tag nameptxdist-2020.02.0 (9461e13127e41b3f991ff5d7041ccdbbc5be244e)
tag date2020-02-14 08:38:12 +0100
tagged byMichael Olbrich <>
tagged objectcommit 94a6a99e87...
Alexander Dahl (1): cmocka: new package Andreas Pretzsch (2): haveged: systemd service: import haveged.service from haveged 1.9.2 source haveged: systemd service: move from to Björn Esser (3): ckermit: Add a patch to fix build with glibc >= 2.28. ckermit: Move out of staging. libuv: version bump 1.23.2 -> 1.34.0 Christian Hermann (3): haveged: version bump 1.9.2 -> 1.9.8 pciutils: version bump 3.3.0 -> 3.6.2 file: version bump 5.35 -> 5.36 Guillermo Rodríguez (3): udev-legacy: Fix build with recent glibc versions. u-boot: Add support for u-boot.stm32 binary weston: Add init script Ladislav Michl (13): usb-modeswitch: version bump 2.5.2 -> 2.6.0 usb-modeswitch-data: version bump 20170806 -> 20191128 libqmi: version bump 1.22.4 -> 1.24.0 modemmanager: version bump 1.10.8 -> 1.12.2 host-python-scons: version bump 3.0.1 -> 3.1.2 configure: fix GNU Make version check gpsd: Optionally install systemd unit files modemmanager: version bump 1.12.2 -> 1.12.4 pam: new package Introduce global PAM option shadow: new package util-linux: optionally build login program python3: remove extra space from LDFLAGS Marian Cichy (8): OpenCV: Update to Version 4.1.2. OpenCV: Added flag to build and integrate Examples OpenCV: Clean up configure_helper output OpenCV: Changed QT-Support from 4 to 5 OpenCV: added switch to turn on/off DNN support OpenCV: changed ptx/ifdef usage to ptx/onoff OpenCV: Update to version 4.2.0 OpenCV: make build generate pkg-config file Michael Olbrich (59): systemd: version bump 243.4 -> 244.1 ptxd_lib_dgen: add helper to get deps ptxd_lib_dgen: also provide all (recursive) deps for each package ptxd_make_world_common: propagate recursive deps wrapper: add python wrapper systemd: python3 is used to generate some files host-system-python3: fix typo in error message host-opkg-utils: version bump 0.4.1 -> 0.4.2 samba: explicitly select host-system-python libpsl: use python3 instead of python2 remove hard dependency on Python2 ptxd_get_path: don't use 'eval' ptxd_install_setup_src: fail if the file is not found ptxd_get_ipkg_files: resolve globs when calling ptxd_get_path() freeglut: version bump 2.8.1 -> 3.2.1 qt5: improve system python dependencies htop: use python3 libgpiod: add missing dependency sqlitecpp: add missing dependency ptxd_make_world_common: allow python3 == host-system-python3 as build tool libqmi: switch to python3 libqmi: version bump 1.24.0 -> 1.24.4 host-xcb-proto: use python3 xcb-proto: use python3 host-system-python*: cleanup variables host-qemu: SYSTEMPYTHON3 is now defined in rules/pre piglit: SYSTEMPYTHON3 is now defined in rules/pre libmbim: SYSTEMPYTHON3 is now defined in rules/pre gobject-introspection: SYSTEMPYTHON3 is now defined in rules/pre host-meson: version bump 0.51.2 -> 0.53.1 host-python: don't install python2 / python2-config doc: patches for ptxdist upstream should be created with git opkg-utils: fix opkg-build on CentOS 7 libpsl: drop the patch again python3: need zlib support in host-python3 for ensurepip host-libcap-ng: improve configure options Revert "python3-numpy: enable parallel building" alsa-lib: version bump 1.1.9 -> alsa-utils: version bump 1.1.9 -> 1.2.1 udev: regenerate patches at: use GLOBAL_PAM python3: drop unnecessary LDFLAGS opencv: make sure the build paths don't leak into the example binaries strace: version bump 4.25 -> 5.4 mesalib: enable glx-direct Revert "python3: drop unnecessary LDFLAGS" ptxd_make_meson_cross_file: set corect meson architecture for x86, aarch64 and riscv64 mesalib: enable dri3 for X11 mesalib: fix targetinstall on x86 weston: add upstream fixes for older glibc libffi: add upstream patch to fix building on PowerPC bluez: version bump 5.51 -> 5.52 cups: fix installing cups.conf nss: make sure exactly one lib each is found during install host-python3: avoid problems when host and target have the same architecture python3: MACHDEP was changes to just linux a long time ago python3: version bump 3.7.3 -> 3.7.6 systemd: version bump 244.1 -> 244.2 nss: set correct architecture for x86 Oleksij Rempel (1): update libffi to 3.3 Philipp Zabel (17): libinput: version bump 1.14.3 -> 1.15.0 libdrm: version bump 2.4.99 -> 2.4.100 libxkbcommon: version bump 0.7.1 -> 0.10.0 libxkbcommon: add license files libva: version bump 2.5.0 -> 2.6.1 weston: version bump 7.0.0 -> 8.0.0 mesalib: version bump 19.2.6 -> 19.3.2 vulkan-loader: new package mesalib: enable zink gallium driver mesalib: enable vulkan drivers gst-plugins-bad1: enable vulkan plugin spirv-tools: new package vulkan-loader: version bump -> spirv-tools: version bump 2019.5 -> 2020-01-14-g323a81fc5e30 glslang: new package vulkan-validationlayers: new package mesalib: version bump 19.3.2 -> 19.3.3 Robert Schwebel (2): python3: add option to include bundled pip fcgi: version bump 2.4.0 -> 2.4.2 Roland Hieber (1): configure_helper: allow passing --force to ptxdist Ulrich Ölmann (1): kconfig: fix typos in diverse menu files -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- iQFNBAABCgA3FiEEeJFGjgcONlOX5bZuzXDjm1IAhs8FAl5GTmQZHG0ub2xicmlj aEBwZW5ndXRyb25peC5kZQAKCRDNcOObUgCGzxg9B/0UAOewKb6x8YD+85EnGypH qqfI/lQiMe+x7SYb683TV8lbl9AV1THpCnNym+/pJONzvydTtyUL5C4tQ2zAJTxc yo/JG0J4uAkDm3Wxe9HZ1G91rgmWy93Q/RjNxlq9q6F4z84en+HZ99vIXo4m/qSE 4ZcxrdraHLNvKTdWP3TYDZnSyNmYkgXzl7Z7BUgGt3y8qzAUneYvMg4iLilNf6ET rh+SJ/BHSnKW2lnEf5HgVfLjCEHuxLdgOJWB8L7tZxVEdtdLR5ew6LfKQaww34QY Kk9w/UpZt/aLMir9v7OUVSUosj3xKjhTTdKtea5b7I/jwrzdIMr35cphUF3ewp5T =U8U1 -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----