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dt-utils 2016.12.0
libdt: cache udev scan results
libdt: limit device enumeration
barebox-state: fall back to /state if there is no alias defined
backend_storage: fix missing include
libdt: take the parent to search for block devices

dt-utils 2016.08.0
barebox-state: Fix printing variable on get.
barebox-state: Fix exit code for missing or invalid argument.

dt-utils 2016.07.2
barebox-state: Restore backwards compatibility with older versions and add
blockdevice detection.

dt-utils 2016.07.1
barebox-state: Support to use multiple state frameworks at for the same call.
dtblint: new checks for pinctrl-imx6q and imx*-fec.

dt-utils 2016.07.0
barebox-state: Update to latest mainline state. This also speeds up reading of

dt-utils 2016.05.2
barebox-state: Fix info outputs to be on stderr

dt-utils 2016.05.1
barebox-state: Update bitflip handling

dt-utils 2016.05.0
barebox-state: Update to refactored state code from barebox
barebox-state: Add a global lock

dt-utils 2016.02.0
keystore-blob: Uses system independent path to blob_gen

dt-utils 2015.10.0
Resync with barebox.
Add support for imx6 based caam keystore

dt-utils 2015.06.1
Resync with barebox.
- string support: trailing zero not needed

dt-utils 2015.06.0
Resync with barebox.
- add hmac support
- add uint8 and string support

dt-utils 2015.05.1
Resync with barebox.

dt-utils 2015.05.0
Renamed to dt-utils.

libdt 2014.11.0
Initial release.