: fix typos concerning "management" trivial: fix typos concerning "permissible" trivial: fix typo "dependency ?less" -> "dependency-less" use make builtin variable CURDIR in src-linux-driver Makefile template kernel: allow using xip Images Formalize the meaning of Signed-off-by mtd-utils: allow building and installing of flash_otp_{lock, write} mtd-utils: update patches git-ptx-patches: add --notes to git-format-patch if it's supported util-linux-ng: fsck depends on libmount rt-tests: fix runtime problem of hackbench on (at least) arm and armhf rt-tests: Bump to version 0.85 net-snmp: drop usage of undefined Kconfig variables net-snmp: make the agent's availability via TCP/UDP configurable net-snmp: drop duplicated option passed to ./configure generic/etc/fstab: drop usbfs mountpoint django: new package to provide Django 1.6.5 lighttpd: make more modules configurable kernel: don't add DEBUG_SECTION_MISMATCH=y by default Wolf Erik (1): schedtool: add package Wolfram Sang (39): [dbus] annotate patches image_ubi: fix dependency for data-partition i2c-tools: version bump (3.0.2 -> 3.0.3) figlet: version bump net-snmp: version bump 5.3.3 -> 5.6.1 Merge branch 'master' of git:// gpsd: add comments to patches which are upstream meanwhile net-snmp: install config-file net-snmp: fix debugging options memedit: version bump 0.7 -> 0.8 fbset: add new package mpg123: version bump 1.12.1 -> 1.13.3 libmikmod: add package sdl_mixer: enable MOD support supertux: add library for music netcat: update patch information dt (data test program): add package sdl-ttf: version bump 2.0.9 -> 2.0.11 sdl_image: version bump 1.2.6 -> 1.2.12 canutils: add license information libsocketcan: add license information expat: add license information e2fsprogs: add license information util-linux: update license information libffi: add license information i2c-tools: add license information iperf: add license information less: add license information libcap: update license information liblzo: add license information libuuid: add license information libblkid: add license information ustr: add package libcap-ng: add package libcgroup: add package libsepol: add package libselinux: add package libsemanage: add package policycoreutils: add package grodriguez (2): New package: libzip New package: fuse-zip -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v1 iQEcBAABAgAGBQJVmkIHAAoJEM1w45tSAIbP2VsIAJQ0Hce2faicULkSelB2gQ1x GInqULdGnCrKZUkhgRyZ8itJDhji8n1CMuiWOsjzg5wy3waj/5rv22/4lW70M/uE RooXCdAQAHFoehVVDYkdU0tVi+tLTOXLHXYWzng+o0C3m8ThwWKFKGoV4uFhtyps ljmzg6SpdGjYel/hFlR6LgFFX3mAttp/Okk4t6EU3WvLwP9BIyVfq5v5u1W0Mk0s K6iitGFAkJJ7KquPTsGyMwreYGPfbkvFQsd7WLgQo8W5X5n2v7lqXrdpsJr0nz+D 4G8YMxfWNHZpJ7cSdYugd/2FPdaKRGTWpkb2vBUKBE37W+OoyxyrnOHwYmBhqt8= =b7vE -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----