tag nameptxdist-2020.08.0 (4ca7d483e1ac5d7c2477967e9eaa2fbe44c181e0)
tag date2020-08-07 10:00:17 +0200
tagged byMichael Olbrich <>
tagged objectcommit 1af6cba48c...
Alexander Dahl (3): dropwatch: Update license information dropwatch: Update help text dropwatch: Add upstream patches Bastian Krause (1): u-boot-tools: version bump 2020.04 -> 2020.07 Bruno Thomsen (19): gettext: version bump -> 0.20.2 Revert "gettext: move to staging" gettext: cli/lib install options squashfs-tools: add zstd compression support modemmanager: config: allow arbitrary AT command via DBus host-zstd: new package host-squashfs-tools: add support for zstd contitional image-root-squashfs: add zstd compression option host-squashfs-tools: conditional select lzo and xz dependencies host-squashfs-tools: fix lz4 compression option chrony: version bump 3.3 -> 3.5 chrony: nettle authentication support chrony: systemd unit option passwd/group: added chrony UID/GID chrony: run chronyd as chrony user chrony: advanced monitoring command option chrony: make unrecognized configure options fatal chrony: add seccomp sandbox option sqlite: config: enable foreign keys by default Christian Gieseler (1): jansson: version bump to 2.13.1 Ladislav Michl (1): gpsd: fix gpsdctl@.service Marc Kleine-Budde (3): ptxdist-set-keys-hsm: set_imx_habv4_keys(): declare variable r as local ptxd_lib_code_signing: remove double space ptxd_make_world_common: ptxd_make_world_init: pkg_build_oot: add missing option KEEP to error message Marco Felsch (2): cog: version bump to 0.7.1 wpewebkit: version bump to 2.28.2 Michael Olbrich (28): cairo: version bump 1.14.12 -> 1.16.0 v4l-utils: version bump 1.18.0 -> 1.20.0 kernel: cleanup and refactor KERNEL_MAKE_OPT and KERNEL_CONF_OPT kernel: add option to minimize changes to the kernelconfig template-kernel: improve ptx/in-path: handle complex cases in make as well ptxd_make_license_report: run ptxd_make_world_init ptxd_make_license_report: abort when ptxd_kconfig fails wpebackend-fdo: version bump 1.6.0 -> 1.6.1 docs: limit the characters allowed for the PDF file name nss: add parallel building fix urlcheck: use _ptx_source_to_pkg and ptx/nl kernel: kernel/deprecated: don't skip kernel-header.* ptx/in-path: fix with older make versions nss: one more build fix rootfs: don't create empty /media subdirs qt4: add patch to fix code generation with gcc-9 pango: add missing dependency stress-ng: version bump 0.09.58 -> 0.11.15 webrtc-audio-processing: new package busybox: add PAM support pulseaudio: add support for AEC with webrtc-audio-processing elfutils: reimport latest debian patches host-libtasn1: fix building with older compilers libinput: version bump 1.15.5 -> 1.16.0 ptxd_lib_dgen: make pakage source filename and md5 part of the source hash host-autotools-libtool: add missing dependency host-flex: add missing dependency Oleksij Rempel (1): ethtool: version bump 5.1 -> 5.7 Philipp Zabel (20): python3-attrs: new package python3-importlib-metadata: new package python3-more-itertools: new package python3-packaging: new package python3-pluggy: new package python3-py: new package python3-pyparsing: new package python3-wcwidth: new package python3-zipp: new package python3-pytest: new package glmark2: version bump 2019-03-27-geaa70888 -> 2020.04 libva-intel-driver: version bump 2.4.0 -> 2.4.1 configure_helper: blacklist Meson builtin options python3-zipp: fix missing version in cross-nasm: version bump 2.11.08 -> 2.15 mesalib: version bump 20.1.2 -> 20.1.3 libdrm: version bump 2.4.100 -> 2.4.102 shaderc: new package mesalib: version bump 20.1.3 -> 20.1.4 vulkan-tools: new package Robert Schwebel (23): glib: version bump 2.62.2 -> 2.64.4 (latest stable) networkmanager: version bump 1.22.10 -> 1.26.0 (latest stable) libusb: version bump 1.0.22 -> 1.0.23 dbus: version bump 1.12.10 -> 1.12.20 libpcre: version bump 8.43 -> 8.44 libcap: version bump 2.36 -> 2.41 e2fsprogs: version bump 1.44.4 -> 1.44.6 ncurses: version bump 6.1 -> 6.2 openssh: version bump 8.0p1 -> 8.3p1 libndp: version bump 1.6 -> 1.7 haveged: version bump 1.9.8 -> 1.9.13 less: version bump 487 -> 530 i2c-tools: version bump 4.0 -> 4.1 libseccomp: version bump 2.4.3 -> 2.5.0 procps: version bump 3.3.15 -> 3.3.16 strace: version bump 5.4 -> 5.7 pciutils: version bump 3.6.2 -> 3.7.0 iproute2: version bump 5.6.0 -> 5.7.0 readline: version bump 7.0 -> 8.0 libtasn1: version bump 4.13 -> 4.16.0 libelf: version bump 0.176 -> 0.180 systemd: version bump 245.6 -> 246 util-linux-ng: version bump 2.35.2 -> 2.36 Roland Hieber (10): bc: prevent file name clash with busybox' bc sepolgen: remove after one year in staging gpsd: activate the systemd socket unit by default gpsd: make 'ublox' driver option more recognizable gpsd: fix usage of GPSD_DRIVER_NTRIP option gpsd: make GPSD_SYSTEMD promptless and fix dependency rules: remove redundant KCONFIG_NOTIMESTAMP from package environments busybox: bring back and reorder the stage separator comments dtc: adapt help text to reality nss: bring headers in order Rouven Czerwinski (1): python3: ensurepip requires hashlib/SSL Uwe Kleine-K├Ânig (2): microcom: version bump 2017.03.0 -> 2019.01.0 net-snmp: unbreak AES support (3): sdbus-cpp: version bump 0.7.5 -> 0.8.2 host-libcap: disable go binding libcap: add PAM support -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- iQFNBAABCgA3FiEEeJFGjgcONlOX5bZuzXDjm1IAhs8FAl8tChEZHG0ub2xicmlj aEBwZW5ndXRyb25peC5kZQAKCRDNcOObUgCGz5jdCACMbOUcRgvq+Wi5OAKshEZs wqfGSvJEIiLq1e37NC9totyndvDjusgk9DOLJgIdqT4boKnvU6zos1qIgcITBrzl JmQmxLD6y4F+5vRWFdQTlRCpqmxWcwvyuQm1CSsM5aYrjXV86AzYP9jg5JgEoXwY 0MJ4KLg0tGgGTov4zQqzTbIe3lrIPGJivHKJlQVtx18Hf9Nsqyf14pykMuImOwaT DYAZc4kH3Bp0vUBlAsnH+K8Hr3yonPz5MgvPw/OvOqcnoE8iehnlzMczLnl8pA+q 7RNIfKWpbECiE6qE9mfxVGh1YIwR/JfD1Q3671QiDjhVJ7QIevQbqNdBswXohdxf =ngnZ -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----