tag nameptxdist-2019.04.0 (b279a861934e15991f615c5f4ef2ae13a35698e5)
tag date2019-04-05 10:16:03 +0200
tagged byMichael Olbrich <>
tagged objectcommit 9ad8e698c7...
Baeuerle, Florian (3): poco: make poquito configurable jsoncpp: new package qt5: version bump 5.12.1 -> 5.12.2 Bastian Krause (1): doc: remove search page and genindex from index Enrico Joerns (2): doc: it's an open project, thus use open fonts doc: 'notice' environment was replaced by 'sphinxadmonition' Lucas Stach (5): iptables: version bump 1.6.1 -> 1.8.2 bluez: add option for libbluetooth host-cmake-ecm: new package bluez-qt: new package pulseaudio: version bump 8.0 -> 12.2 Marco Felsch (2): doc: add ptx/truefalse macro description pango: version bump 1.42.1 -> 1.43.0 Michael Olbrich (79): ptxd_kconfig_create_config_merge: handle merge conflicts in the config diff template-src-linux-driver-make: modernise systemd: add one more md5 template-src-linux-driver-make: fix copy paste error dbus: install systemd user units qt5: cleanup options igt-gpu-tools: add missing dependency lighttpd: version bump 1.4.51 -> 1.4.53 libnftnl: version bump 1.0.9 -> 1.1.2 glib-networking: add missing dependency ptxdistrc.default: update setup: projects are long gone lighttpd: remove obsolete tmpfiles.d file projectroot: remove obsolete /usr/bin/ipkg_log_wrapper projectroot: remove obsolete /initramfs/etc/udev/udev.conf projectroot: remove obsolete /etc/udev/rules.d/udev.rules projectroot: remove obsolete /etc/ipkg.conf projectroot: remove obsolete /etc/prelink.conf.d/apache2 projectroot: remove obsolete /etc/prelink.conf.d/directfb and /etc/directfbrc projectroot: remove obsolete /etc/ntpd.conf projectroot: remove obsolete /etc/acpi/events/power_button and /etc/init.d/acpid projectroot: remove obsolete /etc/apache2/httpd.conf projectroot: remove obsolete /etc/dbus-1/system.d/avahi-dbus.conf projectroot: remove obsolete /etc/hosts.equiv projectroot: remove obsolete /etc/inetd.conf.d/cvs and /etc/init.d/cvs projectroot: remove obsolete /etc/inetd.conf.d/portmap projectroot: remove obsolete /etc/init.d/dibbler-* gpsd: remove dead init script projectroot: remove obsolete /etc/init.d/splashutils projectroot: remove obsolete /etc/init.d/startup projectroot: remove obsolete /etc/init.d/tftpd patchin: set core.autocrlf=false for '--git' systemd: enable ACL support when user units are installed bluez: don't install libbluetooth twice wpa_supplicant: version bump 2.6 -> 2.7 ptxd_make_world_prepare: make sure the correct host-tool is actually selected libdrm: version bump 2.4.92 -> 2.4.97 configure_helper: update meson blacklist Rules.make: use -D... for generic meson options host-meson: add some patches to avoid unnecessary rpaths wrapper: make sure that sysroot cross shows up when --print-search-dirs is used pkg-config-wrapper: fix comment pkg-config-wrapper: don't allow system paths host-meson: don't loose rpaths host packages glib: version bump 2.56.3 -> 2.60.0 image-root-ext: ignore tar errors libqxt: cleanup options dialog: add another URL openssl: explicitly set the libdir libdmtx: new URL supertux: fix URL host-tz-database: version bump 2018f -> 2018i openldap: version bump 2.4.31 -> 2.4.47 samba: avoid autodetecting gnutls samba: version bump 4.9.4 -> 4.9.5 meson: never try to execute something wrapper: drop redundant assignment wrapper: only use icecc if ICECC_VERSION is valid ptxdist: add PTXDIST_ENV_WHITELIST to the whitelist kernel: disable icecc for host tools kernel: use world/execute ptxdist: cleanup before executing gdb host-system-python: add option for crypto optee: add missing dependency split-error-log: don't track stages across call boundaries split-error-log: fix handling special stages split-error-log: handle image stages pulseaudio: add support for pulseaudio in systemd user sessions python: version bump 2.7.15 -> 2.7.16 python3: version bump 3.7.0 -> 3.7.3 valgrind: version bump 3.12.0 -> 3.14.0 quota: cleanup rules license-yaml2csv: handle new yaml format python3: hashlib needs openssl bluez-qt: don't build docs and tests host-cmake-ecm: don't try to build tests setup: add to the default debian mirror list systemd: add missing backslash in meson options samba: use ptx/get-alternative Oleksij Rempel (1): update berlios-can-utils to the latest git version Philipp Zabel (7): mesalib: version bump 18.3.2 -> 19.0.0 wayland: version bump 1.16.0 -> 1.17.0 weston: bump version 5.0.0 -> 6.0.0 weston: optionally build and install remoting plugin weston: optionally install simple clients weston: optionally install touch calibrator python3: fix conditional sqlite3 module installation Roland Hieber (1): libnl: change upstream URL Sascha Hauer (3): quota: Update to 4.04 quota: directory should be quota-version quota: e2fsprogs are not always needed -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- iQFNBAABCAA3FiEEeJFGjgcONlOX5bZuzXDjm1IAhs8FAlynDsMZHG0ub2xicmlj aEBwZW5ndXRyb25peC5kZQAKCRDNcOObUgCGz3NbCACggnNjM0Xg8QEaaPmjN3o9 L4eczYAHj5sqhgqOk4g6e951D//DK6KrPFe22q++Wi8CAWzYwJyJuypfeqndIDuf saRT0wEUS9M//gWwOjy6OQCecuK3j5kmytbYi22lT/C3/xsqFqNt4BY6X5gJPirq TSj6QbuskRcQFsIu5UDOagYGA33KtfmhcQBi4KTH7j+likyfXkbDxVGl/ykff8LA EFsMOAGLbNlv6EXaAvGcdDaV/sav+VyYyx3Fes8Q2tlawD9n9qdrc0/k4DIWrTYo fhZT4iRcxW8ies5jS8xidUX2ONT2h9S0ZP7WdjWRXL3gV3c5m5nHNkI4R61DvYlt =WfIY -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----